The only way is to block the passage and stop letting refugees in.


At present, the large array of camp is shrinking and folding, and the attack on the western people is about to unfold.
Xiqiao people decided that Shallow Water Qing dared not kill in this situation.
Unfortunately, they made a mistake.
Shallow water and courage
But he didn’t do it himself, but asked Balaheim to be the scapegoat.
The opening passage is the day wind, the military blocking passage is the Balheim’s.
After taking the Xifu army, the shallow water Qing will not hesitate to prove to the world that it was Balheim who raised the butcher knife and slaughtered the people of the country, and he also blocked the escape route of the city of Mitre into half the people.
At this time, the chaos in the channel of the Red Blood Town has risen like a tide. A large number of people and soldiers of the Tianfeng Army are still mixed with the West Fu people and the wind and waves. They have been waiting in the rear for a long time and constantly urging the cavalry to wait back and forth for the horses to vomit. Lu Lu has issued an unbearable call with a ringing nose
It was at this time that Balaheim and his Sineitai rushed over.
No matter how reluctant he is, he dare not go against the wishes of shallow water at this time
When he was in Blackstone City, he had already learned about this man’s hardline attitude, which was still the case in non-war times. If you dare to say no to him in wartime, you will really have to cut it down.
Although Balaheim is a loser, Sineitai is a real elite of the Principality of Barja.
The soldiers of Sineitai in the Principality of Barja are all pure white horses with shining silver armour painted with a silk white cloak of the Great Red Cross. The most expensive and exquisite protective gear is wrapped from head to toe. The riders are re-selected from the most elite troops in the Principality Department. A large number of principality nobles and giant brothers work in it. It is perfect for such a team to slaughter refugees without crossbows and spears.
Sineitai’s attack was just right, and the refugees were entangled with the town of Red Blood at this time. Bi Qing, although ruthless, did not dare to slaughter, so that she could order the soldiers to retreat and defend again.
A large number of refugees have sprung up, and some people have forgotten their purpose of fleeing and who is their enemy. They regard all foreigners as invaders who invade themselves and fight with the Tianfeng army.
Tactics in charge of the two-wing guards rushed in in disorder, refugees were mixed, and the whole front became a pool of boiling water, making noise and beating all the time.
The pro-guard captain of the Principality of Barja brandished a gun and pointed that 20,000 soldiers ran their hooves at the same time, just like a sharp and extremely sharp cone plunged straight into the opening!
Steelers, iron spurs, guns like a forest!
Horseshoe splashed on the ground, and a cloud of smoke and dust enveloped this group of silver armor in a blurred and holy sand fog, like a heavenly soldier.
Even in the rapid sprint, the queue in Sineitai is still very neat. The horsehead and ponytail in the front row and back row are as straight as a ruler!
In front of them were piles of refugees, watching with their mouths open in horror as the heavily armed troops flew in!
Many people were scared silly by this terrible momentum. Some people even cheered excitedly when they saw the face of the country, but it was followed by a tragic massacre …
Western end of holy corridor
An army is galloping wildly on Yangsha Avenue.
Grunt was in a hurry, and a pair of big eyes gave off freezing cold light.
The latest news has confirmed that Tianfeng Army has joined 750,000 troops to surround the city of Mitterrand, and the head coach, Qian Shuiqing, assisted Yun Feng Dance, Yun Lan, Jin Yehong and others.
The eastern part of the United Kingdom of St. Will has been completely destroyed, such as the Xianglong Army and the Central Army. Half of the principalities of the two alliances, the North and the South, are also controlled by the wind.
At the same time, Shallow Water Qing also sent a force of up to 200,000 people to show its counterattack against the city of St. Will, which has been occupied by the West Chi Army, and to benefit from the virtual characteristics of its rear area. On the one hand, it is necessary to seize the real situation, on the other hand, it is necessary to guard the main road. Once the West Chi Army has the honor to break through the encirclement of more than 500,000 troops, there are still several layers of hunting and encirclement in front of them that have been occupied by the Tianfeng Army.
"The newspaper-the newspaper marshal, moore city, has been taken by Mo Ou, who led thirty thousand cavalry three hours ago."
What? They attacked so quickly?
Grunt roared, "Tell the army to speed up their journey. I want him to get out of here as fast as he wants."
"I order those who have beheaded the head of Europe to be sealed!"
"Hey!" Hundreds of elite prairie wolves rode and roared at the same time.
"Hurry up! Move all the weapons departments out to the city wall and those bows and arrows, and then call the people to burn oil and firewood. The Western troops will soon be at our door! " Mo ou shouted in ChengTou
When Grunt learned about the fall of moore city, Mo Ou also got a huge army from the west, and he knew that it was Grunt’s rage.
The difference in the arrangement of shallow water clearing is that moore city is actually not shallow water clearing, but it is just the opposite. On the contrary, shallow water clearing repeatedly warned him that Grunt was by no means an easy man to deal with when he led the troops to attack. This more than 200,000-strong army has another responsibility besides seizing the field to control the surrounding areas and breaking the enemy’s road. If Grunt comes too fast, we must find a way to block him in the rescue road.
According to the idea of shallow water and clear water, if you really want to eat the 300,000-strong army of Xiqiao people, you can’t do it without ten days and a half months. During this period, you need to fight for every inch of land and sacrifice the price to gain time.
In this case, the more the city grabs, the better. On the contrary, we should pay more attention to grabbing the quality of the city.