"alas! To tell the truth to the duke, Song wants to ask the duke to keep the inlaying workers around for driving. I wonder what the duke thinks? "


Song Gongming’s explanation is very clear, but let Tang Qing more confused. Just like drinking Meng Po’s soup, I rolled my eyes hard, but I couldn’t find anything suitable.
The spirit of the tortoise? Tang Ye does have some, otherwise, he can’t convince all the Yuanying monks. It is said that the so-called tortoise qi is nothing more than the resultant force formed by combining kindness with kindness and inducement. There may be some personality factors, but that’s never the main reason.
Not eating or drinking makes a revolution, which is a specific result in a specific environment. Tang Ye never expected himself to have that ability. What he relies on is nothing more than the needs of human nature. No matter how high-ranking monks are, as long as they can meet their needs, they should be intimidated, lured and grateful, so why not be convinced!
If you don’t accept it, you have to accept it!
It seems that the five poisons and spiritual deficiency, including Jing Xuan, are all based on material foundation. For them, hanging out with Tang Ye is the best way out, even the only way out.
Song inlay is different!
Who is he? Song family genius! A genius with high hopes! He’s not Shangguanyun, he’s as arrogant as Tang Qing, and he doesn’t dare to kill himself easily.
Tang Qing has it, and Song inlay workers can get it as long as they want. What Tang Qing doesn’t have, he can still get it.
Such a person entrusted to Tang Qing-what’s the intention?
Unconsciously, Tang Qingfei drifted into the clouds without being complacent, but his look became cold and his eyes became sharp.
"Tell me the truth, what is the purpose?"
Ignored the song joiner kneeling on the ground, Tang Qing looked Song Gongming straight in the eyes, and her voice was cold.
To be sure, if Song Gongming’s bullshit said that because he admired the wise SHEN WOO who was waiting for the dragon, he specially asked the disciples in the clan to learn a lot, Tang Qing would definitely refuse even if he didn’t turn against him right away, and he wouldn’t give any face.
Song Gongming’s eyes were calm and his tone was unusually sincere. He replied, "There are two reasons, one of which is the snow eagle. The duke also saw that the child’s temperament seems to be cold and complete, but in fact he is infatuated and even stubborn. If you are separated from Snow Eagle, I am worried that he can’t bear it, and the consequences are really unpredictable. "
Song Gongming’s eyes softened when he looked at Song Jiegong, whose body was slightly trembling. Then he said, "Of course, the duke doesn’t need to worry about Song’s capriciousness. As long as he adapts to it for a period of time, the Jiegong will naturally be able to lift the knot after realizing that Snow Eagle is the right way out. If he is always obsessed with ignorance, the Song family will not care too much about a stupid person. Even if his talent is amazing, it will be unbearable. "
"Count one, what else?" Tang Qing said lightly.
Song Gongming sighed and said, "The joiner was gifted since he was a child, and he was ambitious. The Song family spared no effort to cultivate him. In order to avoid secular interference, he deliberately went to the ice field, hoping to cleanse his mind and establish a firm mind in the fight with the monster beast. "
"Ha ha, this product is easy to think about." Tang Qing couldn’t help sneering, saying that killing alone would make him a success? It’s more like being a demon.
"Yes! The problem that has plagued the Song family for thousands of years is where killing the heart can be lifted. Moreover, even if he kills his heart, he still can’t raise it, but he loses a lot of humanity. "
Song Gongming sighed and said, "The joiner doesn’t understand that since he is the key child of the Song family, how can he be allowed to wander between life and death?". Over the years, people have been secretly following him around, and it was not until the battle with the Duke that the joiner noticed it. That … "
"Ha ha ha, this boy doesn’t want to skip home!"
Tang Qing is really happy this time, thinking that this product is really stupid. Everyone’s children must have the consciousness of everyone’s children. There are some things that you can’t refuse just by saying no. Presumably, for so many years, the Song family has been secretly solving problems for the Song inlay worker, giving him the illusion that his Taoist mind is complete.
In fact, this can’t be wrong, at least it is helpful in confidence. Who knows, however, that Song Jiegong took part in the Elite Club with great ambition, and he met such a malicious character as Tang Qing before the start of the fight. If he is defeated by other people, such as Shangguan Xiaoxian and Long Susu, surely he will not suffer, but he will be able to inspire morale. However, being taught a lesson by Tang Qing, and the snow eagle was abruptly taken away, the mind of the Song inlay worker was completely defeated and it had been abolished.
Song Jiegong himself knows best how much pressure Tang Qing put on him. To put it bluntly, it was the feeling that the war ambition was completely destroyed. The tough temperament of facing the strong enemy resolutely, despising everything and being arrogant rather than arrogant can’t be imitated at all. In his feelings, he is a mouse under the cat’s paw, but he dare not resist or even run away.
This feeling made Song Jiegong despair, and at this time, he found that his past so-called cutting thorns was all lies. Needless to say, the consequences are a mental breakdown.
As the saying goes, you must be a neighbor to solve the problem. After returning to the Song family, the bodhi old zu asked in detail, and directly ordered Song Gongming to bring the genius of the Song family, and repeatedly asked Tang Qing to help him.
According to the bodhi old zu, it is foreseeable that Tang Qing’s growth rate is definitely not comparable to that of Song inlay workers. In other words, he may never surpass and then relieve his demons. In this case, it is better to let him follow others and see how others do it. Even if you can’t learn the essence, at least it’s a thought, which is better than sneaking around.
Song Gongming was extremely frank about what had happened, and didn’t hide anything. In order to win the trust, he even came up with the bodhi old zu’s exposition about "heteronomy and heaven", which is nothing more than touting Tang Qing’s coincidence with God’s will, and our children can at least follow you.
"This matter is personally decided by the bodhi old zu. It can really be regarded as a trust of the Song family. If the duke can promise, Song will promise the duke on behalf of the Song family that he will never be an enemy of the duke!"
Song Gongming say that finish, the Tang Qing extremely solemn fuels a gift, serious taste, almost as much as the alliance. As long as the Song inlay workers are sent out, the cooperation between the Tang and Song dynasties will be half, regardless of whether they can save their minds. If we consider the long term, it will also ease the possible conflicts in the future, which can be considered as a precautionary measure.
He believes that Tang Qing has no reason not to be tempted and no reason to refuse. Yan Long Hou is obviously not a law-abiding role. With the support of the Song family, it is more useful than any influential family.
This is the bait, the bait that can’t be refused!
"Ha ha, aren’t you afraid that he will be killed by me?"
Tang Qing really can’t refuse. For no reason, there is one more expert. Why not? Besides, do you really want to hang yourself from a tree in Longshi? That’s just a performance. Don’t be involved in the door-to-door, when Tang Ye is an idiot!
"My soldiers … it’s quite hard to exercise. It is impossible to have a retreat in everything as before, and maybe there is a worry about life. "
Looking at Song Jiegong who was almost prone on the ground, Tang Qing suddenly felt that he was quite pitiful. It’s sad to live in an illusion all the time.
"The joiner understands!"
Before Song Gongming could speak, Song Jiegong replied first: "Jiegong is not a person who is afraid of death. This time, when he fought the Duke, the Jiegong knew that there was a long way to go. I hope that the duke will not hesitate to give me advice, and the inlaid worker will feel great virtue all his life, and he will never forget it! "
Hearing this, Tang Qing couldn’t help sighing, thinking that the child was not stupid. It’s a pity that I haven’t met a wise Lord.
Thought of here, Tang Qing raised her hand and said, "Get up, should you attend the Elite Club or not? It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. When you’re done, you’ll be with me." Within a year, Tang Ye promises that you will become a man again. After that, I am willing to leave and stay at will. Tang Ye is not a genius. "
"But there is one thing that I have to make clear to you in advance." Tang Qing’s tone turned cold and said lightly, "You have to listen to me here, and don’t put on airs as a gentleman. Also, go and accompany Shuang’er by yourself. That’s the first daughter of Yanlong. If she doesn’t give her permission, there’s nothing to talk about. "
Very plain, but let Song Gongming awe-inspiring. At that moment, the bloody breath flashed in Yan Long’s eyes, which made him a monster who had been practicing for thousands of years. That’s not the so-called fight of Song Jiegong, but the Shaqi really extracted from the blood of ShiShan, which makes people tremble.
Shocked at the same time, Song Gongming heart is also a loose. As long as Tang Qing doesn’t refuse, to coax a little girl, Song Gongming think the problem is not big. All the things before have not come true, so it should be easy to do as long as you spend some time and pay some price.
"I didn’t become a woman either!" Song Jiegong was bitter in his heart, but he dared not refute. He stood up angrily and retreated behind Song Gongming.
Song Gongming is a sigh with emotion. Just because the bodhi old zu didn’t dare to disobey his orders doesn’t mean that he really thinks Tang Qing has this ability. It’s not enough to win people’s hearts. The Song family is good at business and knows best how difficult it is to be a leader. However, this scene in front of him made him confused and confused. He really don’t understand, why Tang Qing casually say a word, can let this genius who refuses to obey anyone but the bodhi old zu in the family get tired of it. Moreover, people have just robbed the love of Song Jiegong, which makes him a fool in public.
I can’t figure it out. Song Gongming can only sigh with emotion: "Interlacing is like a mountain. This kind of thing is more difficult than doing business!"
While thinking, I suddenly heard Tang Qing say with smile, "Aren’t there two things? What’s the other one?"
Think about coke, Tang Qing teased: "won’t send a few more children? It is not bad to say that there is a shortage of people to refine materials, and it is good to do more coolies. "
Song Gongming was speechless, thinking that this product can’t be serious! If the fitter follows him all day while the iron is hot, then learn nothing!
People have been sent out, so naturally there is no place to be reasonable. Even if Tang Qing asked Song Jiegong to pour the toilet, the Song family could only watch. With a wry smile, Song Gongming suppressed his mind and said mysteriously, "The Duke is quick to talk, so I won’t do it. I’d like to discuss with the duke whether I can make some concessions on fitness, and don’t take the first title! "
Before Tang Qing could speak, Song Gongming hurriedly explained: "The old man and the duke agreed that the Song family would deliver the stone at eight times the odds, no matter whether the duke won the first prize or not."
Tang Qing was stunned and immediately understood. He couldn’t help poking his finger and laughing: "What a Song family! It’s really good at business!"

Chapter five hundred and seventy-one: Duel Wave Propagation
The second volume Father and son travel] Chapter five hundred and seventy-one: Duel wave-
Chapter five hundred and seventy-one: Duel Wave Propagation
Family behavior must have its roots. And long-term, not ordinary people can guess.
Tang Qing’s acting style is simple, lacking nuanced deduction ability, but his brain is not stupid. Involving vital interests, and it is about the interests of hundreds of millions of LingShi, he can not seriously consider Song Gongming-or the intention of the Song family.
It’s not really complicated.
"The Song family decided that Tang Ye would definitely get the champion of the body, and at the same time he would definitely not get the monk’s champion, so this proposal was made."
"The casting level is there, with a bunch of Yuan Ying experts present, unless my level is much higher than theirs, it is impossible to make a fake. Even if they guess that I have some cards, it is impossible for them to win the championship. Therefore, the monk’s 10 million is equivalent to giving them. "
"Including those who bet with me, they will also die, and the overall amount will exceed 10 million."
"The refined body is completely different. No matter who the Snow Eagle is after World War I, it must have been decided that Tang Ye is the number one winner. Not only in Chena, but also challengers from all over the mainland, no one under the age of 100 can compare with me. "

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