"Dad, what’s up?" Mu Bei looked at Mu Leshan.


"What are you going to do?" Muleshan bland tone to Mubei said
"Dad, what do you mean?" Mu Bei asked
"I’ve been with you for the first time."
"Dad Qiao Huan is lying in the hospital bed now. Are you going to let me ask her for her shares at this time?" Mu north eyes tight tight shake head wry smile "dad, you still give up! Don’t say I don’t want it now, even if Qiao Huan is in good health, I won’t open my mouth. "
"You?" Mu Leshan’s face was covered with a thin layer of anger. "Is this how you repay me and your mother?"
"Dad, I know that you and mom have had a lot of hearts, and I should repay you. Whatever you ask me to do can be the only thing that can’t work." Mu Bei paused here and then said, "Qiao Huan is my favorite woman, and I won’t hurt her even if I hurt myself."
After Mu Bei lifted his head and never looked back.
Muleshan was so angry that he couldn’t say a word, and his anger grew stronger.
Take a deep breath Muleshan took out his mobile phone and called Munan.
"Where are you now?"
"What can I do for you?" Cold tone
"You come to the company right now, I have something to find you." Muleshan sternly dropped a sentence and hung up the phone and strode away.
Muna pinched her mobile phone fingers tightly and silently put it away. Once again, she took a deep look at Qiao Huan ward and turned to go from the stairs.
He came early in the morning and hid in a corner. He kept an eye on Qiao Huan’s movements all the time. When he learned that Qiao Huan really had leukemia, his heart ached a lot.
He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall without moving.
He really believes that Qiao Huan will suffer from leukemia.
Don’t want to believe this fact.
Qiao Huan Qiao Huan Muna silently thought in his mind that Qiao Huan’s name stung his chest. At this moment, he really wanted to accompany Qiao Huan to comfort her and encourage her.
But he can’t.
He has already lost his qualification to stay with Qiao Huan. He doesn’t deserve to stay with Qiao Huan at all.
Muna stumbled down the stairs and met Lu Xiaoya at the hospital gate.
Road xiaoya steps paused to speak a few words of irony Muna but a look at his face inside story to keep your mouth shut.
It’s better to leave him alone at this time.
But Lu Xiaoya is really Japanese. She is really Japanese when she sees Muna in pain.
"What are you doing here?" Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya in a bad tone and said
"Let me see Qiao Huan" Lu Xiaoya corners of the mouth with a smile "Your fiancee Qiao Huan must put her in love with reason, I should come to see Joe’s heart."
"Who allowed you to come? Get out! " Muna tone became bad and reached out and grabbed Lu Xiaoya’s arm and dragged her to the car.
Lu Xiaoya didn’t resist because she knew that no matter how she resisted, she couldn’t escape from Munan’s palm. She obediently obeyed less so that she could suffer less.
Muna pushed Lu Xiaoya into the car and Lu Xiaoya fell in the back seat. Without saying a word, she got up, tidied up and sat down.
"You are not allowed to come to the hospital again," Muna said coldly.
"Good!" Lu Xiaoya readily promised, "I don’t want to see her at all if your mother didn’t let me come."
Lu Xiaoya really didn’t want to come. She’s not familiar with Qiao Huan.
"My mother asked you to come?" Munan’s eyes darkened.
"What about you?" Lu Xiaoya snorted heavily from her nose. "Do you want to see her?"
Lu Xiaoya doesn’t want to see Qiao Huan, and she doesn’t want to see Mu Bei’s affection for Qiao Huan. Every time she sees Mu Bei looking at Qiao Huan, she really can’t help but be jealous and want to go crazy.
They are all women. Why can Qiao Huan get men’s love and she has to suffer from Munan?
If Qiao Huan doesn’t break up with Munan, Munan won’t look for her, and she won’t suffer day and night.
All this is because of Qiao Huan.
The face so gloomy that Muna looked at Lu Xiaoya’s eyes as dangerous "stay away from Qiao Huan"