Hua Min word suddenly kicked the door down with one foot before.


Immediately in the yard to rage yelling.
"The National People’s Congress dares to come to the Hall of Hades and make trouble in Longxi General Hall!"
"I can’t find death!"
Voice fall to the ground dozens of people aggressive rushed to the door.
A will Hua Min and ling day surrounded.
Ling day after one-handed negative coldly looking at all ao however way
"The custodian of the temple of hades, Ling Tiante, came to counter rebellion!"
Say that finish ling day directly throw Guangsheng head in the feet.
These people are surprised and look down quickly.
When I saw that the ferocious head turned out to be Guangsheng, it was all messed up.
"It’s the master!"
"The master is dead!"
People exclaimed and looked at Ling Tian with hatred again.
"Bastard killed his cousin for revenge!"
Suddenly people rushed in.
Clawing to kill ling Tian.
Root not ling day begin Hua Min was cold suddenly rushed forward.
Bang bang bang!
The palm of your hand is sharp and invincible
These people were killed on the spot by Hua Min before they arrived near.
A few people left were aghast at the sight.
I didn’t expect this young girl to be so fierce.
I dare not move.
"Go and tell the deputy hall master quickly!"
After an alarm, several people rolled and crawled into the hospital.
Ling Tianhe and Hua Min don’t stop.
They ran in and reported it.
In less than a few minutes, a hundred people came angrily.
The first person is a 40-year-old middle-aged man
Seeing this man’s imposing manner and burly face, he was dignified without anger and self-respect.
In one hundred people surrounded by LingTianHe Hua Min near.
But his eyes looked at the ground for the first time.
"What a master!"
"Who the hell are you!"
Middle-aged male pupil shrinks and looks up toward LingTianHe Hua Min to drink and asks with horror.
The ling day didn’t speak Hua Min directly.
"This is the guardian of the underworld."

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