The cave is not only quite winding, but also very long. The two of them walked for three or four hours without stopping, but they haven’t come to an end.


At this time, the cave is extremely dark, and ordinary people would have been opaque, but both Xin Tong and Yu Ying have the ability of night vision. Even if it is twice as dark, their two pairs of eyes can see things.
Leng Yubing took out a dove-egg-sized luminous pearl and suspended it above her head by magic. The soft light lit up the range of her body on Friday and followed Xin Tong closely.
After going forward for more than an hour, I still couldn’t get out of the cave.
"Childe, the cave here is much wider than before and can fly. Come up to the old man’s back, as far as you can fly, walking is too slow. " The jade eagle spread its wings and tried the width of the cave, and passed on her thoughts to Xin Tong, who had a piece of skin around her waist.
This cave looks incredible. Jade Eagle flew for nearly four hours with two people on his back, only to see the light coming from ahead. Although the flying speed of Jade Eagle in the cave is extremely slow compared with the past, it is ten times faster than when they walked before. If they keep walking, it will take eight or nine days to get out at the earliest.
The morning sun shines on his face, which makes Xin Tong feel like a lifetime ago.
Remembering that he was trapped in the soul-eating magic cloud, the sun in do or die appeared, and then he was chopped into the mouth of the magic prison by the bodhi old zu of the blood river. Instead of launching a thrilling Yuan-Shen war, he persevered with a malicious strength, and finally burst out and killed the demon. Eating the inner elixir of the brain and the spiritual bead has led to a height that I never dared to think about before. In the meantime, it is too dangerous to describe, and there is only a line between life and death several times. At this moment, I finally see the light of day. How can people not help feeling?
Everything that happened during this time flashed through his mind like lightning. Let him surge in emotion at the moment, and it is difficult to suppress himself. One couldn’t hold back, shouting at the rising sun.
The howling of spring thunder rumbled and exploded between heaven and earth, shaking the clouds around the valley, revealing a blue sky.
Together with the whistling sound, the jade eagle hovering in the air also joined in the excitement and made a high-pitched call.
"Ouch!" While Xin Tong and Yu Ying were whistling, a huge roar, which was very similar to the magic prison thunder, suddenly sounded.
Xin Tong’s whistling stopped abruptly. Quite surprised, I thought, "Is there another thunder worm in the magic prison, to avenge the previous one?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Then heroism, "with Lao tze now, how about another head? Grandma, it’s the same as sending food to Lao Tzu! " Send a message to the jade eagle who knows the direction and flutters his wings. "Elder, let’s go to slaughter the cockroaches again!"
There is not much brain marrow of the heart, liver and liver that the jade eagle took, but this small part of the magic prison thunder. It has greatly helped its practice, so it did not hesitate to turn its wings and swooped down after receiving the spirit of Xin Tongdi.
On the left side of the cave where they came out, there was a deep canyon, and that huge roar just now came from the bottom of the valley. The jade eagle’s wings stirred up a strong wind. Clouds and fog, flying down.
On the back of Jade Eagle, Xin Tong put his left hand around Leng Yubing, and his right hand suddenly and violently stretched out more than a hundred feet with a golden light and black awn, constantly stretching and breathing, and everything was divided into two sections where the light passed.
Xin Tong still has a lingering fear of fighting with the magic prison thunder battery. This time, he never wants to repeat the old trick, so he held the angry thunder knife in his hand early and saw the magic prison thunder battery running to deliver food later. Xin Mengren decided: Don’t say anything. Take the knife and cut it! That magic prison thunder flies in the sky, and the thunder knife is as fragile as a native dog. How strong can this one be?
The jade eagle flew down more than two hundred feet again. The clouds in the valley have turned black, and Xin Tong knows that it is not far from this newly emerging magic prison. The mind moved, and the pearl of the earth spirit in Yintang turned more and more rapidly. His eyes suddenly shot out like a substantial deep blue light, penetrating the black clouds, and a behemoth with two horns suddenly caught his eye.
It was covered with black scales, and it was over 160 feet long. It was thick enough for three or four people to fold, with a long tongue like a belt and huge eyes like a lamp. It looked extremely fierce.
"This thing is clearly not a magic prison thunder. It looks more like a python with horns …" Xin Tong was puzzled. "Although this guy is big enough, it is still much smaller than the magic prison thunder. Moreover, the devil’s prison thunder scorpion has a single horn and claws, but this guy has two horns and no claws … What is this? Grandma, no matter what it is, since it dares to whistle and demonstrate to Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will just chop it. " The black awn with golden light on the knife suddenly grew more than 100 feet again. When Xin Tong turned his wrist, more than 200 feet of golden light and black awn cut through layers of clouds and volleyed at those horned pythons.
"Ao ang! Strong master yo, you really didn’t die! I am you silently yo ….. "Almost at the same time, symplectic chopping out the same knife, his knowledge of the sea suddenly received the spirit force from the monster at the bottom of the valley.
"You are silent!" Xin Tong almost fell headlong from the jade eagle’s back, and secretly called it broken! Only by the phrase "strong master yo", Xin Tong can be sure that the grotesque double-horned python must be silent, and no other demon race can know such a title except that guy silently.
"get down!" Xin Tong was so shocked that he was heartbroken that he sent his thoughts silently, and his right hand jerked upward. He chopped this knife too hard and too fast. Even if he takes back his true qi now, it’s no hurry. He can only take a gamble!
"Before" a loud sound, although the python is prone and extremely fast, the double horns on its head have been cut off by the golden light and black mans for more than a foot. Invincible magic black awn castrated, cut off countless stone pillars and trees were recovered by Xin Tong.
"Ao ang! Strong master, what are you doing? I am your silent yo ….. "I have two horns on my head, and my body is much bigger than before I lost Inner Dan. I silently sent two thoughts to Xin Tong, the content is similar, but the tone is quite different. The first thought was full of surprises, but the last thought was a combination of injustice, incomprehension, fear and sadness.
If Xin Tong raises his hand or silently crouches down, it will slow down a little. At the moment, silence has been cut into two parts.
Xin Tong was filled with joy, followed by great joy.
Silent this guy is annoying sometimes, but he is extremely loyal to him. He has saved his desperate efforts at critical moments several times. Only by this, if he will be beheaded silently with one knife, he will definitely be upset and unable to sleep.
"Senior. That thing is not a magic prison thunder, but silence. " Although Yu Ying and silently shared the special area of communication between gods and minds in the sea of his knowledge. It should be possible to know the silent spirit of Yu Ying, but in order to prevent one thousand, Xin Tong sent a spirit to Yu Ying.
"Your grandmother died silently. Why do you want to play tricks with Lao Tzu?" After telling the Jade Eagle, Xin Tong began to appease the infinite injustice silently. "After hearing Lao Zi’s howling, he didn’t contact Lao Zi with his spirit. Instead, he demonstrated to Lao Zi with the same roar as the magic prison thunder. Grandma, do you think I can’t cut you if you make great progress? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
His words, called appeasement, actually made silence more and more wronged. "Strong master, silence is not a demonstration to you. Silently, I just want to give the strong master a surprise. Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo
"Okay, okay, don’t cry …" Even the sea of molten gold on Xin Tong’s body can’t hurt his skin. I was crying silently and got goose bumps-can such a huge guy be small? Also somebody else, a little darling … Grandma, can’t stand it. "Don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s your strong master’s fault …" Xin Tong said here that he couldn’t help but get goose bumps again. "He misunderstood the world’s first loyalty silently, and the strong master hereby apologized to you. You are quick to stop crying, which really cracked your little dream. Your strong master’s little dream will also crack … "
Xin Meng kept swinging like he had malaria. I don’t know how many words have been passed to make myself goose bumps layer after layer, soothing the silence that has been crying endlessly. Silently for being almost cut off by him. Xin Tong is rather guilty, which is why.
"You are a dead silence, that’s enough!" Jade Eagle suddenly binge drank in the sharing area of knowing the sea in Xintong. "Childe has something important to do, so he must get back to the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty as soon as possible. You’re crying wolf endlessly here. If you miss the event of Childe, your grandmother, old … Lao Zi will crack you!" Near Zhu Zhechi, those who are close to ink are black, and the arrogant Jade Eagle, under the subtle influence of Xin Tong, even began to swear … Alas, the power of the environment proved to be huge and irresistible … Of course, it is also possible that Jade Eagle can’t stand the sudden change caused by the extraordinary performance of silence.
"Blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, blare. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo … Then stop crying silently! " This guy said he wouldn’t cry if he didn’t cry, and it was collected neatly, which made Xin Tong depressed. "Hey, strong master, don’t misunderstand me again in the future, and silently be the most loyal to the strong master …"
"That’s enough!" Jade eagle binge drinking again, "your grandmother died silently, and then you were wordy, believe it or not, Lao tze tore you up now? Hurry up and shrink for Laozi! " Swearing is like many things. Once you have it for the first time, you will have it for the second time. Once you have it for the second time, you will have it for the third time. If you have it for the third time, you will become addicted.
"Silently, how can you have two more horns on your head?" Xin Tong was puzzled by the change of the ghost magic python, so everything must have been reduced by dozens of times, like a black belt around her waist.
"Strong master yo, the thing is so yo …" After silently taking the blue fairy dew, his forehead has been raised. This time, he swallowed the half body of the magic prison of the dragon, and spent more than 60 days refining it, which not only made great progress, but also grew two horns on his head.
Xin Tong is astounding. So, silence can be turned into a dragon one day. Immediately, I was filled with emotion: Grandma, I dare say that the magic prison thunder battery exists just to help Laozi and Yuying and silently improve their way! Uh-huh, and the bodhi old zu of the blood river, if he hadn’t seriously injured the magic prison Lei Jian first, Lao Zi and Yu Ying would not have picked up this great bargain silently! Hey hey, when I see him one day, I will thank him well.
When Xin Tongsi wondered how to thank the bodhi old zu of the Blood River, the Jade Eagle had flown them out of the bottom of the valley, and the hole where the magic prison Lei Mi appeared was just around the corner.
In the void outside the hole, a figure proudly suspended in a blood-red robe. But seeing his face like a crown jade, with fine eyes, an atmosphere of perfect combination of elegance and evil is around him, and he looks around with dignity. It was none other than Ning Zhiyuan, the bodhi old zu of the blood river that Xin Tonggang was still thinking about!
"Be careful, childe, that man is the bodhi old zu of the blood river!"
"Strong master, don’t be afraid, that guy was once smoked by my tail into a meteor in the sky, it’s no big deal …"
Jade Eagle and Silent came to Xin Tong almost at the same time, but the content was completely opposite. Xin Tong also recognized the bodhi old zu of the blood river, so he couldn’t help saying that the way to go was narrow.
The fierce fight between the bodhi old zu of the Blood River and the magic prison thunder battery lasted for several days. Although it hit the magic prison thunder battery hard and chopped Xin with the same knife into the mouth of the battery, he had reached the point where the thief went to the empty building before he was silently dragged away, so he did not return immediately, but sought to practice healing.
After more than 60 days of penance, he not only recovered from his injuries, but also improved his cultivation. He is convinced that with his present way, he will never be at the end of the fifteen top experts in the field of practice as before. If you had the present cultivation when you faced the magic prison thunder, even if you had Xin Tong to spoil it, you could easily slaughter it with the magic prison thunder!
Ning Zhiyuan, whose confidence soared, immediately returned, just in time to meet Yu Ying and Xin Tong who flew out from the bottom of the valley. After only one look, he recognized who Xin Tong was.
There is a saying: when enemies meet, they are particularly jealous. Ning Zhiyuan hates Xin Tong, who let himself fail. Now don’t talk, right hand disease stretch, toward hundreds of feet away xin with empty grasp.
An irresistible huge force crossed the vanity of hundreds of feet, tightly captured Xin Tong, and with a "shout", pulled Xin Tong and Lengyubing in Xin Tong’s arms away from the eagle’s back and flew to Ning Zhiyuan.
Jade Eagle suddenly burst into a silvery white light, her wings swelled, and she flew to Ningzhiyuan’s head in an instant at an incredible speed. After her right wing was folded, she suddenly popped up, and she was breathless and took a pledge. NingZhiYuan corners of the mouth with a ferocious smile, left hand big sleeve a stroke, to meet the giant wings of the jade eagle.
"Bang" a deafening noise, two powerful forces crashed together, and the overflowing strength tore the white clouds to pieces! Jade eagle threw it high, and rolled up fifty or sixty feet uncontrollably. The bodhi old zu of the blood river was not much better, but his body plunged down more than 60 feet like a meteorite, and stopped at the moment when he was about to fall to the ground, and a rare red light flashed on his face like a jade crown.
Yu Ying’s extraordinary strength can only be tied with Ning Zhiyuan!

The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter III Blood Jun (below)
The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter III Blood Jun (below)
The bodhi old zu of the blood river was fanned to the ground by the jade eagle’s wings, and Xin Tong and Leng Yubing, who were pulled by Ning Zhiyuan’s real strength, could only fall with anxiety. When there were still twenty or thirty feet away from Ningzhiyuan, Leng Yubing screamed and waved her hand, and a red flag appeared out of thin air. As she silently praised the tactic, the red light on the flag turned into a huge faucet in the blink of an eye, and she opened her mouth and spit out a bucket of thick flame, which rolled towards Ningzhiyuan like a torrent. This girl is faster than Xin Tong.
Xin Tong will not be idle naturally. When the mind moves, the five elements and octupole skyshatter seal and the lightning knife fly out of the hidden deep finger at the same time. The five-element octupole skyshatter seal quickly became ten times larger, and all kinds of bright flowers were born, quietly suspended in the air, ready to go. The lightning-fast thunder knife was held in Xin Tong’s hand, and the golden light and black mountain on the knife suddenly stretched out, and lightning slanted towards Ning Zhiyuan.
He had already figured out how to thank the bodhi old zu of the blood river-first cut him with a lightning knife, and then smashed him with a five-element octupole skyshatter! In addition, there is the soul-killing thunder that Xinmeng people like to use most!
A little surprise flashed in Ning Zhiyuan’s eyes. He didn’t expect that Xin Tong and Lengyubing, who were in the control of their own real power, had the ability to attack. That little girl’s flaming flag turns into a fire dragon, which is not enough for fear, but the golden light and black mountain produced by the ancient knife in Xin Tong’s hand is so strange that he instinctively gives birth to fear.
Some reluctantly gave up continuing to control Xin Tong with real power, and Ning Zhiyuan’s robe and sleeve flew up at a stroke, avoiding the cold jade ice dragon and Xin Tong’s knife.
Before he could stand firm, Xin Tong’s eyes flashed. The third eye on his forehead opened quietly, and at the moment of electro-optic Shi Huo, three deep blue rays were emitted from that eye and split into Ningzhiyuan’s head in vanity.
Ning Zhiyuan was so frightened that he binged and spit out a red blood bead with his mouth open. As soon as the egg-sized blood bead left his mouth, it turned into a blood fog, protecting his head and face.
The blood fog has just formed. Three deep blue lights have come in a straight line before and after. Although the first two rays were atomized by blood, they only failed to pass through. The third light followed, and the blood fog penetrated, leaving a deep hole in Ningzhiyuan’s forehead, which shook the vision of Yuan God and made his nose and mouth spurt blood flames many inches long.
All this is fed back to Xin Tong’s knowledge of the sea, which makes the slightly dizzy guy horrified and happy. "Is this still Lao Tzu’s soul thunder?" Grandma, it turns out that Lao Tzu’s third eye is not just a decoration. There are such wonderful uses! Earned earned, ha ha ha … "
That blood fog floated to the top of Ning Zhiyuan’s head and expanded around at a very fast speed. Ning Zhiyuan’s face was as heavy as water, and his eyes were flashing with chilling light. He stared at him closely for a long time and said somberly, "Don’t wait three days, sit up and take notice. I haven’t seen you for two months Your boy’s way is so high that it really surprises you. It’s a little hard for you to destroy such wonderful materials, but you put your disciples out of shape and spirit first, and then ruined your great event, if you don’t punish them. It is bound to make the heroes of the world laugh at this gentleman … What should I do? "
The bodhi old zu of Xuehe pondered for a moment, and said in awe, "It seems that this is the only way. You worship at your door and become your closed disciple, so that your previous grievances can be forgiven. In this way, you have a famous teacher, and you have a disciple who can pass on the law. It is the best of both worlds … "