A very strong posture is strong in Nanyang!


With Li Yuanqing’s speech, representatives of various countries sent their blessings and came to the key ribbon-cutting and listing ceremony.
When the huge plaque of’ Great Southern Liaoning Pan-Pacific Trading Company’ was controlled by dozens of Qinbing and hung at the entrance of the hall, the whole scene suddenly boiled!
Everyone is cheering!
Many old people even cry!
This plaque means that Chinese people really have their own official institutions in Nanyang!
Even though she is now in the company situation, she will be the master of Nanyang Chinese people to solve problems and become the backbone of Nanyang Chinese people!
Li Yuanqing also has some blood boiling. If he hangs this plaque, he will never allow anyone to destroy its brilliance!
Next is the military parade!
Accompanied by the rumbling and rhythmic drums, there are thirty people in each row, thirty-three long lines of students, and elite players, a bright red mandarin duck war coat, the sharpest bird’s spear and a long gun in a brilliant red guerrilla robe, and a shiny command knife, led by Kong Youde, are stepping on neat and just like an avalanche of mountains coming this way!
This sense of rhythm is really a little too strong, and everyone is stunned for a while!
Even Francisco, Peter, William Lee and Morientes were dumbfounded!
Immortal camp goofs are almost completely breaking their cognition!
They completely imagine what kind of brains these people are! Would come up with such an imposing pace! this
Li Yuanqing heart is also very proud!
This is his play!
This is the biggest money he has made in this world!
This is his greatest reliance on daring to challenge and challenge these old powers!
These are his pals and his brothers! ! !
At this time, Kong Youde has taken the lead in entering the chairman’s high platform area. He shouted: "Look to the right!"
Suddenly, all the idlers turned to the right and turned their heads almost without thinking, shouting: "The eternal life camp is terrible! The general is mighty! Changsheng camp wins! The general wins! "
Although there are 1000 people, this neat shouting momentum is almost shocking the sky and rushing out of the sky!
Chinese businessmen around us are watching the excitement and don’t pay attention to the details.
But Francisco, Peter, William Lee, and Morientes are all "Jianghu" people who have really seen the war scenes for a long time!
You can tell at a glance!
Li Yuanqing this army is by no means an embroidery frame!
If there is no blood and fire, even if they can make this shape, they will make this situation completely!
Especially when these soldiers are determined to look around Li Yuanqing, they are full of fanaticism and ardent worship.
It’s like a bunch of machines!
But it’s a killing machine! !
William Lee finally realized that the executioner Jack’s fleet had ships and cannons, but it was still defeated by Li Yuanqing!
The soldiers on both sides are not an equal level!
William lee is also thankful at this time!
Although Li Yuanqing’s naval regulations are really not so good, if it comes to the army and the quality of soldiers, even the Dutch Empire is no match for him!
This man is simply a super alien among Chinese!
Francisco was already sweating.
Not bad!
Li Yuanqing took a’ sugar-coated cannonball’ money to guard against him, otherwise it would be another way.
Francesco suddenly felt some sympathy for Morientes.
This ugly Spanish fat man, what do you think you should do? Why do you have to provoke this man who is like a crusader and expensive?
Have you forgotten the yellow peril that ravaged Europe in those days?
Peter is calm enough. He is a very calm person and seldom shows his own physical and mental feelings.
But at this time, his brow is tightly knit up.
This oriental man has brought him too many surprises!
If it takes time for him to really gain a foothold in Nanyang, I’m afraid this is for the Dutch Empire.
Morientes is extremely excited at this time.
By this time, he was already’ broken cans and broken falls’!
The more powerful Li Yuanqing is, the more confident he is!
In particular, Li Yuanqing has promised that he will give him the greatest support to help him sit on the throne of the Spanish special envoy!