Fu Jingxiao identity he doesn’t need to personally.


But he went.
Of course, if he is a doctor now, he will turn his back on it.
She cares. It’s always been him.
"To tell the truth, I was moved by him not only because he came, but because he had the original intention of being a doctor, especially when I saw him helping to carry the stretcher." Xu Jinyan can still see his help now.
At that time, Aivi Lu also said, "This manager Fu looks more agile than our medical staff."
He smiled.
I didn’t go there by myself
Of course, I am familiar with the same birth.
She can picture him as an excellent doctor when she sees him.
"Your heart has tilted on his side. Old Wei is also a doctor. How can I say that old Wei is good before? You are not affected by the waves. It is impossible to have a deep understanding of him, but you have loosened your warning line for Fu Jingxiao." Xia Lu looked at Xu Jinyan and said that Fu Jingxiao’s mouth was slightly raised.
And she succeeded in catching up with Fu Jingxiao five years ago.
These five years have passed, but Xia Lu knows that she can’t pass.
Before, she encouraged Xu Jinyan to ask her clearly.
Later, Xu Jinyan didn’t ask her, and when she wanted to open her heart, Xia Lu would tell her that she was always by her side to support her decision.
Five years ago, she wanted to escape from Beijing.
She asked Xu Jinyan in a word, "Will you come with me?"
Xu Jin inkstone didn’t even think about going directly with her. After five years, she was in the same boat.
"Yes, I admit that I didn’t. I want to defend him and get the reason I want."
"What if he doesn’t come back this time and dumps you like he did five years ago?" Xia Lu, she imagined all the endings.
Xu Jinyan smiled, "I’ll go to Beijing to beat him up."
"That can take me. My fist is hard." Xia Lu rolled up her sleeves and showed her white wrist.
"Without you?"
"But I have to wake you up. Your living environment is relatively simple, but he is no longer the former Fu Jingxiao. He is the president of the Fu consortium, and behind him is the whole former Fu. I don’t know much about it. Anyway, listening to Lao Xia’s tone is very awesome. It may be that you can’t imagine the world." Xia Lu woke her up
Although the Xia family is a giant, it is definitely different from this family, and their family is more free, and Xia deer is also free-range and rich. She has recognized everything she likes since she was a child.
So when Xia Lu studied medicine, she was surprised. Lao Xia was worried that she was too hard, which was fair to her family conditions. They didn’t want her to be too hard.
To tell the truth, Xu Jinyan didn’t think so much.
At the beginning, if Fu Jingxiao was a rich brother, she wouldn’t even chase him.
However, it is hard to imagine that the children from such a family have no young master’s temperament at all. They also drank a bottle of drink and two straws.
"I didn’t think so much."
"But I don’t know. Maybe their family is as democratic as mine. After all, Fu Jingxiao studied medicine before." Xia Lu hoped that he thought too much.
"It’s like I have to marry him tomorrow, but it’s not there yet."
"I’m glad you’re so sober. I’m afraid you’re dizzy." Xia Lu knocked on her head.
Xu Jinyan eats pain.
A lesson learned from one’s mistakes is to keep in mind.
Although she doesn’t take anything seriously when she looks at Xia Lu outside, she is rational
The only time I was irrational was influenced by Sue’s parents.
"By the way, why don’t you stop To Hoai whale?"
"What did he do? I was joking with To Hoai Whale. How can it really be blacked out?" To Hoai Whale sent a WeChat to her saying that she blacked out people after she became good.
Xia Lu is clearly divided.
She’s not interested in other men.
Although there was a sense of loss at that time, I was relieved when I returned to Yuncheng.
"Nothing is good."
"Of course" Xia Lu flat mouth.
"How do you sleep here tonight?" Xu Jin inkstone looked at Xia Lu lai on the sofa.
Xia Lu looked up. "Otherwise, you’re still catching people in the middle of the night. You don’t have a man to sleep in your bed. What’s wrong?"
"I’m just asking, Dr. Xia. Are you there?"
"Well, I always feel that my bed will be occupied soon, so I’ll hold you and sleep enough before the occupation." Xia Lu’s face was sad
Xu Jin gave her a white inkstone. "I was rejected after I got a fiance."
"Fiancee …" Xia Lu muttered what kind of person such a dog skin plaster would be. She couldn’t help but wonder that To Hoai whale face jumped in at this time and mixed her thoughts.
To Hoai whale is also a child prodigy.
"I must be thinking about your fiance. Would you like to meet him?" Xu Jinyan encouraged her.
Xia Lu rolled her eyes. "Xu Jinyan, what are you doing with this smirk?"
"brain tonic summer doctor’s preference"
Xia Lu quickly got rid of Dr. Xu’s clutches with her pillow and went directly to the bedroom to grab a bed.
"Xu Jinyan, there are men’s clothes in your room. Did you let men in to sleep?" An earth-shattering cry and howling sound made this inkstone ear.
She can’t help but press it, and her ears are ringing.
"Dr. Xia, my ear is broken. Will you treat me?"
"I’m happy if you’re not afraid of deafness." Xia Lu leaned against the door frame of the bedroom with her pillow and waited for Dr. Xu’s reasonable explanation.