"Three array in one? Knowing that there are tigers on the mountain, they are biased towards the tiger mountain, alas! " With a long sigh, Tianjun stepped on the abnormal law in front of him again.


Violent, this is the first feeling that Tianjun has just entered this three-in-one abnormal array. And monotony is the second feeling that Tianjun entered here.
"Hum, barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. I am alone now. What am I afraid of?" As soon as the sleeves were rolled, Tianjun assumed the appearance of a butcher, and swaggered towards it.
"Try to see if this wall is real first!" Tianjun said leisurely that he didn’t want to fall down twice in the same pit. Raise the purple wind Excalibur, and Tianjun chopped a sword at the white Se wall.
A burst of fire heart four she, top grade artifact purple wind Excalibur split into the wall and splashed the fire heart, even the right hand of Tianjun clutching purple wind Excalibur felt numb.
"It seems that he is playing for real this time!" Tianjun sighed slightly, and the whole person was completely cautious. At this time, in the face of this most powerful three-array integration, Tianjun knew that he could only rely on himself. Carefully avoid everything, and at the same time keep leaving all kinds of marks on the wall or underground to prevent heavy roads.
"eh? Farah! " Suddenly, a figure flashed in front, and it was Farah who was practicing in Tianlong territory.
"Eldest brother, the mysterious man said that he was afraid that you couldn’t cope with it alone, and asked me to come and help you, eldest brother. Let’s kill the enemy side by side!" Yang Yang hand plank brick, Farah said with a face of excitement.
"good! Hum, but eat my sword first! " Without the guardian of the dragon kingdom, would Tianjun dare to be careless? Dare not, Tianjun’s five elements are perfect, but the mysterious man in front of him is a terrible master in the whole universe. Since he can see that he has a dragon kingdom and takes it away out of thin air, can he be simple?
At the moment, even Tianjun doesn’t believe his eyes, because he knows that everything in front of him is fake, and only by killing himself can he successfully break through the unity of the three arrays. Without the slightest pity, Tianjun swung his purple wind Excalibur in his hand and stabbed Farah in the chest.
A voice that cut flesh and blood sounded. "Eldest brother, you are so cruel!" Holding hands over the wound, Fa said angrily. When Tianjun heard these words, his heart trembled. What if this is really Farah?
"The fifth claw, yes, I’m giving him a chance. If he has the fifth claw, he must be Farah!" Said with the wind for sure, Tianjun got up again and jumped at Farah.
"Eldest brother, since you are so heartless, don’t blame me for being heartless. This is the inferior artifact brick that my second child gave me. Please give it back to him for me. From now on, you and I will be disloyal!" Say that finish, Farah mercilessly smashed the brick to Tianjun, and at the same time, a golden light flashed and came straight with the wind.
"hmm?" See the appearance of Farah righteousness is words, was about to implement the second attack Tianjun body fiercely a lag, Lian Gang to cast out the attack Tianjun is fiercely back.
"eh?" Looking at the bricks that hit him in the sky suddenly became bigger, Tianjun was surprised in his heart and realized that it was not good. The whole person flew back in a hurry, but Farah had already calculated a blow. How could Tianjun get away perfectly in a hurry?
Holding a golden Se top-grade artifact pike, Farah’s mouth hung with an evil smile at this time, as if he were complacent about his jiān plan. At this point, seeing that the plank brick was about to hit his chest, Tianjun reluctantly unloaded an impact force with the purple wind Excalibur, but seeing that the impact force of the plank brick was about to decrease, Farah fiercely stabbed the plank brick with a golden Se top-grade artifact pike, and in an instant, the degree of the plank brick climbed to a peak again.
Tianjun couldn’t dodge, and the plank brick hit hard on his chest. Tianjun’s body at this time was comparable to an artifact, but under the beating of the artifact, it shattered the internal organs of the body like a cow on the other hill.
Blow away, the weight of ten million Jin negative pressure on Tianjun, after being hit by Tianjun, like a fallen meteor, hit the wall in a mess and vomited a few blood.
"Hum! Since you don’t want me as a brother, then you will die for me! " Farah didn’t give Tianjun any time to react. Looking at Tianjun who collapsed to the ground, he immediately jumped on Tianjun like a tiger without any pity.
"It seems that my heart is still too soft!" Looking at his brother yesterday, Tianjun knows that this man is not Farah, but a demon who wants to devour his own life!
With a wave of his hand, the purple wind Excalibur immediately returned to his own hands, looking at Farah who died of illness. Tianjun suddenly kicked his leg and disappeared like a bow and arrow. Farah was shocked to see that Tianjun had such a great lethality after being seriously injured, and immediately looked around with jǐng’s sleep. However, it was too late!
Tianjun’s degree has reached a horrible level, comparable to teleport. Although Farah has a strong defense, he also has his greatest weakness, that is, degree. In front of Tianjun’s urgency, he is like a baby crawling slowly.
The next moment, Tianjun’s purple wind Excalibur has been inserted under Farah’s neck, and immediately blood gushed, while Farah looked at the wind in disbelief and couldn’t say a word.
"It’s said that the dragon has lamella, and it will die if it touches it, and lamella is the weakest point in the legend of your dragon, hum! I dare to turn into a Farah to lie to me. I really want to die! " Right hand gave a shock, purple wind Excalibur’s firm but gentle like a bomb, exploded in Farah’s body, immediately see bloody pieces, but soon, all under a fire that Tianjun reached out, turned into a long one.
"Well, although I know that he is not Farah, I always feel like killing my brother myself. I really don’t know what will happen next!" Tianjun shook his head helplessly, went deep into it with some tiredness, and kept marking at the same time, lest he go back to the original point.
In the next paragraph of Rizi, Tianjun saw Kitty Hawk, Jin Peng, Xuanji, Brachiosaurus, Nine-tailed Fox, Gopher, etc., and even met his two grandfathers, etc. All the people he met in this plane and had some friendship appeared, and all of them were beheaded by Tianjun.
"Whoo, now I don’t know how many years have passed! With such a massacre, I feel like I’m extinct! Hmm? Yukikaze wolves? " Suddenly, the front came out with nearly a thousand Yukikaze wolves whose strength was all in the period of the Emperor of Heaven, and the green Se eyes were particularly dazzling in the three major laws as pale as a blank sheet of paper.
"I finally don’t have to kill anyone!" Tianjun understands that what he has to deal with at present is more than a thousand storms in front of him. Only by killing them all can he survive. This is the most primitive xìng and the most essential motivation as a human being.
Being depressed for a long time, Tianjun has a kind of unspeakable feeling in his heart, depressed and depressed, just like a balloon that just bursts. This is what Tianjun feels in his heart at this time, venting his anger and looking at the Yukikaze Wolf in front of him. Tianjun feels like a bloodthirsty beast, without any fear, and directly jumps on the Yukikaze Wolf.
Abruptly, a Yukikaze wolf who drew the attention rushed directly to the sky, but Tianjun had no fear, opened his arms directly, grabbed Yukikaze wolf’s two front paws, and pulled hard at both sides.
Like a torn piece of cloth, the living Yukikaze Wolf was torn into two pieces by Tianjun, and everything such as intestines, heart, lungs and stomach was scattered all over the place, which immediately contaminated the originally pale space with a trace of blood.
"Man, how dare you kill my brother so cruelly? I want you to die!" Yukikaze wolves’ cultivation at the emperor level can be transformed into walking, but ontology is their best way to attack.
"Hum, this is a life-and-death game in itself. If I don’t kill you, you will also kill me. Come on, let’s go together and see who can live to the end!" Covered in blood, Tianjun simply took off his coat, put the purple wind Excalibur aside and walked towards the wolves with his bare hands.
"What an arrogant human being, brothers, give it to me, hum, eat him alive!" A rough crazy voice suddenly shouted, suddenly, the vast white Se space seems to be subverted, and it keeps ringing off the hook. If it is urgent, Yukikaze Wolf’s biggest advantage is its own degree. In the sky, it is generally the fastest with the degree of Dapeng with golden wings, but on the earth, it is based on the degree of Yukikaze Wolf.
But if the theory of degrees, Jin Peng can’t compare with Tianjun, naturally, compared with Yukikaze Wolf, Tianjun naturally doesn’t fall in the wind. It’s a magnificent spectacle for all wolves to gallop, especially for the Yukikaze wolves with thousands of emperor-level strength, and the excellent strength combined with the perfect degree, the scene can be imagined.
"Ha ha, refreshing!" Tianjun Lingwei is not afraid, and the whole person is also fiercely jumped at Yukikaze Wolf.
Urgent as a meteor, all Yukikaze wolves within half a foot of Tianjun are like shells being thrown off, and Tianjun basically solves one with one fist, like beating on Yukikaze wolves at a distance of ten million Jin, and the result can be imagined.
Tianjun broke through and reached the middle period of Tiandi several years ago, and the secret has officially entered the third realm of Taiji Wuji. As long as the cultivation of this realm can be completed, the strength of Tianjun will reach the gods!
Since escaping into this magic array, the monotonous space has made Tianjun forget the time, and the whole person only knows endless fighting. In addition, everything is forgotten.
"Haha, this feeling is really much better than killing your loved ones!" When Tianjun kills xìng, the more he kills, the more carefree he is.

Chapter three hundred and eighty-six The door of life and death
Chapter three hundred and eighty-six The door of life and death
It’s only half a column of incense, so it can be seen that the body of Yukikaze Wolf has been lying on the ground for nearly 500, and the underground is a pool of blood, which will directly sink into Tianjun’s calf, but the air is violent and bloody, and the whole space is completely a purgatory, even worse than the eighteen layers of hell.
"Everybody back off!" All Yukikaze wolves looked at the whole body with blood, and Tianjun, whose eyes were red, was frightened, and there was no arrogance before. The eyes of Green Se were tightly staring, and the body kept shaking, and he slowly retreated, for fear that Tianjun would rush toward himself in a dive.
"Why, afraid!" Wiped the blood on his face, Tianjun smiled like a devil and looked at a large Yukikaze wolf in front of him.
"Ha ha, afraid? I’ve been waiting for so long, just to let you warm up first, and get out of here! " Suddenly, a loud drink came, and then, all the wolves in Yukikaze took the initiative to divide into two sides, leaving a road in the middle, but when they heard the sound, the Yukikaze wolves, who were afraid of it, all flashed with excitement, and a ghosting flash. Suddenly, a Yukikaze wolf as strong as a calf narrowed his eyes and stared at Tianjun tightly, just like watching a dead thing.
"Yes, it turned out to be a wolf king, interesting!" Tianjun is also constantly looking at the wolf king in front of him, and the whole person is particularly cautious.
Tianjun still remembers that when he first broke into Tianlong’s territory, he was attacked by Yukikaze Wolf. At that time, he almost died in order to save several people. But in the end, thanks to the arrival of Kitty Hawk, he saved his life. Times have changed. I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to kill Yukikaze Wolf again today.
"Just sent the middle? But your attack is sharp, but in my hands, you only have to die! " At Tianjun, Yukikaze Wolf said dismissively. Without the cover of the dragon, Tianjun is like showing his body to others. As long as his strength is higher than his, he can easily see that he is really practicing.
"Hum, it’s not certain who will die. Why don’t you try!" Tianjun didn’t care. At the same time, he grabbed it with one hand, and the purple wind Excalibur that had been thrown aside was caught in his hand. The bloodthirsty tongue licked the blade. At this point, Tianjun’s whole person appeared abnormal evil spirit, just like a magic statue.
"Ha ha, come!" Yukikaze Wolf king the words sound just fell, the whole Wolf body has turned into a ghosting, straight for TianJun.
"Sure enough!" Tianjun praised, but his body flashed to one side. Tite for tat? Tianjun knows the brute strength of the Wolf King. If you really fight hard, it must be Tianjun who loses.
"Why? Afraid? " A light landing, but Tianjun felt the earth shake violently, as if it were a big earthquake.
"Ha ha, afraid of? There is no such word in my life. I just don’t want to fight with you. It’s boring! " Tianjun hands holding the purple wind Excalibur, smiling said.
"Hum, boy, don’t talk here. You have killed more than 500 people. I’m afraid it’s impossible for you to get away with it today!" It seems that everything is under the control of the Wolf King. He never thought that Tianjun could leave alive.
"Get away with it? Haha, I thought, as long as you are all dead, who can stop me? " Tianjun said above all the world, it seems that he didn’t put these hundreds of Yukikaze wolves and the Wolf King in his eyes at all.
"Arrogance! But I like it! " Wolf king the words sound just fell, the whole people directly out of the sharp Wolf claws to grasp the day king’s chest.

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