"The master also heard that the pregnant woman’s emotional fluctuation is too great, which is not good for the mother and the child. Please indulge a little and don’t be angry with her," Yas said softly.


"She has always been angry with me!" Yan Yan che frowned and didn’t good the spirit way
"Are you really afraid of losing her again?" Yas sighed and looked at the sleepy Yuan Rolling.
"If she dares, I will break her two short legs and let her run for me again!" Yan Yan che cold hum a disingenuous.
Yas looked at what he said to the shopping mall, and it rained on his leopard family. He was more distinguished than him. He was colder, and he disappeared when he rationally faced Yuan Rolling. A cruel man in Leng Qing turned into a childish love like a child. It was really confusing and incomprehensible.
"eh? Master "
Suddenly being named, Yas had a moment of stupidity.
"You say … how can she be happy?" Yan turned her back to hide her awkward expression.
Yas smiled lightly. It seems that love not only makes people naive, but also makes people mentally retarded.
"First of all, tell her the good news of pregnancy and cancel her grounding order, let her meet the young master, then gently coax her to apologize to her and tell her how much you care about her. I remember saying before rolling that I like my master very much. You turned into a leopard and kept muttering that you refused to show her the master again. If you are willing to change to please her, you will get twice the result with half the effort."
"You have a good relationship with her. She tells you everything." The cold words spit out from her thin lips like a cold wind, which made Yas feel chilly.
"Ha ha ….. real jas also know that" no matter how to drag a whipping boy first must be right.
"Go out" without answering.
"Yes," Yas bowed respectfully and walked out of the room with a smile. His master is really a vinegar bucket for ten thousand years.
I sat on the bed and stroked Yuan’s long hair, so I quietly watched her and waited for her to wake up.
It’s already three hours after Yuan Gungun woke up again. She snorted her two hands and rubbed her eyes in a daze. Zhang is a fool who just woke up. There are no signs of being dizzy.
"awake?" Yan Yan touched her head and found herself in the habit of talking nonsense.
Yuan Gungun MengMeng looked at him and then looked at himself for a moment, then turned his back on his ass and despised him.
Yan Yan was lying in bed and deliberately squeezed with her and hugged her from behind.
"Xiao Pang, let’s not make a truce, okay?"
Yuan Gungun ignored him and still treated him thoroughly. He resolutely carried out these three essential principles of the Cold War. "
"You’re pregnant, and now there’s another child here, me and you." Yan Yanche reached out and stroked her abdomen, and her tone was as gentle as that of a few hours ago.
Yuan rolling a frozen immediately sharp sarcastic way "where come again? Hehe is my brother and I having a baby. His’ father’ is him, not Mr. Black. "
When Yan Yan-che heard this, he was displeased and wanted to get angry, but thinking about the doctor’s speech, he abruptly suppressed his temper and tried to hold her tight.
"Don’t say that again."
"Just come"
"Don’t push your nose and face Yuan Gungun"
"I am! If you have something to hit me, or force me like just now, you’d better make the child disappear from us! " Yuan gungun Ceng turned to face him with a face of unruly.
Chapter 154 Peace Treaty
"I apologized. What else do you want? !” Yan Yan Che couldn’t help getting bigger.
"You call this an apology? !” Yuan Gungun is not to be outdone. Compared with his voice.
They yelled at each other like two kids fighting for toys.
Looking at Yuan Gungun’s blushing face because of yelling, Yan Yan suddenly felt that she was so cute and sparkling, and her eyes were full of energy because of anger. At ordinary times, the image of that kind of person bullying the white rabbit was far from perfect.
Yuan Gungun gasped and never yelled at her. Now she finds out that yelling at people is also a strength and vitality. It’s really tiring to yell at people with low lung capacity.
Compared with the glaring technique, Yuan Gungun suddenly cried and Yan Che won a decisive victory.
Yan Yanche looked at the sudden grin and burst into tears. Yuan Gungun was not white. How could she change so quickly and suddenly turn her face? Why didn’t he find out that she had this thing before?