Among his companions, he has always been the one with the most outstanding achievements and abilities. He always remembers that in the first class, the instructor asked them to shoot a little girl hiding in the corner with a gun in their hands. He was the first gun to shoot. Although the gun was loaded with bullets, his heart was greatly shocked.


On that day, he knew what road he was going to take, and his indifference would accompany him all his life
Many companions were sent out of training camp crying that day.
For a whole decade, Truerson has undergone a lot of ordinary people’s endurance training, and his companions have been eliminated one after another. He has forgotten the frightened eyes of the first person he killed, and he himself is covered with scars after killing the death row prisoner who is one size bigger than himself.
On that day, he was stronger than others in vain.
On that day, I was killed by my best companion facing death row.
Four years ago, most of the companions graduated smoothly. They entered the military and government departments of various countries and struggled from the lowest level. Truerson and four other companions volunteered to stay and join the instructors. They specially prepared to extend their training for four years. During these four years, they received doubly strict special training and tests. Finally, Truerson persisted to the end alone.
Life is fragile and the world is cruel!
Truerson’s graduation ceremony included two instructors and him, and four chairs next to him contained portraits of four other companions who had received extended training together.
Truerson calmly finished smoking, threw the cigarette end to the ground and stamped it out.
The ground is very clean with that solitary cigarette butt.
During the long wait, Truerson needs this cigarette to cover up his identity. If necessary, he can not smoke a cigarette. This is the patience of ordinary people. The instructor once told him that if you can wait quietly for a whole day as a second, you will be one step closer to your prey.
It has been two hours since the female student walked into the barracks.
Truerson is not curious about the female student with an oriental face, although she is the only female instructor in the entire Konigsberg Military Academy and the East Prussian Corps. She once told him that curiosity will kill you and let you know that you should keep it in mind and not let you know that you should never want to know it out of personal interest.
I want to know if she is a spy!
This is the order that Truerson received. He looked at his watch. It has been 3 hours and 7 minutes since he received this order. So far, the other party has not moved.
He has been observing at this corner that 17 Koreans in the barracks diagonally opposite are discussing something in a room on the ground floor. Truerson is somewhat fortunate because there is also a rule in this military school that curtains are not allowed to be pulled at ordinary times. When he looks over there again, the group of Koreans are still continuing their meeting. He feels a little sorry for this, because he doesn’t know Korean, and he can barely get a little meaningless information from each other’s gestures. According to Truerson, the female student is facing her back at this time. She is the spiritual leader of this group. Most of the time, she is arranging something. Others are occasional.
When the watch pointer pointed to 6: 10, the North Korean finally ended the meeting. The North Korean woman also looked at her watch. It seemed that they were going to miss dinner, so she called the others out of the room together.
Truerson has no appetite. It is normal to eat on time during hard training, although it seems to abuse his stomach.
When the North Koreans came towards the corner, Truerson casually walked face to face and gave them a serious military salute when they passed by, and those North Koreans walked and saluted like ordinary students except for their faces and bodies.
Truerson silently counted 17 people, and many of them came out.
Before turning the corner, one of the North Koreans kept looking back and saw Truerson walking towards the distant North Korean without looking back, only then was he satisfied and left with the others.
Truerson should probably be happy with his ordinary face, especially when he fell back to the North Korean Association barracks five minutes later.
"please show me your certificate!" The sentry at the gate of the barracks looks very serious.
"I’m sorry I’m a new instructor! I want to find one … "Truerson glanced at the door at the corner, and several students just walked in and said," Class 2o7 students have something urgent to inform them! "
The sentry looked at Truerson slightly. "Hello, sir! But I still need to see your identification. After all, I haven’t seen you! Please forgive me for this! "
"Sentinel, we met in the canteen at noon, didn’t we?" Truerson looked worried and tried to unbutton his coat pocket, but it seemed very tight.
"Oh … really! I seem to have a little impression, then sir, please come in! " The sentry scratched his head and made way.
"It really is inexperienced and new!"
Truerson put away his anxious expression when he went in. Even if the sentry really wanted to check his credentials, his credentials obtained by the intelligence service were true or false. Truerson didn’t intend to take it out at all. It seems that this "deception" was still very successful.
He went straight to the door of class 2o7 and knocked on the door. By the way, he looked at the sentry at the door from the corner of his eye, looked inside and turned around again.
After the knock, a five-big, three-thick student appeared in front of Truerson. "What can I do for you, sir?"
Truerson said in a low voice as much as possible, "I recently heard that there are some mice in this building. Do you want to clean every corner of the room?"
The big man hesitated, but replied, "yes, sir!" "
Then Truerson also said in a high voice, "Then you should carry it out as soon as possible! I’ll notify one of the other classes by the way! "
The sentry didn’t look inside this time, and Truerson walked quickly to the room where the North Koreans had just met.
For a spy like Truerson, a door is easier than a bottle of beer. In less than two seconds, he has entered the room he wants to enter and then gently closes the door.
There is not much difference in the layout of this room in the general German barracks, but the details should be clean and tidy. Many rooms have four bunk beds neatly placed on the side of the window. Before Truerson came, his class had already learned some information about these Koreans. There are 16 Koreans living next door to this room, and their female leader lives alone in the college family area because of many inconveniences in living in the general barracks.
There is no compartment in the wardrobe. There is nothing hidden in the bed and bedding. There is a loose brick in the wall, but there is a small pile of coins in it. There is no sign of passivity in the ceiling.
After a quick search, Truerson didn’t find anything special. Then he put his ear to the door and there was no footsteps in the corridor. Only then did he make a gap in the door and look out. After making sure that the corridor was empty, he slipped out quietly and then spent ten minutes searching in the next room.
Maybe the North Koreans didn’t communicate with the outside world through wire tools, maybe everything was hidden in that North Korean woman’s place, and Truerson always got nothing in these two rooms.
After judging the situation quickly, Truerson walked out of the barracks quickly and didn’t forget to say hello to the sentry before leaving.
"Sentinel, you are very alert! Keep it up! "
The sentry respectfully saluted Truerson. "Thank you, Lieutenant!"
All this is easier for Truerson than kindergarten games.
However, after coming to the college’s family area, Truerson now faces more difficult problems. The family area is surrounded by a high wall, and there is a very formal checkpoint at the door. It seems that he can’t get into it just now.
"documents!" The sentry stopped in front of Truerson with a rifle on his back.
This time, Truerson quickly gave his certificate to the sentry with a very serious expression on his face.
"Mr. Lieutenant, what brings you to the family area?" The sentry glanced at the certificate, but he didn’t mean to let it go.
Truerson coldly squeezed out two words from his teeth: "Gong!"
"public?" The sentry glanced at him. "You should go to the college building! Who are you going to see now? "
"Idiot these are not you should ask! What time is it now? Who else is staying in the college building! " Truerson stared at the sentry and said that his eyes almost swallowed the sentry alive.
The sentry was a little timid. He didn’t dare to continue questioning. Instead, he handed the certificate back to Truell Sen and gave a respectful military salute.
"Mr Lieutenant, I’m sorry! You can go in! "
Truerson just put away his fierce eyes and silently put away his documents and walked in.
Truerson, Room 3o2, H Building, quickly came to the door of the North Korean woman according to the grade information. After confirming that there was no movement inside, he still knocked on the door with a bottle of wine.
Although everything is in order like the military room, there is still a faint smell in this room. Truerson is not interested in this smell at all. He is interested in places where things can be hidden.