People get along with each other sincerely, and some of them are not competing with each other. Others can’t compare with their families in terms of money, so they find fault with Cui Relan in many ways.


Cui ruolan is a wealthy wife, so it’s natural to keep an eye on outsiders if she can keep the most elegant side.
"You take care of Xiao Ran to eat and get angry, and remember that she has worked so hard but she is your own."
"Well, stop it. Don’t worry about what they say. Don’t take it to heart."
Gu Lengchen sent her car and told the driver to pay attention to Ann and watched them go far before he went back to his room.
The light in the quiet bedroom is dim and placed in the cabinet.
When she woke up in a shallow sleep state, she closed her eyes and shouted, "Who is Gu Lengchen looking at?"
Respond that she is quiet.
I was rolled over and looked around the whole bedroom. Gu Lengchen was not there.
Sat up with a sigh and groped for the hairpin next to the pillow, holding a pill head at the end of the hair.
Ringing is WeChat informing her to click an unread message.
"Xiao Ran, give me a call when it’s convenient for you."
Ye Ran had a lunch because he Gu Lengchen and she had been busy for most of the day. It was really not the right time at the moment.
"Ding-dong" didn’t wait to put the phone on, but another unread one came.
Or Su Zhicheng’s "Forget it, don’t bother you, you have a good baby"
Holding the mobile phone, she suddenly felt pity. She quietly walked to the door and turned the door to make a small gap.
Straightening her neck, she looked out at the living room, and there was no one. She guessed that Gu Lengchen might have gone to the room handler.
Step back, twist the knob and lock it.
Fingertips quickly crossed the address book and dialed the overseas number.
In a few seconds, Su Zhicheng answered "Xiao Ran"
With a low voice, Ye Ran guessed that he was decadent at this time through his mobile phone.
"What is it?" Ye Ran covered his lips with his hand and saw the mountain.
"My company can come back to life and have found it, but because of the media eyeliner, the good news can’t go out for a while. I’m afraid I’ll tell you before you worry."
Su Zhicheng’s flat tone once made people feel that he worked hard to create a company to run or close down.
Ye Ran incredibly asked "really? Are you reliable in finding someone? It is a tense period. Don’t add snow and frost. "
"Well, I’m white."
☆, Chapter one hundred and twenty Take the initiative to send a kiss.
Su Zhicheng adjusted his mentality and asked a few words about Ye Ran’s pregnancy and finally hung up.
But vaguely Ye Ran felt that Su Zhicheng had something to say, including the whole call, and he was a little hesitant
However, she is almost used to it, so Su Zhicheng slides her finger to the left to delete the phone records.
No, don’t think more is better than less.
Gu Lengchen holds the lip corner of the cup and looks at the juice in the cup with satisfaction.
Squeezed three waves and six round oranges, and finally made a satisfaction this time.
I walked to the door of the house, held the doorknob and twisted it a few times. I found that the door couldn’t be opened, and I realized that the door was locked.