In normal times, she would have run to please him and begged him to continue.


But today she’s really not in the mood.
She would rather suffer for a few hours alone than talk to him later.
Season soft conveniently arranged a garment head and went downstairs without looking back.
She deliberately left a heart to go into the bedroom and lock the door before changing clothes and taking a shower.
In the shower season, Rou remembered what Ye Chen had said to her.
"I saw how he treated you in the pub. If he liked you, he would never treat you like that."
"When Fu Jingsi was with Bai Huan, she was reluctant to be rough with her."
"You should know that Fu Jingsi listened to his grandfather more often. He told him to go east, but Bai Huan was an exception."
Section 15
"He can go against the master for nothing."
"Take his engagement with Jiang Wei-he must have told you that this was his grandfather’s intention and there was no way to disobey him, right? Jirou, you are so stupid. If he really likes you so much, he won’t marry anyone no matter who pushes him or how. "
-Ye Chen’s words are like an inescapable spell hovering in her mind.
Ji Rou covered her head with tears and hot water and rushed to the bathroom floor.
Jirou’s eyes were swollen when she came out of the bathroom after taking a bath for nearly an hour.
After inserting a hair dryer to blow dry her hair, Jirou dropped the room light, touched the black bed, got into the quilt and covered her head with a cool quilt in summer.
Lou Fu Jingsi has been smoking in front of the sofa for nearly a box since Jirou Building.
He is very upset.
An inexperienced girl like Yuan Jirou can master it with a little coaxing. Now it seems that he has underestimated her.
He couldn’t tell exactly what brought her with him at the beginning.
He thinks that although Ji Jia has lost, he still needs to wake up to his grievances and never forget them.
All these years, he has been asking her to keep her original surname so that she can wake up, but it turns out that he is wrong.
Leaving her around finally upsets my heart.
25, the fu always miss white side out of the situation [2].
Although Jirou was raised by Fu Jingsi, there was not much when they really got along.
He is busy at work, and most of the time, the nanny takes care of her. When there is a school to invite parents, he will know a little about her study.
Fu Jingsi calculated that she was still in high school when Ji Rou called her to school.
The little girl has always been afraid of him, and he knows very well that she is still afraid of him even though they have changed.
So he was really curious about what could make a little girl who was so afraid of him lose her temper and be awkward with him.
Fu Jingsi, who smoked a box of cigarettes, was irritable but didn’t calm down much. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows and got up and went upstairs.
At the door of Jirou’s bedroom, Fu Jingsi habitually twisted the doorknob only to find that the door was locked by her.
He frowned and knocked on several doors. "Is Rourou asleep?"
There was no response. Fu Jingsi thought she might be asleep and didn’t bother her again. She turned back to her room.
It wasn’t long before Yu Sen came back.
"Miss Fu, there is something wrong here."
Yu Sen’s voice at the other end of the sentence sounds a little heavy.
Recently, my master has been keeping a close eye on Fu Jingsi. He can send Yu Sen to London to deal with things there.
Yu Sen is his most trusted person in the company. He is never in a hurry when he is in trouble, and seldom listens to him in such a hurry.
"What’s wrong with her?" Fu Jingsi looks very ugly.
"Little Miss was hospitalized with a fever last night. Today, the test results came out that Miss Bai can’t accept the reality and her mood is not very good-"
Yu Sen looked at the woman whose bed had just finished tranquilizing, and her face was full of sorrow.
From the moment the child fell ill and was hospitalized, she kept saying that Fu Jingsi Yusen was really at a loss. She could talk to Fu Jingsi about the situation.
It took Fu Jingsi a long time to digest the news, and then his voice became unstable. "Is it confirmed?"
"Yes …" Yu Sen sighed. "The doctor has given several treatment opinions. It is safer for you to discuss these things with Miss Bai. After all, you are the child guardians."
Fu Jingsi answered for a while and then asked Yu Sen, "How is she?"
After being with Fu Jingsi for so many years, Yu Sen has developed a tacit understanding with him, and some people can react quickly without a name.
"Miss Bai is so excited that none of us can help the doctor to calm down after tranquilizing, and he hasn’t woken up yet."
Yu Sen paused and tentatively told him, "Mr. Fu, you’d better come over …"
"Don’t give her a sedative casually in the future," Fu Jingsi said. "I’ll book a plane ticket now and send it to me at the hospital address."
"Good, be careful."
Fu Jingsi booked a plane ticket to London in the early morning, took some clothes casually and hurried to the airport.