Many people have such a view that the other person is as flesh and blood as they are, which makes them feel much closer to Zhang man of iron. The way they look at Zhang man of iron is no longer strange, but much calmer.


Zhang Tiehan doesn’t know what others think.
He is really tired to think so much. He needs to rest for a while before he can have the energy to face the half-court game.
Head coach Dever came in with a smile on his face. He saw Zhang Tiehan resting in the crowd at a glance. He went over and said, "Is Zhang ok?"
Zhang Tiehan nodded. "No problem, Dever, I can still insist!"
Dever satisfaction nodded.
Last week, I introduced Zhang Tiehan myself, and it took only a few days to receive the reward. There is nothing more surprising than this.
However, he is still very concerned about man of iron’s physical condition. "You should not run like that at half time. When defending, you should mainly look for opportunities to steal. If you can’t keep up with the attack, don’t work so hard."
Zhang Tiehan nodded and replied, "I’ll pay attention."
You really can’t run like this at half-time. That kind of physical consumption can’t persist in the whole game unless an ancient power appears’ double physical strength’ similar to the fate attribute.
Chapter 23 Choice
At halftime, it is to give the players a rest and also to give the fans watching the game a rest.
However, for the former, fifteen minutes is too fast, and it is almost over when the coach explains the tactics. There is not much time to rest, but the fans in the audience outside the stadium can’t wait for a long time.
When the two teams of players came out of the tunnel, jjb Stadium was once again popular!
In the half-court, Ipswich was in full swing at the beginning, but in the end Wigan Athletic moved back to the advantage, firmly controlled the game and got a goal advantage.
All this has greatly boosted the confidence of Wigan Athletic fans, who can’t wait to see the performance of the team’s heroes.
Many of them pay attention to man of iron.
This young man, who can start as soon as he came to the team, did quite well at half-time. He kept running and disturbed the opponent’s offensive formation. His excellent stealing ability helped the team a lot.
It is also because of his outstanding performance that the team has gained the advantage of the situation
Anyone who really understands football can see this. They can clearly know that the most influential thing in the game is not to score ellington, but to defend the 13th Zhang man of iron!
"This is his first game!" Some people who know Zhang man of iron are amazed.
This is the first show of man of iron League!
They didn’t realize this until now, partly because they knew that Zhang man of iron had too few people, and partly because Zhang man of iron started and a defensive midfielder was really difficult to attract the attention of fans.
But after the intermission, the fans and reporters realized this point. In retrospect, they found that this young man who looked like Mumu was the key figure in determining the situation and the best player in the game.
It’s incredible!
Just when these people were surprised and expecting, Zhang man of iron had walked the court with his teammates, and the game between the two teams began with the whistle of the referee.
Dever told him to pay attention to his physical fitness at halftime.
However, at the beginning of the half-game, Zhang Tiehan still spent a lot of physical energy running, not because he wanted to, but because the opponent’s attack was too fierce
Judging from the situation, head coach Ipswich must have asked his team to make a big attack at half-time to try to equalize the score.
After all, they are one side behind!
Zhang Tiehan has no other way. Although he is not defending alone, Ipswich’s attack is too penetrating and some arrangements have been made for him. For example, the opposing player with the ball will meet him for the first time, which makes him have no chance to steal.
At this time, Zhang Tiehan felt how powerful a person’s defense was.
Although he is very fast, although he has been running, the opponent needs a kick to make him work hard, which makes him calm down a lot and stop doing a lot of work.
He began to observe Ipswich’s attack carefully.
Our side is very well defended in the middle, and the formation is also very good. The other side doesn’t attack. They can’t penetrate the ball in the middle. Most of the threatening balls start from the side, and then other players run to the penalty area to find opportunities.
Then the most effective way to prevent them from scoring goals is to hold the penalty area.
This is very dangerous.
Once the opponent’s players get better in the penalty area, there may be a threatening shot, but Zhang Tiehan himself can’t help it. He is not superman, he can’t stop the opponent from playing on the wing, and he can’t rob his teammates.
He set himself a goal-to stop the opponent from attacking in the middle and try to go in and defend as much as possible
Ipswich’s attack is still very threatening.
In just ten minutes, they kicked the ball from the flank five times and took it to the restricted area. They also finished two shots, a header and a long-range shot.
Fortunately, there was no goal
It wasn’t long before Ipswich launched one of the most threatening attacks. The straight ball from the flank went straight through Wigan athletic defense and crossed the ball to the goal.
Two Ipswich players have been fighting for points.
When the opponent kicked the ball, Zhang man of iron suddenly ran from the restricted area line to his own goal and kicked the ball out of the baseline in front of the goal. It was very dangerous to clear the foot. The football almost brushed the crossbar and flew out. He was still scared when he watched the football fly out.
"A little further is an own goal …" It would be embarrassing to score an own goal in the lead of one goal.
However, this clearance also relieved the team.
Ipswich’s continuous attack caused so much pressure that even ellington ran back to participate in the defensive game, which was very boring. It was always the other side who was attacking football, and it was very sad in the middle line.
Fifteen minutes … twenty minutes …
As time went by, the game became more and more fierce. Every player felt tired. After such a difficult battle, their physical energy consumption was too great.
So is Wigan Athletic, and so is Ipswich.
Ipswich not only has physical pressure, but also has great psychological pressure, because they are the backward side and must score to equalize the score, otherwise they will experience a failure.
No one wants to fail, especially if the opponent is weaker than himself
However, this psychological state can not bring confidence and fighting spirit. As the game went on, their performance became worse and worse. Finally, after a while, they began to make mistakes frequently.
This time, they got the ball to ellington’s foot by the halfback.
Ellington is a striker, even if he is defending, he is at the front of the team. When he receives the ball, he is in the middle circle. This position is far from the opponent’s goal, but it is not far if he is defending.
In an instant, ellington rushed forward with the ball!
Ipswich attacked too far ahead, and there were three players in their backcourt, two of whom were in the middle. One of them rushed past ellington and the other posted it. It was not easy for ellington to get rid of it. He was still sprinting forward with the ball.
With the rapid counterattack, Wigan athletic formation moved forward, and soon there was a chance that the players were running forward.
One of them is the most eye-catching!
Zhang Tiehan!
He’s so fast that when the ball is running, he can’t compare with anyone. In a few seconds, he ran from the backcourt to the frontcourt and to the left of ellington.
All the attention was focused on ellington, who didn’t notice him!
Even ellington himself, he didn’t have the energy to pay attention. Besides, he didn’t expect anyone else to meet him.
"Here, here!" Zhang Tiehan cried out
If you go any further, you will be offside!
Ellington didn’t react this way. He glanced at his eyes with the ball and lifted his foot to pass the ball.
Zhang Tiehan’s heart was so excited when he caught the ball.
Another chance is as good as half-time, even better than half-time, because there are plenty of goalkeepers in front of him.