The demon became more and more aware that Tianjun actually used such means, and his right hand tightly shook the Xianjian in the handshake. When Tianjun’s hand approached, he slashed it fiercely, and Tianjun knew that he had this trick, but in order to curb the following people, he did not dodge it, and continued to choke his neck without stopping.


Dang Xianjian mercilessly cut it to Tianjun’s right hand, but it didn’t split in two as expected, and it was bloody. On the contrary, the fairy sword of Demon Day rang clearly and broke.
Seeing this, everyone, including Qing Xiong, was dumbfounded. What means is this? Even the top grade Xianjian is helpless in his defenseless hands. If he really wants to kill, I’m afraid these people in front of him don’t have any strength at all.
For a while, everyone looked at Tianjun in shock, fearing that he would kill himself in a rage, and the demon day that was tightly grabbed by Tianjun was frightening.
"I don’t want to kill you today. To tell the truth, I really want to slap your demon burial to death. Don’t forget that your demon burial and my Tiangu have a blood feud. When I besieged Tiangu, your demon burial should be counted as one. However, for the face of the demon bully, I don’t want to hold a grudge against the past. However, if you really push me into a hurry, I don’t mind killing you more. If you don’t give me a trip to the wild forest, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Besides, after entering the wild forest, any disciple of your demon tomb won’t step half a step. Otherwise, if I see one and kill one, I will kill a pair. Under your careful consideration, it’s up to you to decide whether you live or die. "Leave this sentence, and Tianjun will be a demon day at will, no matter what.
It’s not time for half a column of incense. When Tianjun bowed his head and left the left side, he couldn’t help smiling smugly when he saw that people were leaving in the direction of the demon burial.
"It’s better to be shocked by strength, and I should go back. When the remnants are completely cleared away, I may return to the chaotic world as soon as possible to find CV 21." At the thought of CV 21, Tianjun suddenly became very lonely and missed abnormally, and his desire to get to the chaotic world as soon as possible became stronger and stronger.
After a wick sweet time, looking at the empty demon burial below, Tianjun nodded his head satisfactorily, and the whole person suddenly changed into a time, and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.
Xuan Ying hall, ZuoHao pacing in Xuan Ying hall, excited eyes can’t hide, but there are still some worries, seems to be some can’t wait to get the information of the parties fighting.
"Master, I’m back." A calm voice came over. Hearing this voice, Zuo Hao was overjoyed. He immediately stepped forward to hold Tianjun’s hand and asked anxiously, "Tianjun, how is the demon burial?"
"Ha ha, master, can you handle a small demon tomb with me personally?" Looking calmly at Zuo Hao with an excited face, Tianjun continued: "They have all moved to the wild forest. Master, you only need to give an order after our alliance to ban all people from entering the wild forest. They won’t come out again, otherwise, you can send someone to kill them."
"Well, this is the best, CV 21 …" When I heard that Tianjun easily solved the demon burial, Zuo Hao felt that Tiangu was one step closer to the road of ruling and cultivating immortals, but when I thought that Tianjun stayed for Tiangu, I couldn’t help but think of CV 21, whose life and death were unknown, and felt a little guilty.
"CV 21? After everything is processed here, I will immediately rush to the chaotic world to find Xuanji, hoping that she will be fine. "Having said that, Tianjun’s heart is still extremely worried.
Chaos is different from the cultivation of immortals. A small cultivation boundary hides such a powerful master as demon dominating the sky. I’m afraid there are countless masters in chaos. Even if you can save your life, you will become the target of all, and you will be attacked by countless people. At the thought of here, Tianjun becomes more and more worried, and the whole person has a worried expression on his face.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Talk
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Talk-
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Talk
"Tianjun, it’s all right. She’s blessed and lucky, and she will save the day. You should rush to the chaotic world as soon as possible, and it should be no problem for us to handle everything in the cultivation of immortals." Having said that, Zuo Hao is still very worried about the safety of Xuanji. After all, no one knows the position of Xuanji in Tianjun’s heart better than him as a master.
What did Tianjun still have to say? At this moment, a spy came to report, and in a short period of incense, good news spread frequently. It seems that all parties have easily solved the residual forces, and they are better than the fairy beasts such as Eagle Snow Kirin. The so-called residual forces are just a show.
Whoosh, two bright lights like meteors point-blank to the Xuan Ying Hall. At first glance, it turned out to be the snow unicorn and the baby eagle, but as you can see from their eyes, this plane was not happy.
"It’s not interesting at all. They are all too weak. I just used a mysterious fire net, and they were all turned to ashes. It’s boring. You’d better take me to the Dragon Land. I want to consolidate my realm." At the sight of Tianjun, Kitty Hawk was very unhappy and said.
"You go to play them is not purely to tease them? Return to the mysterious fire network? Even I have to retreat from this thing, let alone them. When I completely recover them, I will take you all into the Dragon Land, so as not to cause a series of unnecessary troubles. " Looking at Zuo Hao with an excited face, Tianjun said apologetically, "Master, I haven’t consolidated my realm since I broke through. Now I’m going to consolidate it for a period of time, about ten days. You don’t need to look for me. After ten days, I will come out and step into the chaotic world."
Say that finish, with a wave of his right hand, Tianjun left Xuan Ying Hall with snow Kirin and Kitty Hawk, and turned into a time-honored wait for a while rushing into the distance.
In the dragon’s land, on the top of the gathering spirit, two handsome and a pretty figure stood on the edge of the gathering spirit.
"eldest brother, have you really driven away the gang of the demon Buddha?" Hold the shoulders of Tianjun, and the soul of Tianjun asked with some excitement.
"During this time, the demon Buddha brought in three helpers from the chaotic world, and the strength reached the realm of immortals. Moreover, the demon clan also appeared a strong demon dominating the sky, and the sky also appeared out of thin air a strong dance idiot with strength reaching the realm of immortals. Before that, the sky had attacked my valley on a large scale, but it was beaten away by the eagle. Later, the demon deity came with his three senior brothers to destroy Tiangu. However, at the critical moment, the demon emperor and the demon tyrant helped me to survive Tiangu. However, Xuanji was taken away by the iron fan deity, but Kitty Hawk left their third handsome boy, Tianzun. " When Xuanji was taken away, Tianjun’s whole body was obviously shaken, and he seemed to be in endless grief. The temperature of the surrounding air dropped a few degrees obviously, and Tianjun also emitted cold light like Xuan Bing in ten thousand.
"Brother, who is Xuan Ji?" The name Xuanji seems to be the first time I heard it. Seeing that Tianjun was so sad for Xuanji, I asked curiously.
"Sword dance, who is Xuanji? I’ll tell you later. Let’s listen to the eldest brother slowly." Celestial soul knows that Xuanji can’t be mentioned too much at this time, otherwise Tianjun will be more sad, and I couldn’t help yelling at sword dance.
Looking at the soul’s face, it was unprecedentedly cold, and the sword dance was well-advised to retreat to one side and quietly looked at Tianjun, but inside, I was still curious about who was Xuanji.
"A few days ago, I ran to the place where a few people stayed, and a fire burned the sky. Then the axe Buddha and the iron fan Buddha led me to the Nanmang Mountain where several people were temporarily stationed, where we had a big war, but after learning that Xuanji had been sent to the chaotic world by the magic Buddha, I was angry and killed the axe Buddha and the handsome boy Buddha. When I was about to slay the iron fan Buddha, another mysterious man went down to the lower bound. It turned out to be a strong man who cultivated to be a fairy. In his hands, I didn’t even have the slightest room to fight back. I could feel that if he wanted to kill me, it would be easier than crushing an ant. "
At this point, Tianjun paused, and the sword dance asked with a worried face, "Brother, how did you escape the attack of that mysterious man?"
When I heard that the mysterious man turned out to be a master of fairy level, the face of the heavenly soul was also changing, which was completely beyond his understanding. If it were my own, I’m afraid I can’t stand here now.
"Everything is doomed. When the mysterious man gave me the most powerful blow, he even called out the heavenly punishment, but he died in the heavenly punishment, and the iron fan Buddha also fell. I and Kitty Hawk survived and made a miraculous breakthrough, but at the same time they broke through another one, that is, the magic cloud beast."
"Magic cloud god beast? Is it the fierce beast that we met in Tianlong territory? " When I heard the magic cloud god beast, I was concerned and asked. In the Dragon Land, not only several people of Tianjun met the magic cloud beast, but also the people of Tianhun and his party were attacked by the magic cloud beast.