Everyone present was surprised. Are the little prince and the general’s office so good? If the little prince knew that they were just talking about Ye Liusha, he wouldn’t lose his temper.


Just as Ye Ranxi had walked to the front of the carriage, Yin Yichu actually said, "I said, little girl, can you hurry up? I’m still rushing to Tianyunju for a drink?"
Ye Ranxi raised his foot slightly this call?
"Isn’t it still early?" A light tone came from behind, and both Ye Ranxi and Ye Liusha froze. Ye Ranxi turned around and found Ye Qianlong slowly coming out of the crowd holding the little fox.
When Ye Qianlong walked beside Ye Ranxi, she said lightly, "I really don’t deserve to ride in your carriage. After all, I am timid and afraid of being burned to death."
After saying this, Ye Qianlong got into the carriage and Yin Yichu left without looking at Ye Ranxi and Ye Liusha all the time.
Two people in situ feel face as if being slapped generally irritable Ye Liusha looked at the distant carriage nu way "Ye Qianlong you gloat little bitch".
The public outcry just now that girl was Ye Qianlong? That’s silly? Although there are some faint scars on her face, there is nothing stupid about what she says and does. Even Ye Ranxi doesn’t think that she is very misleading!
"Ran Xi, what’s wrong with you?" A gentle voice came and then I saw Liu Ruying coming out of the crowd.
Ye Ranxi told Liu Ruying the reason of the incident, and Liu Ruying flashed a trace of calculation under her eyes, and then smiled, "My carriage is nearby, and I will take you there."
At this time, Ye Qianlong and Yin Yichu have arrived at the gate of the general’s office and watched Ye Qianlong jump into the carriage alone. Yin Yichu asked again, "Do you really need me to accompany you in?"
Ye Qianlong waved his hand at Yin Yichu without looking back. "Go and drink your flower bar."
Yin Yichu left the pie mouth. Is this the image of a playboy in my girl’s heart?
Ye Lingtian, the main hall of the General’s Mansion, is already sweating, and it’s been an hour since the sword statue was sitting there with the epee. Except when he came, he said, let them hand over Ye Qianlong, and there is no mouth to talk.
The more he didn’t talk, the more difficult Ye Lingtian felt, and what surprised him most was that Ye Qianlong had a green psychic power, but the person who helped her test the psychic power told him that Ye Qianlong had no psychic power.
Ye Lingtian looked at Mrs. Wan and a terrible guess came to her mind, but on second thought, Mrs. Wan has always been obedient to him and never dared to disobey his half sentence. She should have no courage to do such a thing.
At this time, the most depressing thing is that the sword is honored. He is bent on revenge for the fall of the blue fence. However, after a few days, he found that Ye Qianlong stayed with several people in Yin Yichu almost all the time. Although he has now broken through the sixth order, he can’t compete with Yin Yichu’s several people and can’t compete with the four halls.
Today, I received news that the toxicity of Blue Hedgehog has increased again. The thought that Blue Hedgehog is now tortured by toxicity makes him angry. He can only endure it and come to the General’s Office. No matter what method he takes today, he must crush Ye Qianlong.
Just as his patience was running out, a slender figure came in at the gate.
Seeing the bearer’s light pace, a long white dress and flowing dusty hair, only a ribbon tied up a few girls’ eyes like water, but the corners of their eyes were with a faint cold face. Although the face was young, it was faintly visible that the whole face had some slight scars, but it was already very light.
Looking at Ye Qianlong’s leisurely figure, Ye Lingtian froze. He forgot that there were people in the old saying pavilion, and he forgot that there were people in the old saying pavilion. When he got up and stumbled in the direction of Ye Qianlong, he almost fell to the ground.
Seeing that Mrs. Wan recovered from the shock, a vicious bitch flashed through her eyes, and she was still restless when she died, so she immediately got up and took hold of Ye Ling Tiandao, "General Qianlong came back."
This sentence brought Ye Lingtian’s thoughts back to reality. He suddenly looked at the green face in front of him, and Ye Qianlong felt that the face reappeared in his mind, but suddenly he was soaked in cold sweat.
"Ye Qianlong, how do you want to die?" Sword statue suddenly cold mouth way
Ye Lingtian’s gaffes and Mrs. Wan’s hatred of Ye Qianlong are naturally in her eyes, but she doesn’t pay attention to them now, so Ye Qianlong looks at Jian Zun and says, "Am I going to die?"
"If you hurt me, I will die." At Ye Qianlong, Jian Zun was impatient and couldn’t wait to solve her at once.
Ye Qianlong looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. "The sword statue is an old saying. People naturally know a truth. That is, if someone gets injured in the competition, they can’t blame others. If the blue fence falls in the test of the nether tower, it belongs to the competition, and it is still your old saying poison. Is this on my head? Not too funny. "
"Sharp teeth and sharp mouth" Jian Zun got up and took a few steps forward, homicidal way "take life"
Chapter 27 Fools make more money.
"Wouldn’t it be nice if the world knew that it was so unreasonable for the people in the old saying pavilion to publish personal vendettas?" Ye Qianlong sink a way
Ye Qianlong’s expression became a struggle before he died in the eyes of Jian Zun. Seeing this, he suddenly became interested and said, "Since you think that I killed you like this is a personal vendetta, do you dare to accept my challenge?"
He wants to torture Ye Qianlong in public, let her beg for mercy at her own feet and let her bleed to death, which is much more interesting than killing her directly.
"You can’t learn spells for a long time. How can it be your opponent?" Ye Lingtian suddenly said in a hurry.
Hearing Ye Lingtian actually speak for Ye Qianlong, Mrs. Wan’s eyes are even more murderous, but her face is still anxious. "Jian Zun, although Qianlong is not sensible, has caused Miss Lan to suffer, but Qianlong didn’t mean it."
Mrs. Wan didn’t talk, but when she spoke, it reminded Jian Zun of the pain caused by the falling of the blue fence again, so she said coldly, "If you pick me up in the life-and-death war, you will struggle. If you don’t pick me up, I will directly kill you."
Ye Qianlong didn’t know that Mrs. Wan would put in a good word for herself, so she pretended to be hard to say, "Everyone knows that you are already a sixth-order strong man, and I just woke up with a spiritual power. What’s the difference between accepting your challenge and killing me? I don’t accept it."
"Then I don’t take a familiar in the competition. I can allow you to take a familiar." Jian Zun said, but he also gave Ye Qianlong a look at the hand fox, so that the familiar can be kept for fun.