Chapter 45 Don’t make me kill people


"Don’t my father avenge me?"
Liu mei choked at Yang Zhengxue and asked
Why can’t Yang Zhengxue listen to Liu Mei when he slaps his thigh?
"Boy, you have been worthy of Zheng-xiong Yang."
"You can make him do this. Who can say that you are not a word?"
"Let go!"
Liu mei tears rolled eyes look at the yangs all.
"Do you really think so?"
Yang’s all immediately began to shout.
"Yes, Liu Mei, you have done well enough!"
"Zheng-xiong Yang has a daughter like you, and he has accumulated a hidden virtue."
"Stop talking about revenge. You should have your own life."
"Everyone is a family. We don’t want to see you like this!"
Liu mei looked at all anxious to persuade sample heart is complicated to the extreme.
Do you really think too much?
Did your father do something wrong in revenge?
Ling day look at liu mei to mingle way
"Liu mei, think about it."
"Let your hatred go and let yourself go."
"If you still want revenge, I am always waiting!"
Ling day say that finish step also don’t back from the yangs.
Liu mei’s mouth moved to stop Ling Tian, but she didn’t have a mouth after all.
Ling Tianyi walked Yang’s family and all the people breathed a sigh of relief.
This life has finally been saved for the time being
"Liu mei is really unnecessary."
"Zheng-xiong Yang is your nominal father …"
Yang Zhengxue wanted to persuade again, but Liu Mei raised her hand to stop the words.
"Stop it."
"Let me think about it!"
Say that finish liu mei turned back to the room door.
A line of tears flowed slowly.
"Liu Mei, we won’t bother you."
"Think about it!"
"The Yang family is more yourself!"
Yang Zhengxue shouted a this just with the wave.
Let Yang’s all go back to their rooms to rest.
It should be said that they have already said it.
Now Liu Mei needs to think calmly.
If Liu Mei can figure it out, then their Yang family will rest easy.
If you can’t figure it out … then keep persuading!
Can’t let the whole Yang Yang Zhengxiong buried alone!
Ling Tian left Yang’s house and didn’t go back.
But directly towards the money house.
Qian Mantang slept soundly, and the door was suddenly kicked, which scared him to wake up.
Qian Mantang screamed and hit the light.
Then I saw Ling Tian looking at him with his hands in his pockets and scorn.
Qian Mantang recognized Ling Tian with a tingle of fear.
Quickly stretched out his hand toward the bedside table drawer to touch.
Then a pistol in the hand aimed at ling day.
Qian Mantang hands trembling eyes deep hatred nervous way
"Ling Tian, what do you want to do!"
"Get out at once or I’ll shoot you!"