It’s not the way to watch the black-spotted python attack itself again and always dodge. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, his body is covered with a layer of barrier.


"Damn it!"
Black-spotted pythons didn’t expect this man to be so powerful that he was stopped from attacking by a psychic barrier. Although his strength was slightly inferior to his, he didn’t take this man seriously based on his years of experience in confrontation.
The mouth of the oriental arbor said to the black-spotted python, "You are interested and leave quickly!"
The black-spotted python said, "Kill my son and you dare to let me leave? Today, I will let you know that I am awesome! "
Say it’s urgent, it’s fast. The black-spotted python spreads its wings and spits out the flame. The flame flutters more strongly on its wings and jumps directly at the oriental trees.
Oriental trees watch the barrier to protect themselves gradually weaken, and when they run out of physical strength, the barrier will lose its protection.
It’s urgent. It’s fast. The Oriental arbor took out his sword and injected it with spiritual force. Then he rushed out of the barrier. The black-spotted python fought a duel.
When Xiao Qiao, the four guardians of this tent, found that the owner was missing, he found it in the forest of Magic Field. As the fight got closer and closer, several other people finally found the figure of this oriental tree not far away.
Before the black-spotted python could react, I saw these humans rise up and attack the soldiers, but they could not be humiliated. These humans surrounded the interest by dint of numbers, and in a short time they lost.
At this moment, he dared to beg for mercy. "Please be kind. I just lost my son. I was confused for a moment. Please let me live!"
Hearing this, Xiao Qiao came to the oriental arbor and said, "Brother, you must never let this cunning black-spotted python go!"
Although this black-spotted python tried to kill itself before, I thought it was because of mourning. Now I look at the black-spotted python and say, "Come on, leave!" "
226 Baihumon is missing!
Hearing this, the black-spotted python was very busy and thanked several people. Just as it was about to turn around, its face showed an intriguing smile.
Just when Qiao Mu in the East released the black-spotted python, Xiao Qiao was very unhappy around him. After all, how can we leave behind future trouble if we must eradicate the roots for the enemy? It seems that this Qiao Mu brother is too soft-hearted
Otherwise, when the black-spotted python leaves, it will be ready to find another opportunity to attack these people again. Who let it be so weak that it has no chance to reverse itself?
For these human hatred, how can I say it clearly? It’s my only thought, and my eyes are full of evil light and my mouth is full of letters.
The oriental arbor walked in the direction of the first day, and several dharma protectors around him also walked with Xiao Qiaokou. "Brother arbor, where are we going?"
Hearing this, Qiao Mu looked at Xiao Qiao and said, "I just saved one person. I’ll go and see if we can go!"
After hearing the words of the oriental tree, Xiao Qiao went silent and followed the oriental tree in the direction of the first day.
After introducing them one by one, the first day took the initiative to say hello to everyone. After all, this oriental arbor saved himself, and he should be very polite himself.
At this time, the Oriental arbor was leaving here, and after thanking the Oriental arbor on the first day, he looked at it and said, "Oriental Gong doesn’t know where you are going?"
I heard the oriental arbor say, "Let’s go to Suzaku Country!"
When I heard this, I dared to say, "If Dongfang Gong wants to go to that capital, you can go to jathyapple Brewery. My host will treat you well!"
Hearing the word "jathyapple Winery" really made people not think that their former master told them to go to the capital to meet themselves, and several of them went there, where the food can be said to make them drool for life!
Oriental arbor mouth way "oh, your master didn’t think it was the jathyapple wine shop! We have been there before and it tastes really good! "
Hearing this, the first day dared to thank the oriental tree for a kind word, and then the flash protector said, "It’s really delicious, but it’s really too expensive!"
Smell speech on the first day, I dare to be busy and write a letter to the flash protector. "When you go, get this restaurant, even if it’s my treat!" Thank you also for saving your life! "
For this practice of the first day, I am very excited about this flash protector, and I put the letter written on the first day in my pocket. I can’t hide my face at the thought of eating the overlord meal, and several other protectors are also looking forward to it!
And Joe also didn’t expect this arbor brother to really want to go to the capital. I don’t know if I want to find the former girl in my heart.
At this time, I didn’t know that my Baihumon had disappeared, which made this oriental arbor very worried about finding it here at the moment, but found that there was no clue to it.
And this injured first moon followed the Oriental arbor after knowing this matter. They found it at the moment, only to come to a nearby city. The arbor now looked at the snow wolf and asked …
The snow wolf was very sure to look at the oriental arbor and replied, "I can’t make a mistake!" "
On the other hand, when I heard the snow wolf talking on the first day, I was busy interjecting, "Yes, they live in groups, and their sense of smell is very keen among the orcs. The snow wolf said that there should be no mistakes!"