Huang gun immediately sent a message: "Take 3,000 men into battle, take ten prison wagons, take this thief and escort him to the song."


Chapter 33 Huang’s father and son
Huang rolled his troops before Guan Guan, waiting for his son to come. Huang Ming and Zhou Ji saw a horse spread out in the distance, and Huang Ming said to Longhuan, "Sir, it’s not good news to see the horse spread out and the prison car again."
Long Huan said, "Let’s meet the master and see what he says. Then do the treatment. " As he rode forward, Huang Feihu leaned on the saddle and said, "Father! The unfilial flying tiger can’t be full of gifts. "
Huang Gunnu said, "Who are you?" Huang Feihu replied, "I’m Huang Feihu, my father’s eldest son. Why ask? "
Huang Gungun shouted loudly, "My family is honored by the seventh son of heaven, and is the arm of Shang Tang. There are those who are loyal, filial and virtuous, but there are no traitors and traitors. Besides, I have no man who breaks the law and no daughter who remarries. Now that you are a woman, you have betrayed the kindness of your relatives, abandoned the tassels of seven generations, lost the treasure jade at your waist, and lost the gift of human relations: forgetting the legacy of the country, turning your back on the Lord for glory, and rebelling for no reason. Kill the imperial court officials, break into the pass of the son of heaven, seize the opportunity to seize the captives, and the people suffer. I humiliated my ancestors in Jiuquan and my father in the world. How dare you see me again? "
Huang Feihu was speechless by his father’s words. Huang Gungun added, "Bastard, can you be a loyal minister and dutiful son?"
Huang Feihu asked, "What did Father say?"
"You should be a loyal minister and a dutiful son," Huang said. "Get off the horse early, and the father will release you to the pilgrimage, which will make me meritorious. The son of heaven will not harm me, and I will live until you die. You will still be a business minister, and you will still be a father and Xiao Zi. Beast! You have to be loyal and filial. If you don’t be a loyal minister and dutiful son, you’ve already turned against the song of worship, and you’re disloyal. If you make it longer and stab me under the horse, you’ll throw yourself into the west and let me walk freely, so that I can’t see or hear, and I’ll be content. Would you like that? I didn’t forget my old age, and I died in the street wearing a cangue and a lock, which made people point out that the father of this person rebelled and caused me to die here. "
After listening to this, Huang Feihu shouted on the colorful cow: "Father doesn’t have to say anything, please ask his father to send his son to the court!"
Huang Feihu was about to get off, when Huang Ming immediately shouted, "Brother, don’t get off! Zhou Wang has no way, but he is the king who lost his government, and he doesn’t care about our loyalty to help the country. As the old saying goes,’ A monarch should be courteous to his ministers, and a minister should be loyal to him.’ Since the monarch is crooked and abnormal, why should I listen to it? I waited for five levels and suffered many difficulties. Ten deaths and a lifetime, it is useless to die under the horse after listening to an old general’s words today. Poor and tragic death can’t be confessed to the world. "
Huang Feihu heard this right and bowed his head in silence on the cow.
"Huang Ming! I don’t expect you thieves to be rebellious. It must be a man like you who has no father, no gentleman, no mercy, no three cardinal guides and no five ethics, who instigated him to do such a thing. In front of me, you taught my son not to get off the horse. Isn’t that what you were waiting for? Kill the old lady! " I rode my horse and brandished a knife to get Huang Ming.
Huang Ming quickly opened his axe and said, "Listen to me, old general. Huang Feihu and others are your sons, Huang Tianlu and others are your grandchildren, and we are not your descendants. How can you bring me the prison car? Old general, you have a bad idea. Since ancient times, tiger poison has never eaten children. Now, the court has lost its political power, changed its ethics greatly, and there are chaos everywhere, and swords and soldiers are everywhere. The sky is ominous and disasters have emerged. Today, the old general’s daughter-in-law was bullied by you, and her own daughter was killed by you. She didn’t want to avenge a family’s flesh and blood, but she wanted to solve her son’s death by going to Chaoge. As the saying goes:’ If you are not upright, I will vote for a foreign country. If the father is not kind, the son will have three quotient. " "
Huang gun was furious and said, "The anti-thief’s clever rhetoric will kill me." Looking at Huang Ming, Huang Ming raised his knife and shouted, "Master Huang! Your eyes won’t go, just wait for the rain. You’re a great guard, you don’t understand the times, just chop the knife. You don’t want an axe in my hand to lose everything, and put the old general’s reputation in the air. How dare my little nephew? " Yellow roll is furious, longitudinal horse knife flying straight for.
Zhou Ji said, "I can’t help it if the old general offended me today!" Four generals, Huang Ming, Zhou Ji, Long Huan and Wu Qian, wrapped Huang in their hearts, fighting with axes and galloping horses.
Huang Feihu was there, and he saw four generals surrounded his father, and his face was very angry. Meditation: "This man is hateful, and I still bully the master here."
Huang Ming laughed and said, "Eldest brother! I’ll surround the master. Why don’t you go through the customs quickly and wait for the invitation? "
Flying Tigers rushed out of the pass together with Feibiao, Feibao, Tianlu, Tianjue and Tianxiang. When Huang Gungun saw his son crashing out of the pass, he was so angry that he fell off his horse and drew his sword as he wanted.
Huang Ming dismounted and hugged him, saying, "Master, why do you do this?" Huang rolled back and opened his eyes and cursed: "Ignorant robber! You let me go and still support me here? "
Huang Ming Dow: "It’s a long story at the end. It’s really a grievance. I’m angry with your son, and it’s infinite. He wants to fight against business, and he will kill four of me at every turn. There was nothing I could do, so we discussed it together: I only went to jiepai to see General Huang, and tried to solve the Korean songs and wash the wrongs of the four of us. In the end, I will look after my feelings, and the old general will just gossip and not listen. In the end, I will still be afraid of letting go of the opportunity, but it will be ugly. "
Huang said, "What do you say?"
Huang Ming Dow: "The old general will get on the horse and go through the customs to chase the Flying Tigers. He just said that Huang Ming advised me not to eat tiger poison. Now that you are all back, how about going to Xiqiao with you?"
Huang rolled and smiled: "This beast is so persuasive that he lures me back."
Huang Ming Dow: "If you really go after all, it’s an insult to him. The old general set up wine and rice with him in the house, and the four of me tied ropes and scratched hooks. The old general rang the bell for the horn, and I’ll take your three sons and grandchildren into the trapped car and solve the song to the DPRK. I only hope that the old general will save me four gold belts, and I feel very grateful. "
Huang Gungun listened and sighed, "General Huang, you turned out to be a good man."
Huang Gungun quickly mounted his horse to catch up with Guan Lai and shouted, "My son! Huang Ming advised me, really reasonable. I’m thinking to myself, if I don’t go to Xiqiao with you. "
Huang Feihu thought to himself, "Why did my father say this?"
"It’s still Huang Ming’s trap," said Huang Feibao. "I’ll return at the same speed and listen to his command so that I can act. You must go to Guanren’s house to see your father. "
"All the way to the pommel horse," Huang said, "pack up your food and drink quickly and go to Xiqiao together."
Let’s talk about the busy arrangement of wine and food on both sides. After drinking four or five glasses of wine, I saw Huang Ming standing by, and the yellow roll hit the Admiralty several times. When Huang Ming heard it, he just didn’t know?
Let’s talk about Long Huan saying to Huang Ming, "What’s going on now?"
Huang Ming Dow: "You two put some of the old general’s money in the car and clean it up. When you start a fire and pile up food and grass, we will get on the horse together. The old general will definitely ask me, and I will tell him something."
The two of them went to the end. Huang Gungun saw that Huang Ming was listening to the bell, but he didn’t start work. He called to the side and asked, "Why didn’t you start work when the bell rang?"
Huang Ming Dow: "Old general! How can you get your hands on a knife and axe if you don’t have the same hands? If you are perceived to be gone, it is not beautiful. "
Two generals, Long Huan and Wu Qian, packed all the furniture of General Huang Lao into the car, set fire to it, and both sides reported, "The grain and grass are piled on fire."
Everyone got on their horses and went through the customs, and the yellow roll complained. I was tricked by these robbers.
Huang Ming Dow: "The old general told you that Zhou Wang has no idea, and Wang Nairen knows the voice of virtue. We are going here to take revenge by borrowing soldiers. If you go, if you don’t go, it will be endless to urge the governor. Burning down the warehouse factory, there is no food and grass. When it comes to Chaoge, born to die is always better to go to the King of Wu together. This is the best policy. "
Huang gun pondered and said, "I am not disloyal to my son, but it is difficult for many people to adjust. The old minister was loyal and good for seven times, and now he is a traitor." Wang Chaoge made eight obeisances and hung fifty-six shuaiyin in Yin ‘an Hall.
The old general ordered 3,000 soldiers, including 4,000 generals and others, to put out the fire, and left jiepai Pass for Xiqiao.
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Chapter 34 War Si Shuiguan
Huang Gungun rode with the others, and Huang Gungun said, "Huang Ming! You did this not to help my son, but to hurt my loyalty. Although jiepai passes through the customs, it is Xiqiao, so it might as well be that the 80-mile-long pass to Sishuiguan will be kept by Han Rong. This man is a leftist, and he is called seven generals. This person’s humanitarian law is mysterious, and the flag is handed over, and the horse is successful. Sit down, Goldilocks. Use Fang Tianji. When we arrived, we were expected to be captured and never escaped. If I ask you to go to Chaoge, I’m still alive, and today I’m here together. It’s really a fire in Jingshan, and all the stones and jade are burned. This is the right day, and I deserve it. I saw my seven-year-old grandson crying at once, which added to my misery. " Unconsciously, I lost my voice and sighed: "If we suffer from this disaster, you have to blame heaven and earth, and you will be punished by this."
Huang gun sighed all the way. Before I knew it, I went to Sishuiguan, put down my men and tied the Yuanmen.
But Han Rong came to report that "Huang Guntong and Wu Chengwang went out of the pass, and they camped before the pass."
Hearing this, Han Rong bowed his head and thought to himself, "General Huang Lao, you are always handsome in official residence and a very important minister. Why are you always anti-business and ignorant of things? It’s actually ridiculous."
Life is about: "Let’s get together with drums." After listening to all the armies’ visits, Han Rong said, "Huang Gunzong rebelled, and it is necessary to discuss it carefully and carefully."
The generals ordered Han Rong to send troops to block his throat, but he could not press the watch. Let’s talk about Huang Gungun sitting in his tent, looking at the descendants on both sides, and nodding his head, he said, "Today, I am neat and tidy, and I don’t know who will be missing first tomorrow?"
Everyone listened, each with a different meaning. Peter said that the next day, Yu Hua took orders, deployed his troops and went to the front of the army to fight. When the camp gate official reported in, Huang gun asked, "Which one of you is going for a walk?"
Huang Feihu said, "Go ahead, son." When I got on the five-color bull, I hurried forward and saw a strange appearance of a general: yellow face with beard and strange eyes, Kiyomi.
Yu Hua became a Ma Xiangqian, who never became a king by force. When he saw him, his appearance was different, and he had a long beard and fluttered behind his head. He had a phoenix eye, a sleeping silkworm eyebrow, a golden shovel and a reed, and he sat in a five-color god cow.