Black at the moment, two people plopped to the ground, and the strength of the silver needle lock was brought into full play in melee.


The success of the first sneak attack made Li particularly excited and her self-confidence increased. She quickly bent down and grabbed the guns in their hands.
But just as she bent down to grab the gun, suddenly a slight sound behind her made her turn around. The first thing that caught her eye was a dark muzzle.
Followed by a slightly immature face appeared in her line of sight five or six meters away, and a scout was staring at Li in horror.
"Don’t move. I won’t hurt you."
At this moment, Li, who is well-trained, needs a forward flip and a gun back to kill the opponent.
But that tender face made her choose to put a gun on the scout in a flash and shouted.
However, it is obvious that the other side did not stop to panic because of Li’s termination. He raised his gun and had an idea in his mind that was shooting.
The bullet flew out with a roar of death, and three bullets were shot out in a glyph in a row.
When you pass through the body, you also pull the soul in the body into hell.
The lethality of an automatic rifle is not like the shadow play. If it hits the trunk, it will blow out a blood hole the size of a fist.
The body fell to the ground and the blood flowed across it, killing it instantly.
Chapter 49 Emergency retreat
Looking at the other side of the body, Li Xin felt that he had been pulled.
He was young, but he came. He shouldn’t have been on the battlefield.
And his hesitation almost ruined his life. Looking back, he looked at Tang Yi running from the corner.
Sweat has completely soaked his clothes, and his physical strength is not good. He has done his best to deal with the enemy.
Li Tangyi will give her a good scolding because she also knows that she has made a lowest mistake.
Pity the enemy
Opposing enemies have thousands of States, but no matter who the enemy is, we must not take it lightly.
Even if the enemy is a young child, or an old woman in her twilight years, or a woman with her hands tied.
But when the enemy becomes an enemy, you can’t have any compassion, because even if you have an enemy, you won’t have it.
This sentence has been said many times in class, and the instructor has repeatedly woken up.
But after all, he was born in peacetime, and he knows more about war than ordinary people, but he still understands the truth.
Just when Li fell into deep remorse, Tang Yi had passed by her.
Without saying a word, he didn’t denounce it, not even blame it. Without mercy, he knocked Li unconscious and left two guys alive.
Stretched out his hand and grabbed the gun and skillfully changed the magazine. Once again, he stuck to the wall and touched it step by step.
If he scolds himself, even if he gives himself a kick, Li will feel better.
After all, pity for the enemy is the greatest harm to your comrades.
But it happened that Tang Yigen didn’t do it, which is what makes Li uncomfortable.
But now is really not the time to talk. Li also reached out and grabbed an old ak47 and touched it forward.
The gun-cluttered youth army in the village is looking for Tang Yi who can’t slip his hand.
The five senses are seriously degraded, but it is enough to deal with these novices.
Told footsteps Tang Yi raised his right hand and motioned for Li to stop immediately after him.
Without a headset, the enemy is close at hand, and if it is loud, it will attract the attention of the other side.