But the thought of that damn woman’s body swelling made him feel painful.


"Report to your Majesty!" Qin Yucheng, the manager of the new eunuch, respectfully said at the door of the net account emperor’s bedroom.
It’s a sin to disturb the two largest main bridal chambers after the wedding of the Empress Dowager.
But he did have something more important to report.
A steady sound sounded in the bedroom, and the Qin manager had a moment to listen. It seems that the two masters did not …
"Report to the empress dowager that she has returned to the palace."
Qin manager’s words made lying in bed and Luo Yuxi suddenly sit up.
His mother princess … Back to the palace? !
A burst of ecstasy scattered the former depression and doubts.
"Mother Yuxi has returned to the palace. I’m going out to see you sleep first!"
Then he quickly set up his clothes and left the bedroom without looking back, leaving a face of metal gray Luo Yuxi.
The queen mother returned to the palace?
Which queen mother?
Really take off the mother princess Li Fei empress?
But she … She has been executed by the queen mother, hasn’t she?
What didn’t she die of? Who saved her?
Luo Yuxi stared at the door of the bedroom that had been swinging. She really didn’t hear wrong! Li Fei is not dead. She’s alive. She’s back!
Luo Yuxi sighed and thought of the scenes from the wedding to the present.
What? What, everything is completely different from what she imagined?
She believes that she has considerable weight in her mind, so she can feel the emotion even if she doesn’t say anything about it.
But what seems to have changed since he became emperor?
Terry is still as gentle and considerate as ever to her.
What’s more, he said that he had dreamed for many years, and today his dream finally came true.
But look at the relief when he left. Does she look like he said dream?
He didn’t complain about her on their wedding day, and he didn’t blame him. When he left her, he seemed to be avoiding poisonous snakes and beasts?
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Is she too sensitive? Or …
Or is she his dream a few years ago and now it’s nothing if it comes true?
Then who is his dream now?
Mo zihan! The princess from Chaoyang who is as handsome as a witch?
What, Auden treats her differently, and now even Terry treats her differently?
Maybe … Maybe they already have something.
Otherwise, Tuoli won’t take Mo Zihan into the palace and put her in the purple core clause.