It is foreseeable that the sea of clouds will surely usher in an economic explosion in the near future.


The hall of hades and Lingtian have done a great good deed that will last forever.
The news that Ling Tian killed Laurence family spread like wildfire.
In one day, I visited Yu Xiao, the home of Yunhai.
At that time, the Hall of Hades and Ling Tiancheng became heroes and patrons of the sea of clouds.
At the same time, everyone knows that the sea of clouds has a domineering nickname.
Jianghu restricted area!
At the same time, Ye Feng instructed Ling Tian to vigorously rectify the geosphere.
Led the imperial army that just passed the test to kill the quartet.
Eliminate some evil forces that oppress good and evil at one stroke.
All forces in the sea of clouds have become disciplined and never dare to bully others again.
The happiness index of Yunhai citizens soared.
The sea of clouds in Lingtian has also become a pure land.
Sue elegant is still busy in the business alliance every day.
Tong Feifei is very honest. Sue is busy with work, so she and Xiaoli hang out all day.
Also didn’t do anything out of line.
Everything seems calm.
On this day, Ling Tian went to Yunwu Villa to get Xu Kun.
"Master Kun, the sea of clouds has been firmly established."
"Hundreds of imperial guards also have the strength to protect the sea of clouds."
"I’m going to March towards the provincial capital from now on!"
Xu Kun hearing my heart a shock sink a way
"Young Master, are you ready to attack Leng Yunfeng?"
Chapter 343 Have something secret to do
"Not bad!"
Ling day nodded with a sharp eyes.
The first thing the old man gave him was to reorganize the temple of hades.
Now the sea of clouds has been firmly established.
It’s time to March into the provincial capital.
To take the provincial capital hall and then radiate the country from the provincial capital center.
Step by step, we can reintegrate the forces of hades temple all over the country.
Xu Kun eyebrows a wrinkly slightly sink a way
"Little Lord, I don’t have much contact with Leng Yunfeng."
"But I know that this man is resourceful, martial arts is strong and he controls the intelligence network."
"it’s a terrible opponent."
"I wonder how the young master is going to deal with him?"
Ling day wanted to think up cold way
"Does Leng Yunfeng have any industry in the provincial capital?"
Xu Kun quickly replied.
"Leng Yunfeng’s face is the cloud group of wealthy businessmen in Jiangzhou, the provincial capital."
"Jiangzhou’s seven giants are equal in strength."
Fengyun Tuanqi Company is involved in real estate, entertainment, catering and other major industries.
"On weekdays, Leng Yunfeng is very low-key and it is difficult to see him in simple terms."
Ling day sneer at a leisurely way
"Master Kun, since Leng Yunfeng is very well informed."
"That you say what happened in the provincial capital is not from him?"
Xu Kun nodded with a hint of fear.
"That’s for sure."
Ling day corners of the mouth slightly tilted to reveal a ponder smile.
"That’s easy."
"I’ll leave for the provincial capital early in the morning."
Xu Kun eyebrows a pick eyes deep coagulation way
"Why don’t you go directly to the door?"
Ling tianwen heard that his face was dignified and light after his hands were negative.
"No, I’ll let him come to me!"
"If I really wait for the day when I find the door, it will be his death."
Ling Tian came home and told Sue Elegant that she would go to the provincial capital for a day.
Is likely to live in the provincial capital for a while.
Sue elegant hearing not shine at the moment and said
"Feifei day also want to walk to the provincial capital to find a job?"
"I just can’t go and see Feifei off."
"Feifei, you go with Ling Tian."