Goldman learned another way to make money in contact with these people, that is, UAE people plan to invest huge sums of money to build desalination plants and petrochemical projects. Now Xie Liaosha is very interested in these profitable projects. Xie Liaosha asked Jelicin to recommend several countries to undertake these projects. Anyway, it is necessary to say two things if he fails to bid in the UAE first. Although Xie Liaosha himself can’t get any benefits from this matter, Xie Liaosha can increase his discourse in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Xie Liaosha has worked so hard to achieve great success in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and he can take charge of the whole department to a large extent.


The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation is simply too important for Xie Liaosha, because it is now Glencore’s largest trading partner. Xie Liaosha’s Soviet resource advantage has made Glencore quickly call itself a new force in the bulk commodity trading industry. If he occupies the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation for one day, Glencore’s grain, oil and metal industries will not lose money. This is no longer money laundering. Strictly speaking, it is more like a benefit transfer that is beneficial to both sides.
However, Xie Liaosha is far from excavating the greater value of MOFTEC, because the most important asset of MOFTEC is still in the hands of Minister Zhuravlev. The foreign trade bank is in charge of the foreign exchange receipts and payments of Soviet international trade, and both exporters of Soviet enterprises and importers from abroad will eventually settle through the foreign trade bank. Xie Liaosha’s national residential bank is a local bank with limited foreign exchange quota, which supports Xie Liaosha’s current business. It is precisely because the foreign trade bank is not in hand that Xie Liaosha allowed Glencore to trade with Mediterranean trading companies through barter trading, so as to avoid foreign exchange supervision by foreign trade banks.
Although Zhuravlev has a good attitude towards Xie Liaosha, Xie Liaosha will not simply hand over the foreign trade bank to himself in Zhuravlev, and it is still far away for Zhuravlev to retire in his prime, so Xie Liaosha has always had the idea of moving his position.
This matter still has to wait until Gorbachev remembers the position! Moreover, Selyosha is far from Juravlev, and there are still several deputy ministers. Only after all obstacles are removed can Selyosha have a big monopoly.
Selyosha is now going to meet Gorbachev’s reporter Jakovleff with Jakovleff every week. Now he is mainly studying the political and economic systems of western countries. This is what scholars do. It is not convenient for Selyosha to participate in it. However, Comrade Hammer and some foreign prestige organizations have exaggerated the concept of Selyosha’s subprime mortgage, which has made Selyosha more and more famous in the field of economics. This has also made Gorbachev pay attention to Selyosha’s opinions. However, Selyosha does not want to upstage Jakovleff. He rarely expresses his opinions, even if he does, it is limited to his own fields of work.
Although Jakovleff is the director of a research institute, his position is much lower than that of Selyosha, but after all, he is a gunner to Brezhnev, a member of the Central Committee and an expert in the diplomatic field. Therefore, Gorbachev sent some officials to consult this expert with rich political experience. Jakovleff has now turned his Institute of World Economics and International Politics into a salon-like political club, and many cadres who share his views are frequent visitors to his institute.
What Jakovleff admired most was the Chicago School’s economic proposition, which once shined brilliantly in Chile’s economic reform and attracted the world’s attention. Although Pinochet, Chile’s coup-maker, was an absolute dictator, his economic policy was that the Chicago School personally participated in the formulation of a liberal economy. According to Jakovleff’s introduction, Selyosha felt that this school was very similar to Margaret Thatcher’s ongoing reform. What surprised Selyosha most was that the Chicago School was carrying out economic reform in Chile. At that time, a new economic concept was created, which made Xie Liaosha feel deeply, that is, "shock therapy" which made Russia miserable after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Please continue to note that we updated the fastest novel network w w w.
Chapter 50 Communist Youth League Chamber of Commerce
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website for reading the latest chapters of mobile phones: M CC Since Xie Liaosha went to the post-work Youth League Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, he has rarely worried about things. @++www * c However, there is one department that is an exception, that is, the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center of the Communist Youth League Committee.
This department has high hopes from Xie Liaosha. It turns out that it did not disappoint Xie Liaosha. With a group of capable young people joining the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center, it has become a chamber of commerce in the Communist Youth League.
Most of the funds of the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center come from the benefits of the Youth League Committee’s project in Workers’ New Town. Xie Liaosha originally wanted this institution to explore the Soviet Union’s black technology, but gradually this institution became a scientific and cultural investment institution.
Khodorkovsky soon found a new business after joining this unit. With the help of the foreign trade channel of Khodorkovsky’s Mediterranean trading company, a youth science and technology cultural center platform, he started the exclusive agent of foreign computers and successfully won the calculation and purchase contracts of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and Moscow University.
The profits from these two businesses made Khodorkovsky a millionaire. Young Khodorkovsky was obviously not ready for such a large sum of money. He personally called Selyosha to return most of it. Selyosha repeatedly comforted him that the money was reasonable and legal. He even suggested that Khodorkovsky put the money into the national residential bank. After initial fear, Khodorkovsky did what Selyosha said. Later, nothing happened. Only then did Khodorkovsky put his heart into his stomach.
Khodorkovsky is not the only talented person in the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Center who met that You Liya in Ukraine. Tymoshenko has now joined the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Center, which was not arranged by Selyosha. I don’t know when You Liya learned from Nasjia that the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Center is a good place to make money, so she volunteered to be a member of this department. However, You Liya is still in Ukraine, and she occasionally comes to Moscow with projects to sponsor her.
You Liya’s business is in the field of film and television culture. He first said that the Dnepropetrovsk Communist Youth League has set up a film and television library specializing in video rental. However, although it works for the Dnepropetrovsk Communist Youth League, it still belongs to the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center because the money is paid by the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center, which is similar to the video chain rental store.
In some respects, the living standard of the Soviet Union is not low. Almost every family owns it, and the number of video recorders is also rising steadily because of rampant smuggling activities. The video rental business in You Liya is booming, and it is also because of the smuggling of You Liya video rental chain stores that many European and American popular movies, such as "The First Blood", can’t be released in the Soviet Union. Naturally, these movies are stolen, negligible and popular, but they are all secretly labeled with video cassettes behind censors. Instead, the names of old Soviet movies are Lenin in 1919. Anyway, they are supported by You Liya public roots.
For these young people who can help the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center to make money, Nasjia has been supporting them at the back according to Xie Liaosha’s meaning, and he is more and more grateful to Liao Sha for his career. He has even considered setting up a branch of the Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center.
Xie Liaosha intends to separate the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Center from the Moscow Youth League Committee and hang it in the central face of the Communist Youth League, and then promote it all over the Soviet Union. If it is properly operated, the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Center will bring more economic and talent to the Communist Youth League. Now Xie Liaosha’s business is getting bigger and bigger, and whether it is Glencore or any other business, he needs a lot of talent. Now he is waiting for the Soviet government to control foreign investment and let the Soviet Union release Xie Liaosha. These businesses will immediately rush in to expand this virgin land.
You Liya and Khodorkovsky were rewarded for their capable cadres, who were promoted through the Communist Youth League system. You Liya became the head of the Communist Youth League organization in Dnieper, while Khodorkovsky was placed as the head of the Communist Youth League Committee in Fu Longzhi, Moscow. At the same time, they also became members of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.
Have such a good thing Xie took nature also won’t forget to pull out his little brother grigori Xie took to also want Gerry to brand the Communist Youth League cadres, but when consulting grigori, grigori resolutely refused but made another request.
This matter should start with grigori Lucky 365 Data Company, which was originally designed to help Yuri’s William Hill bet to calculate odds. At the beginning, Lucky 365 had to hand over most of the industry to the berezovsky team of the Soviet Academy of Sciences because of lack of experience, but with the passage of time, Lucky 365 gradually explored this business doorway. With the help of computer technology and grigori’s mathematical ability, Lucky 365 not only designed the game odds calculation model and software, but also was convenient. Helped Mikhail Sanjinhui to establish an automatic generation program for property management. Now Yuri and Mikhail can use their local strength to complete these calculations, and the industry in the Soviet Union has gradually decreased
Grigori doesn’t care whether he earns money or not, but berezovsky can’t. Seeing that he is hard to make money, he wants Huang berezovsky to go to Leningrad to find grigori to see if he can bring in a new business, so grigori introduced berezovsky to Xie Liaosha.
"The somebody else a big professor of the Soviet Academy of Sciences specially came to the school to put in a good word for me. I really can’t stand it! Boss, you see what business you have, just give it to them. It’s been a long time for everyone! People have been doing their best! " Grigori berezovsky pleaded.
"That’s all right! Ask him if he can send a set of large financial institutions to make software. Our national residential bank and Columbia Bank lack the corresponding technology. If it is done well, I will introduce the foreign trade banking industry to him! " Xie Liaosha replied happily, please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w
Chapter 51 mediterranean shipping company
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website to read the latest chapter of mobile phone: M CC Volga Automobile Factory in togliatti, Samara * Pop-up window? @++www * c The manager of the sales company was so happy that he almost jumped to the table after receiving the order from the Mediterranean trading company.
Comrade manager would never have thought that Mediterranean Trading Company would order Rada next quarter. The number of Vannes is as high as 10 thousand, which is almost the annual output of Volga automobile factory last year
In fact, Mediterranean trading company didn’t think of Rada either? Vanni’s sales in Latin America should be so good. After all, Latin America has always been an American automobile day. Only in recent years have automobile manufacturers from Europe and Japan come here to expand their markets.
But Rada? Wani’s success can’t be attributed to luck and drug lords. First of all, the poor road conditions in Latin America make the off-road ability excellent. Rada? Vanni has won a lot of markets, plus he is the only car in the same class equipped with tuning, maintenance and extremely low leather tolerance. The fuel consumption problem does not seem to be a problem in Colombia and Venezuela.
Rada? Vanni was a national car in the Soviet Union, so it still has a certain price advantage in Latin America, a country with low income. Selyosha now wants to benefit from car loans and digest the funds of Medellin Group and Cali Group locally to minimize unnecessary links. In Yuri, he helped these drug lords to set up a car trading company in the Isle of Man to trade with Mediterranean trading companies.
When the cars were transported to Colombia, they belonged to the property of a company in the Isle of Man near Jamaica and the local drug lords. However, all LADA car sellers were forced to take the Colombian bank car loan. At that time, the Colombian bank car loan industry flourished and set up branches in Venezuela and Mexico in Central America.
Now it seems that these drug lords in Colombia have undertaken most of the money laundering, but they are not dissatisfied, because there are Mediterranean trading companies and Colombian banks in the world to help them deal with such a large amount of money, and they can also make these drug lords rest assured to hand over the money.
Due to the location, the development of Columbia Bank has been limited, and now it has become the largest automobile consumer bank in the Caribbean with the help of the automobile loan industry, thanks to the drug lords, but just last month, this humble bank, the famous European gambling company William? Hill got a loan of 500 million dollars to help him win the Plaza Hotel, a famous hotel in new york, which caused a strong discussion among local counterparts in Latin America. 500 million dollars is not a small sum, and this loan is much more than the foreign exchange reserves of some countries in Central America. Everyone is also talking about who is the financier behind Columbia Bank?
Now that Columbia Bank has been privatized, unless it is suspected of committing a crime, Columbia Bank has to tell people about its own property and financial situation. Xie Liaosha kept the original management of this bank and strengthened its auto loan industry. He is not worried that the management of this company will find that someone is engaged in money laundering activities at Columbia Bank. After all, the income and expenditure of auto loans are from real transactions.
The acquisition of Plaza Hotel made William? Hill is famous because it is not only a hotel, but also a historical witness of new york. If it was not for raising funds to acquire the more famous Waldorf Hilton family, it would not have sold this hotel, ensuring that there would be no quality problems in this hotel. Yuri spent a lot of money to keep the original staff of this hotel, from the hotel management to the hotel doorman and students. Yuri retained Yuri and did not intend to integrate this hotel into his own Ibis hotel chain, but planned to let him operate it alone.
However, Yuri has already greeted the hotel management. If there are any important guests coming to the Plaza Hotel, he must be informed. Naturally, the employees have no objection to the new boss’s request. They don’t know that spending 500 million yuan to buy this hotel is actually the news that the Plaza Agreement was signed before.
Due to the sudden increase in car orders, Boris, who temporarily replaced Mikhail in charge of the Mediterranean trading company, asked Selyosha whether to set up his own transport fleet. Because he got a message from Yakov, the Italian mafia had a shipping company that was about to fail due to the economic downturn and now wanted to sell it. But this shipping company used to launder money. It can’t be said that there were too many secrets. At the moment, the mafia couldn’t find a successor. If Selyosha wanted to buy flowers, it wouldn’t cost a few dollars.
Some time ago, Selyosha asked tonia to pay attention to whether there were bankrupt shipping companies for sale, but they never found a suitable one. Some of them were because their main industries were not in Europe, while others were too small. Now, Selyosha has been informed by Boris that it is natural for him to seize the opportunity. This shipping company is small in scale and its headquarters is in Naples, which just meets Selyosha’s requirements.
So tonia soon left Switzerland for Naples to inspect the shipping company. Because the other party was a mafia, Selyosha was afraid that they would play tricks to hide their assets, so he entrusted Mark? Ricky invited several reliable accountants from Switzerland to help tonia evaluate the assets of Mediterranean shipping companies. These accountants were really good. Ships lined up one by one in the docks, cars and ports, and they soon found out that these mafia had lied about the fixed assets of shipping companies and the number of vehicles and ships.
Yakov severely warned these dishonest guys that it was already very cheap, and the purchase price was discounted by $2.1 billion, and the shipping company with 40 large cargo ships was successfully won.
This tonia hand finally owns a large enterprise, and it is also the most important transportation industry for the Gorky Brotherhood. On the evening of that day, tonia was excited to discuss with Selyosha for a long time and planned to integrate the current air freight industry.
The original owner of mediterranean shipping company was the Mediterranean coast to Africa, which not only suffered serious losses, but also had some debt problems. During the oil crisis in 1979, the company ordered several large oil tankers, but now it plans to break the contract because of the lack of shipping downturn. However, with the Soviet foreign trade order, it is difficult for the shipping company to lose money. Thanks to Liao Sha, he bought these oil tankers and continued to build, and at the same time, he also returned orders for new tonnage and larger cargo ships. Please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w.
Chapter 52 Pan-European Mobile Communication Network
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website to read the latest chapter of mobile phone: M CC tonia has lived in Switzerland for almost a year and has long been used to life there. @++www * c Therefore, she intends to move the mediterranean shipping company headquarters to Switzerland, and tonia has changed all the mediterranean shipping company flag cargo ships to feminine names such as Lolita and Famiya.
Although the process of the company’s transfer department takes a long time, both parties signed a legally binding contract in the presence of lawyers. Xie Liaosha paid nearly 30% of the deposit and successfully obtained the company’s operation.
Shortly after the change of ownership in mediterranean shipping company, the Mediterranean Trading Company handed over the handcart transportation order to mediterranean shipping company to operate, which made mediterranean shipping company’s transportation capacity reach full capacity. Xie Liaosha knew that the world manufacturing center would gradually move eastward in the future, so he suggested that tonia should not order those giant cargo ships passing through the Suez Canal in the short term, but should operate steadily.
With the joint efforts of Goldman and Ilyushin Design Bureau, Emirates finally agreed to lease Ilyushin 6, the main model of the newly established airline, to Emirates at a price of one million dollars a year, which also included some training and thanks to Selyosha for his work in this transaction. The UAE people made a special trip to Moscow to visit him and invited Selyosha to visit the UAE. Everyone impressed each other well, although the transaction amount was not high, it was the first step for Selyosha to hit the Middle East market.
Selyoshama is going to England again. This time, in addition to communicating with the British people about some economic and trade cooperation, Gorbachev has to make some preliminary preparations for his visit. After arranging some work arrangements for his subordinates, Selyoshama will take tonia, and she will arrange u144d to fly directly from Moscow to London.
This time, the things to be dealt with in Britain were not as urgent as the next time, so Xie Liaosha arranged the visit as a semi-holiday, which formed that Xie Liaosha did not live in the Soviet embassy to arrange accommodation because he was not sure whether gromyko had really given up on visiting Britain.
Selyosha and his colleagues rented a hotel when they came to England as usual, but Selyosha didn’t plan to stay there either, because his three beautiful wives had arrived in England together and arranged a hidden private residence, which was a single-family apartment near Kensington Palace.
However, Xie Liaosha underestimated his influence in Britain. Only the day after he came to Britain, he was invited to attend the event. The invitations flew to the Soviet Embassy like snowflakes. The Soviet Embassy did not dare to neglect them and quickly sent them to Xie Liaosha.
These invitations are all from some economic and academic groups in Britain, and most of Xie Liaosha heard of them for the first time. However, the activities of bankers’ union were unavoidable, so Xie Liaosha accepted the invitation of bankers’ association and personally called and said hello to his old friend.
Although it has been less than half a year since I came to Britain, the strike in Britain is still not over. It means that the day before Xie Liaosha came to London, there was a violent clash between coal miners and police, and some people died because of it. At first, Xie Liaosha intended to buy British public utilities, but now it is not the time to strike. I don’t know when it will end. Moreover, the strike has made the situation in Britain more turbulent. Because of the bloodshed, the British trade union organizations have become more United. Even the municipal cleaning workers have participated in the strike queue. Xie Liaosha saw the garbage on both sides of the road, and there is a little
This time, the activity of the Banking Association is not a dance or a welcome party. It is just a large-scale event where everyone sits together to talk about the business they are interested in and communicate with each other. However, someone gave him a thorough understanding beforehand. At this meeting, he will be awarded the foreign membership of the Royal Bankers Association, which is why Selyosha has to come.
There were very few pedestrians and vehicles along the way, probably because of the strike, many people stayed at home, so Xie Liaosha arrived at the financial city area where the Bankers Association was located on time.
Xie Liaosha, a guild employee waiting at the door, was introduced into the reception room on the second floor by Xie Liaosha, a taxi keeper.
Xie Liao Sha pushed the door and walked into the reception room. Everyone stood up and applauded Xie Liao Sha! Some members who are familiar with Xie took the initiative to come over and shake hands and hug with Xie. After everyone greeted each other, Xie’s initiation ceremony will be held.
Xie Liaosha received the silver badge and card from the president, and then everyone took a group photo as a souvenir. After that, Xie Liaosha’s name will be written into the register of this ancient banker organization and become one of them. Although Xie Liaosha is a foreign member, it is beneficial and righteous to enjoy some guild members. At least if Xie Liaosha wants to expand his business in Britain in the future, he will get help from guild members.
After the initiation ceremony, it is time for the guild to organize free activities for its members. This is also the most active time for members. Because people often come to the guild with projects to find partners, Xie Liaosha naturally wants to inquire about the privatization of Thatcher’s government. Now these public utilities in Britain have become a burden to the government. If someone is willing to take over, I believe that the government will not be arrogant, but the biggest obstacle now is not the British government but the trade unions. If the acquisition bank causes dissatisfaction with the trade unions, then the money will be wasted.
Selyosha asked next to Atkins and Belford, "Gentlemen, I recently earned some money from patents. I want to invest in a public utility company, as long as there is no risk of strike. What do you recommend?"
"I think the investment letter industry is good! It is said that the miner leader Arthur? Scargill is secretly meeting with workers’ leaders on the water and gas side, and it is very risky to shoot now! " Belford replied.