"Well, yes, sent the middle, you are the first person to reach the middle of the day emperor in Tianlong territory. By the way, how long have I been closed? " Forgetting time, Tianjun has no concept of time at this time.


"It’s been almost fifteen years. During this time, Kitty Hawk woke up once, but according to him, she is still on the verge of breaking through, just a little bit." Seeing Tianjun, Jin Peng wandered alone for four or five years, and he was also very excited.
"Almost? Jin Peng, I have just reached the emperor’s period. Come on, let’s have a competition. Let me see what my strength is? " On a whim, Tianjun directly asked for a fight with Jinpeng.
"Daozu?" Jin Peng was reluctant. Although he was very fond of fighting, he didn’t want to hurt Tianjun.
"Which so mother-in-law, just learn. Look good! " Without wordiness, Tianjun directly turned his hand into a sword and chopped at Jin Peng. It was just a contest. Jin Peng didn’t hide or flash, but also reached out to meet him. (Yun Kun
Both of them don’t avoid or retreat, and they abruptly take the blow from the other side.
Two people just melee immediately separated quickly, Jin Peng stepped back three steps to stabilize the body, while the wind is back five steps, corners of the mouth still hung faint bloodshot.
"Daozu, have you reached the middle of the Emperor of Heaven?" Jin Peng asked with disbelief, but Tianjun heard Jin Peng’s words with a startled face. He didn’t say that he had just broken through and reached the early days of the Emperor of Heaven, so how could Jin Peng ask?
"Tao zu, our monster beast is not the same as human beings, as you know. It is also in the middle of the Emperor of Heaven, but human beings are no match for our monster beast. This is not only because of the strength, but also because our monster beast is very different from the human system. Just now, you gave me a hard hand, and you only turned back five steps. The whole person has not been hurt. Even the master of the Middle Emperor of Heaven stubbornly picked up my palm, which would never be so easy, and you hit me.
Jin Peng jaw-dropping said, but Tianjun saw Jin Peng’s expression but responded. If compared with his physique, Tianjun has absolute confidence as good as any monster beast. The cells and muscles of his body have evolved to a perfect level, and even he can instantly recover from great damage. This alone is beyond the reach of all monsters.
"Ha ha, it’s nothing, maybe it’s because my constitution is different from that of ordinary people." After playing against Jin Peng, Tianjun was more confident in his own strength. Even Jinpeng said that his attack power at this time was comparable to that in the middle of Tiandi. Then, with the purple wind Excalibur and his unparalleled speed, I’m afraid there are not many people in the whole chaotic world who can do nothing for themselves.
"Well, Jin Peng, I still have to close my door now. At the beginning, I made an appointment with Kitty Hawk and Farah. I will never leave this dragon realm until I reach the middle of the Emperor. Seeing that they are all about to break through, I have just reached the early stage of the Emperor. I have to practice quickly." The words sound just fell and Tianjun disappeared.
"So abnormal, just broke through, and immediately closed!" Jin Peng helpless shook his head, a person wandering around again in the dragon territory.
The track of time rotates rapidly again, and Tianjun has fallen into an empty state again since he went through the customs last time, and the whole person has fallen into the realm of forgetting things and me.
All of a sudden, Tianjun, who was originally practicing, suddenly shook his whole body, then frowned, but his face was a little more excited.
At the beginning, before the retreat, Tianjun gave a communication symbol Yu Aobai. As long as there is news of Xuanji, he will crush the communication symbol, and the corresponding Tianjun will feel it. Now Tianjun feels that the communication symbol is broken, which is why Aobai is looking for himself.
A tingle, Tianjun jumped up, and the whole body crashed straight into the enchantment of wait for a while, breaking out of the boundary. With an idea, Tianjun was out of the dragon’s land, and the whole person came to the holy king’s palace in an instant.
"Uncle Ao, have you heard from Xuan Ji?" Before people arrived, Tianjun’s voice had already reached the ears of all in the hall. However, in the face of the urgency of Tianjun, Aobai is a wry smile. When I saw the atmosphere was wrong, I immediately panicked with the wind.
"AoShu, what’s the matter, isn’t it XuanJi what’s the matter? Say it quickly, don’t hide it from me, say it quickly! " At this moment, Tianjun, like an irrational beast, actually caught Aobai’s cassock.
"My nephew, you don’t get excited, CV 21 is ok! Accurately speaking, we still haven’t found any news about it. " Looking at the madness of Tianjun, Aobai hurriedly explained.
"There is no news of Xuanji? How come I haven’t heard from Xuan Ji yet! Well, I’m sorry, I lost my temper. " Aware of his embarrassment, Tianjun quickly loosened Aobai’s clothes and said with a face of guilt.
"Nephew, since you call me uncle, why should you be so welcome? For more than 20 years, I have sent someone to search the whole chaotic world, but I still haven’t found what you said. However, there has been a disciple in Snow Mountain Palace in the past hundred years, named as Rushui, my nephew. This person may have changed his name in the chaotic world. If you have the opportunity, you can also verify it and see if it is the Xuanji you are looking for. Actually, Aobai mentioned predestination water to give Tianjun a hope, and he could feel it. In the face of hordes, Tianjun’s face has never changed, and when it comes to Xuanji, Tianjun’s whole person goes crazy uncontrollably, which is enough to witness Tianjun’s deep feelings for Xuanji.
"AoShu, thank you, maybe no news is the best news, have the opportunity to I will go to the snow mountain palace to personally verify. By the way, Uncle Ao, since it’s not, you didn’t come to me because of Xuanji this time, but because? ?”
Tianjun wondered. Before he closed the door, he had made it very clear that everything else could not disturb him except the news of Xuanji.
Everyone at the level of Aobai understands that seclusion is the most taboo to be disturbed by others. If you don’t have an epiphany, you will lose all your efforts and get nothing. And Aobai, as the head of the clan of Qinglong, naturally has some discretion. There must be something very important to wake him up this time.

Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight His legacy
Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight His legacy
"Well, brother, the limelight is tight outside now. If you’re not careful, there will be a master of Tianfengmen. If they hear it …"
"Almost forgot, men, I’m sorry, I walked first www.doulaidu.com.
"When it comes to a proud master of Tianzong, the faces of several people who speak have changed greatly, and they hurriedly checked out. Tianjun, who saw this scene from beginning to end, shook his head. I didn’t expect that I had such a big reputation in the chaotic world and accidentally became famous!
While speaking, Xiao Er had already brought up the dining tables, looked at Xiao Er, and with a wave of his right hand, Tianjun immediately set a ban between Xiao Er and him, blocking the spread of the voice.
"Elder, who are you?" Xiao er asked with some trepidation, after all, a master like Tianjun is as simple as crushing an ant to death.
"Don’t ask, I won’t hurt you. I want to ask where the Xuantianmen is. Of course, I won’t treat you badly. " Say that finish, a piece of SPAR appeared in Tianjun’s hand. SPAR is the common currency in the celestial world, which is divided into upper, middle and lower grades, and there is the best SPAR, but it is very rare. And what the wind hands take at this time is a top grade spar, which was obtained by taking off his storage ring when he beheaded the carved moon. Can a master of the late Emperor of Heaven have something bad in his hand?
Looking at SPAR Xiao Er’s eyes shining, he didn’t reach for it, but asked respectfully: "Senior, Xuantianmen is only about 100,000 miles away from here, and you can find it all the way east. However, at this time, Xuantianmen has been surrounded by the masters of Aotianzong. You’d better not go there. " Listening to Xiao Er’s answer, Tianjun nodded his head with satisfaction.
"You can take this spar. Well, go down and don’t disturb me." Revoked the ban, Tianjun, after satiated with food, casually put a piece of spar on the table, and the whole person disappeared strangely.
"A hundred thousand Li, you should be able to arrive before tonight." Smiling, Tianjun strolled in the street at will, but one step at a time, he crossed the distance of nearly 100 meters and soon disappeared in the crowd.
Xuantianmen, Tianjun found it easily, because outside Xuantianmen, he felt at least 50 strong breath in the wind, and there was an odd law guarding outside Xuantianmen.
"Well, the master has also soared?" God read a sweep, and Tianjun became excited. Ignoring the existence of array law is the greatest reliance for Tianjun to enter Xuantianmen.
"eh? When I untied the plane, a light group flashed in front of my eyes, and it seemed that another idea appeared for a moment. Do you feel it? " The master of the late Emperor of Heaven was naturally very conscious of all the changes. However, a nearby Tsing Yi old road called Xieji didn’t even open his eyes and said loosely, "I felt my thoughts, but I didn’t find anyone slipping away from my nose unconsciously. jǐng Pu, it’s been so many years since you reached the late Emperor of Heaven, so you won’t be so unsure of your own strength?"
"Maybe I’m dazzled. I really haven’t found anyone now. Forget it. As long as the mysterious person doesn’t appear, there should be nothing that can threaten us." Kim is also a smile and said.
The mysterious man has told all the people outside before, and anyone who dares to explore the situation inside the Xuantianmen with his mind will die! No one doubts the strength of the mysterious old man, and no one dares to play with his own life to explore the situation inside the Xuantianmen.
Rao is how powerful the law outside the gate of Xuantianmen Mountain is, but in the eyes of Tianjun, it still doesn’t exist, and the whole person just walks through it like stepping on the ground. Like a piece of glass, the whole Xuantianmen is covered, and only chaos can be seen from the outside, but it is clear from the inside out.
Just entering the boundary, the first thing that caught Tianjun’s eye was a lush mountain. Looking up, I couldn’t see the top at a glance. Looking at the mountain that was not destroyed at all, Tianjun’s eyes were full of joy. Please remember that with a fierce jump, Tianjun jumped directly to the top of the mountain.
"Master, virtual emperor predecessors have gone, and he also said that the law guarding the gate will disappear tomorrow. What should we do? As you can see, there are still so many masters eyeing up outside the mountain gate. As long as the array is broken, our Xuantianmen will be in danger! " It was Zuo Hao who rose ten years ago. At this time, he was talking with an old man in a room in Xuantianmen.
"Alas, Zuo Hao, it’s very good for the virtual emperor’s old-timer to protect me from the Xuantianmen, and he said it when he left. The person who can protect me from the Xuantianmen will come before tonight. Everything is doomed, so you need to worry!"
"Virtual emperor doyen? Is it the mysterious old man? " Wherever Tianjun’s mind goes, what Zuo Hao said is completely heard in his ears.
"Master!" Tianjun appeared directly in front of Zuohao and shouted excitedly.
"Tianjun!" It’s still the familiar voice. When Zuo Hao heard Tianjun’s voice, the whole person’s body shook and he couldn’t believe it.
"Is it really you, Tianjun?" Zuo Hao couldn’t believe it, but the whole person was excited to come forward and hug Tianjun tightly.
"Zuo Hao, who is this?" The old man who talked with Zuo Hao before was so excited to see Xuanyu. When he looked at Tianjun’s practice again, the whole person was even more frightened. With his strength, he could not see through the practice of people, so he asked curiously.
"Come on, Tianjun, let me introduce you to my master, who is also the head of Xuantianmen in the last generation of the fix-true world. Master, this is the disciple Tianjun who I have often mentioned to you!"
Zuo Hao excitedly introduced Tianjun and Jiejuda to each other.
While Jie Jude was shocked when he heard what Zuo Hao said about Tianjun. "You really are a heavenly monarch, with a good fix for it, and now even I can’t see through your fix for it! When it’s really gifted, the cultivation speed is amazing! I wonder where you are now? " Jie Jude scanned the Tianjun from top to bottom, and said with relief, but he paid more attention to Tianjun’s cultivation. If he could reach the Tiandi period, he might be able to help Xuantianmen through the immediate difficulties.
"Disciples visit grandmaster. The disciples have just broken through and reached the early days of the Emperor of Heaven. " Zuo Hao’s master Tianjun was naturally called a grandmaster, and Xuantianmen gave the wind a warmth of home. Therefore, when Jie Jude asked about his own realm, Tianjun didn’t hide anything and answered it exactly.
At the moment when everyone spoke, the four or five figures approached Zuohao and others rapidly, and for no reason, there was a stranger’s breath. Moreover, even the head of Xuantianmen could not see through solitary music, and they thought it was an enemy who broke the law outside and attacked, which was a big surprise.