She felt a shiver in her heart. Does it mean that if this marriage fails, it means that the eldest sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law are right?


But she knew in her heart that it was impossible!
She knows all about Lian Fangzhou!
Joe yisow first laughed "exactly, aunt! If you want this marriage to be done, don’t apologize and kowtow to you! "
Mrs. Qiao also
Immediately got up and helped the old lady Joe. "It’s just that we should go before it’s too late. Let’s go! Aunt, you won’t refuse, will you? "
Old Joe stared coldly at Joe’s.
Joe moved his lips. Can she refuse?
It’s ironic to think that if she didn’t have a chance to find a trouble-making opportunity in Fangzhou before, she would go, but now the great opportunity is in front of her, and she doesn’t want to refuse!
What is life? This is it!
"Go, I’ll go," Joe’s mouth murmured a bitter machine.
"Then let’s go!" Joe’s old man also got up and his family’s spirit shook his face and looked a little more.
"My grandson that scholar? You call him and we’ll go! " Old Joe told Joe’s again.
Joe’s face turned whiter and whiter. "He planned to go out to visit friends and relatives today, and he had an appointment with someone, so he had to go out."
"what!" Joe old man frowned unhappy way "outside personnel can also be compared with our own personnel? He is too young to distinguish between priorities! "
Qiao Dalang way "nephew won’t deliberately hide out? Otherwise, don’t even say hello and leave? "
See parents eyes suspicious again chilly looking at Joe’s hurriedly shake hands, "no no! How dare he! Yes, yes, I really have an appointment! It must have been tight. He forgot to come in and say. "
Joe Dalang and others have to say that Joe’s old man waved his hand. "Forget it, anyway, just have a word from him. He is also in favor of it! Let’s go there! "
Joe opened his mouth and her son agreed? When did her son agree!
She secretly complained in her heart, but she didn’t dare to say a word. She had a bitter face and was uneasy, and accompanied them to go home.
Intentionally, Sister-in-law Joe and Sister-in-law Joe also pushed her to take the lead.
Peach opened the door and was shocked to see this large group of people.
She doesn’t know anyone else, but she does.
What kind of good people can Joe bring?
Peach alert stare at Joe’s way "what do you mean? Did you bring so many people here to fight? My girls and young masters have made their words so clear that even if they didn’t take revenge on you, don’t you dare come to the door! Get out of here! "
Joe’s don’t want to come and don’t talk. He bowed his head and called Peach a little surprised.
Sister-in-law Joe expressed her future mother-in-law’s imposing manner and glared at Peach coldly. "Do you have long eyes?" A little girl dares to yell at her master! This is your first aunt. We are all her family members! Your little hoof has no mouth and tears you! "
"Say less!" Although old Joe was very angry with Peach’s remarks, he felt that it was important to be entangled with a girl.
What does it matter to dispose of a little girl if the marriage is done? It’s not a word!
He stood tall and straight, and said to Peach with a straight face, "Where is your master? We’re here to talk to her! Call her out quickly! "
Come out to meet us.
Peach heard that this large group of people belonged to Qiao’s family, and it was obvious that Qiao’s sister-in-law was also there. Yes, her heart was even more disgusted, no matter what age or age, "Bah!" My girl won’t see you Qiao’s family! If you don’t have shameless goods, do you dare to be really bullied by our girls? "
Said the hands a "bang" a heavy ring the door was severely.
Old Joe saw that the girl didn’t even give her face, and the heavy door shook his heart thumping violently. At that time, he was flustered, short of breath and blue in the face.
Joe yisow also feel disappointed dissatisfaction stare Joe’s way "I said aunt your niece home are all some what person! You don’t care if the child is not sensible! "
Joe old man smell speech also took a glance at Joe’s discontent.
Joe’s heart angry service road "I said this girl is a necessities into you don’t believe it! Let’s go. She won’t open this door! "
"get out! Get out of here! " Old Joe suddenly stared at Joe’s scold a way, "I know you have a good life now without us in your eyes!" You just don’t like us! Get out of here. I can’t believe we can’t do this without you! Hum don’t open the door, I can’t believe it. She won’t open it. Chapter 517 Bundle it and throw it back.
Old Joe angrily commanded two sons and daughter-in-law to "knock at the door! Knock on the door in turn! Knock for me! I don’t believe she won’t open it! "
Joe’s pale silently aside where dare say a word?
Qiao Dalang took the lead, and sure enough, he knocked on the door before.
Peach frowned and ran into the backyard to leave even Fang Zhou and his third aunt.
Even Fang Zhou came out through the wall and listened for a while and smiled. "Let them knock! Don’t worry about it first! "
Said the third aunt, peach back to the backyard.
Anyway, the distance won’t affect anything.
Qiao Dalang knocked the palm of his hand red and swollen and hurt. There was still any movement inside, and he was so angry that his heart jumped into the fire and scolded a few words.
Qiao Erlang went to knock.
Qiao Erlang is smarter than his brother. He doesn’t know where to pick up half a board and bang bang.
Such a quiet jstars naturally attracted several onlookers.
Everyone is talking about each other.