For months, she lived in school as usual.


There is no difference between her and Yao Wang’s life experience. The rumor that she and Yao Wang are in love has never been broken from the first day Yao Wang transferred to school until the college entrance examination is near, and he and she naturally won’t explain it, because they are both used to it, and there will never be a way to make it clear, which will add insult to injury. Outsiders may never understand what kind of feelings she and Yao Wang are, but they both know that he is my brother is more iron than ordinary young couples in terms of getting along alone.
Normal mind, ordinary things, ordinary people, then live normally.
Slowly, she calmed down.
Day after day, the footsteps of the college entrance examination are ringing in my ears, and the college entrance examination day is getting closer and closer to her. The students have faded away from the noise one by one, and they have honestly reviewed their childish faces with their actual ages. They are heavy and sophisticated, like those poor petrels flying in the sea before a rainstorm-their wings have not grown hard, but they have to meet this outrageous pressure.
The tension is the most talked about, when it comes to college volunteers.
Baoqi’s first choice in reporting is Beihang University.
She has always been longing for this aerospace institution of higher learning, and her other wishes are to apply for universities in Kyoto because she doesn’t want to be too far away from her uncle.
Yu Yaowangya is also a persistent child. She has not changed her original intention to fill in several volunteers, all of whom are military colleges. There is no local college from National Defense University to Shijiazhuang Luzhi.
This treasure girl is supportive!
Without his stubbornness about being a soldier, where would she meet her strange reunion in the new hotel of Uncle Rong? !
Seeing that the college entrance examination has come these two days, I have always been relaxed and open-minded, and I have to be a little breathless with the rhythm of my classmates. Before I come, I imagine that I don’t care about everything, but I still care.
Less in her world, she is also very concerned about the views of two people, one is Leng Xiao and the other is Bao Ma.
Section 1
After these two people, she also has to study hard.
No matter their mood, such as the college entrance examination, it’s finally ten years, and it’s a waste of time to study hard.
On June 7th, the sun was shining in Beijing.
On June, the sunshine in Beijing is still bright.
On June 9th, the sunshine in Beijing was still very bright.
And it depends on the fate and future of a large number of students. In fact, it slipped very fast for two and a half days, especially for Baoqi, the examination room, which felt a sense of trance and dreaminess.
Fortunately, it’s over, okay?
The hardest learning stage in life has come to an end, and all the nervousness, heaviness, hard work or confusion have been brought to a full stop by the last bell of the examination room.
Like all schools and students, the end of the college entrance examination is an emotional release process for these soldiers who have just returned from the battlefield. Most college entrance examination graduates will choose to organize a class carnival, from large group classes to small group gatherings of three friends and four friends …
At that time, the mountain called the tsunami, drinking and singing.
Bao Qi’s class 3, Grade 3, Senior High School also organized such activities, which were initiated by several class cadres of the class committee. They found a package with a low standard, kvaa, and made a big bag to party at night.
In this way, Bao Qi didn’t want to take the exam and went home directly.
However, when Yao Wang called to ask her out, she was embarrassed to refuse. She didn’t have a long school time in Kyoto, and she was neither too bad nor too bad with these students. Strictly speaking, there were sadness, loss, joy and heart. As Yao Wang said in his speech, for most students, it may be too late today to see them for a generation.
After much reasoning, she decided to go to this last gathering.
A girl of this age doesn’t dislike beauty, but she still dresses herself up.
Sitting in front of the dresser, she put her hair in a ponytail and combed it softly. She wore a water-blue refreshing dress. The simple breeze style was not too grand, but it was just as beautiful as her lilies
Before going out, she smiled and rubbed her neck in front of the mirror with a ring on her neck. Red rope smiled sweetly and gave an urgent message to Leng Xiao, who was still in the army, and gave him an honest account of his whereabouts this evening.
Lengxiao did not object.
He has no reason to object to the farewell carnival in high school.
As she spoke, Bao Ma suddenly appeared in the mirror of her heart.
Her face changed slightly, and she immediately said goodbye and hung up. She turned around and said hello to her fingers cleverly, and she was a little nervous with a small powder machine.
"Mom, what do you want with me?"
Treasure inlaid jade line of sight moved from the mirror to the front of her daughter. The color of her eyes was somewhat complicated. Looking at her beautiful face, she changed from shining just now to fidgeting now. She sighed and sat down next to her.
"Does Xiaoqi have confidence in the results of the college entrance examination?"
"Yes, I feel that I should do well in the exam."
Nodded Bao Ma gratified that the line of sight fell on her neck again, and the red rope frowned. "What’s with the neck? Go to mom’s room and find you a reasonable necklace. Wear a girl and graduate from high school. You can wear some jewelry and string a string like something. "