That’s fascinating …


Shit! Qin beast, you have gone too far! I cann’t believe my lovely little gray scratched your feet for you. Are you a foot teacher?
Long Qingyue instantly broke away, and the palm of his hand flashed with a gleaming sword, and the dark light filled the air and was murderous.
Shock wave draws a beautiful sword flower flying in the air, forming at the tip of the sword and stabbing at the Qin flame.
Quillfire excited shout killed him, killed him and told him to dare to bully me … whoops … I am a god beast dignity!
Qin Flaming lay in bed with one hand holding his forehead and half laughed. "Ah Yue, it’s a surprise that you threw yourself so quickly."
With a wave of his hand, the sleeve robe will strike Long Qingyue and swing out.
Shock wave was blocked and hit the window, and the window burst instantly, and the night wind poured in directly.
After a while, I didn’t get anything cheap when I went to Longqing Moon, but I was tired to death, and Qin Flame was still lying on the bed, a mess, and he seemed to be independent that day without falling dust.
Long Qingyue took a sniffle at the corner of his mouth. It seems that it is purely a wave of energy to start work with him. When he took the sword and picked up Quillfire, he found a bartender and changed rooms.
Qin flame seems to be Quillfire’s natural nemesis. When Quillfire sees him, it’s like withering the eggplant.
Lying in bed, I rolled over and saw a white figure in the house. The bearer was holding a pile of clothes and his face was full of koo.
"What do you do?" Long Qingyue frowned and looked at the Qin flame in the middle of the night. What are you doing?
"You destroyed my room, and now I have no sleep. I can sleep with you." Qin Flaming Clothes threw it and went straight to the bed, squeezing Long Qingyue into the bed and lying down.
Looking at someone whose face is as thick as a wall, her mouth is pumping with anger. This is obviously eating her tofu!
"Let you" Long Qingyue turned over and the Qin flame came out with one hand. A neat turn put Long Qingyue on the body and said seriously, "I heard that sleeping can enhance feelings."
"My dear fiancee, let’s try to cultivate a relationship first." Naturally, I reached out and hugged Long Qingyue with a girl’s elegant aroma lingering around her nose, elegant and intoxicating, and Ayue’s home was the most charming.
Lying in bed, Quillfire immediately covered her face, despicable and shameful …
I looked up at the sky outside the window. If it goes on like this, it will dawn. Long Qingyue simply didn’t struggle any more, but took advantage of the situation to find a comfortable posture and close her eyes to sleep.
The girl’s face is moist and soft, and she is not as indifferent and sharp as before. At this time, she is like the faint moonlight.
"It’s cute when it’s quiet." Qin Flames muttered that he would close his eyes and sleep.
In the morning, the light golden glazed glass enters the bed through the window and hugs each other, while the men and women sleep peacefully.
Qin flame woke up and opened her eyes to see the beautiful but elegant face of the girl, and her lips slightly raised to reveal a smile.
Coloured glaze sunlight shines on the girl’s side face, and the long eyelashes mask the sharp eyelids, which makes her a little more gentle and charming.
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He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch the tenderness, but his hand was only halfway through, and it seemed to bounce off something with a pinch and a play.
Long Qingyue suddenly blinked and Kurome flashed a sharp "What are you doing?"
"Mosquito" Qin flame looks natural and justified.
Long Qingyue was suspicious, stretched out his hand and touched his cheek. Look left and right. Is there a mosquito in the early morning?
Quillfire disgruntled muttered, "It’s so bad to find an excuse …" I wanted to take the opportunity to hijack it, but I saw it clearly.
"Well what did you say?" Qin flame squints and smiles at Quillfire’s eyes with a hint of threat. Quillfire suddenly closes his eyes with anger. Shameless Qin beast robbed it, abortion didn’t say it, but also occupied its bed!
It’s almost inhuman!
I was satisfied with the fire feather accusing Qin Flame of reaching out and gently touching its head.
Long Qingyue climbed out of bed and had a simple wash. Just at the door, Ye Nian and Ye Chuge were at the door. Ye Chuge had a warm smile on his face. "Did Qingyue sleep well last night?"
Long Qingyue is one leng. Didn’t you hear that big noise last night?
She wondered and turned to look at the Qin flame behind her and saw a smile flash across her eyes. Long Qingyue’s heart flashed a wave of blockade.
Because of the blockade, others can’t hear all the noise in the house.
His strength has reached such a deep level!
"Let’s have some breakfast in Qingyue …" Looking down Long Qingyue’s line of sight to see the house, a strange handsome man is slowly picking up messy clothes, slowly putting on his clothes and starting to be elegant and noble, with a touch of chic and arrogance.
Ye nian’s words haven’t finished yet, so he swallowed back to his mouth with his mouth slightly open. What’s wrong with this, this, this sudden increase in strange men?
Ye Chuge is also one leng. Is it him? Last night, the man … His eyes flashed dark.
Long Qingyue’s face turned black. This time it’s over. Jumping into the Yellow River can’t wash it!
A long time to return to absolute being Ye Nian surprised turned to Long Qingyue "who is he? You … "
Don’t wait for Long Qingyue’s reply. Qin Flame has put on her clothes. Before she left, she took Long Qingyue’s shoulder and looked at Ye Nian with a smile. "I’m Ah Yue’s fiance. I don’t know if it’s rude for two people to come here early in the morning."
"Qing month when you have a fiance also don’t say a word to my uncle" Ye Nian eyed Qin Flame wonder how can’t see through this guy’s strength to marry his family Qing month to see if it’s enough.
Qin Flame smiled and greeted him with a flash of light. "It turns out that this charming jade tree elder brother is Uncle Ayue. My name is Qin Flame."
Ye Nianwen’s face suddenly smiled. "Flattery is not enough."
"I didn’t kiss up to you. What I said is true. My uncle Feng Shen is handsome, and I can see that it is not in the pool. I still hope that my uncle will give me advice." Qin Flame is very modest. The so-called first entry into Ye Nian was shouted by his left uncle and right uncle, and he forgot to ask the truth of the matter.
Quillfire despises looking at Qin Flame. Your ya is shameless. That’s Uncle Xiaoyue, not your uncle!
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Long Qingyue surprised Qin flame this endeavouring qi kung fu … Sure enough.
Over there, Qin Flame and Ye Nian talked happily, and saw Qin Flame living on Ye Nian’s shoulder. They looked like two brothers, chatting and walking towards the building.
See two people go Ye Chuge this just return to absolute being, face has been restored to the moist expression "clear month go or breakfast is almost cold"
Louqin Flame and Ye Nian have been sitting at the table. See Long Qingyue in Qin Flame, and hurriedly pull her to sit next to her, and then drop her porridge and cloth.
Quillfire despised and resented at the table …
Get ready to start again after breakfast
Long Qingyue looked at Qin Flame beside him and said, "I have things to do."
A short sentence also implies the Qin flame. I have no time to make trouble with you.
Qin Flame said lightly, "I will accompany you."
"Qin Dage" sounded a clear and melodious sound behind him, showing pity in a yellow elegant dress, with a delicate face and a little makeup, which immediately attracted the attention of all the people in the inn.
"Qin Dage, I’ll go wherever you go. You don’t care about me." If you smile, smile, be gentle and behave generously.
She was followed by Qian Yan.
Qin Flame’s face looks light and seems to have no expression, but when he looks at Qian Yan’s eyes, there is a surge of anger. Qian Yan, how dare you disobey my orders!
Qian Yan bowed his head and ignored it. I didn’t see it.
"Qin Dage, you don’t blame Qian Yan for asking him to bring me here. You saved your life. If you have pity, you are willing to follow you through life and death. Although my spiritual strength is not high, I can take care of your diet and daily life. If you have pity, you will never drag you down." If you have a firm face, she said that her eyes looked at Long Qingyue’s eyes and flashed a bit surprised. It seems that she was interested in saying, "This girl is somewhat similar to me."