Xiao Qi-yi jerked Lan Chen away and hurried back to the kitchen with firewood scattered all over the floor, while Lan Chen, who followed Xiao Qi, turned black.


"Why are you again?" The dead girl dares to spoil the young master’s good deeds.
As soon as Lan Chen entered the kitchen, he turned against the guest host rudely.
Black sister seems to be born to play the devil’s advocate against Lan Chen since the first meeting.
"You Lan Shaoshao doesn’t need me to tell you that your place is Miss’s territory now, right?"
Black sister stepped on the stool, and some of them were strong and had a big ass … Well, they always looked like a female gangster.
Lan Chen knows that the black sister knows his identity, but she doesn’t pretend to be kind and arrogant like other people in the village. "I don’t want to say here, even if you Wang Jiacun can become my site in one second."
"You-"Black sister stared at her eyes and clenched her fists with anger, but she also knew that Lan Chen really had this thing.
Xiaoqi has tried to spit out that money is sex!
Lan Chen doesn’t care about black sister. Anyway, no one can take away Xiaoqi now. Fortunately, Xiaoqi is gay. Fortunately, he is a man.
I’ll … Why is this so awkward?
"Little doctor, I’m hungry." Lan Chen has bypassed the black sister and sat down at the table.
Xiao qiyi doesn’t care if he listens to the fire. Hungry lover is the top priority.
"Black sister sugar cake should be steamed, right?"
Xiaoqi please ask Heimei that she is still angry.
"If you don’t give him steamed food, don’t give it!" Black sister covered the lid in a fit of pique.
Xiaoqi is funny. This Wang Qiaoyan is straightforward. She can’t hide anything in her heart. She writes her face directly. That is why she dares to be so rude to Lanchen.
Lan Chen was impatient to wait. "Xiaoqi called Han’s assistant to contact my lawyer early in the morning. I want to …"
A whole steamer is served directly to Lan Chen, and it is still steaming, sweet and attractive.
Lan Chen grinned. "It’s very kind of you. There are so many cages. Xiaoqi and I have to eat for several days, but … thanks!"
Black sister was pumping and glaring, and she didn’t say a complete sentence for several times. Finally, she stamped her foot and turned away.
Xiaoqi is in distress situation. She took the hand barrel and followed the black sister to send her to the yard. She didn’t come back until the gate was ready.
Lan Chen has eaten the sugar cake that just came out of the pot, and it is so hot that he breathes in to see how anxious he is. Xiao Qi has mixed feelings about this man …
Having enough to eat and drink is naturally …
The next day, Class Seven was late and left early when he didn’t arrive.
The next day is the same!
Lan Chen stayed in Wang Jiacun for a week and had to go again. On this night, Xiao Qi was tortured to death. When dawn came, the talent came to Xiao Qi contentedly.
It’s even colder in Winter Township. The pressure in the village is not enough, and the tone is also decorated. However, Lan Chen kindly ordered someone to send a heater to Xiaoqi for a room, even for a bath.
Now, curtains have been drawn at the small window of the bedside. Just look at the European curtains, and you will know that the price is high. The floor used to be cement. As soon as winter comes, it feels chilly. The blue morning also makes people pave the floor with good quality. Even if you step on it barefoot, it will not be too cold. It will also make the room warmer.
Not only Xiaoqi sleeps here, but also the other two are paved. Some furniture, blue mornings, are also bought together. In addition to the broken decoration, almost all blue mornings are decorated.
After all, this small courtyard is owned by Xiaoqi. Although Lan Chen is overbearing and rich, he is not arrogant. It is rare that he can get Xiaoqi to improve his residence and win a good lottery in such a small matter.
At the moment, Xiao Qi is held in Lan Chen’s arms. Now he has no strength. Even Lan Chen does the cleaning afterwards. Honestly, Xiao Qi is scared.
If you put this gentleman who is a cleanliness addict to a certain extent, would you like to take a closer look at him afterwards? Is it already worse or will you take care of the affair yourself?
But cleaning up Xiaoqi doesn’t even wrinkle a brow, wiping her breath and getting heavy again.
Xiao Qili spat and scolded an animal.
Lan Chen replied, "If you don’t hook me = lead me to smell you, I will be hard."
Xiaoqi’s re-perception suddenly reminded me of that sentence.
Never compete with animals. Win? You’re worse than an animal. An animal lost? You’re even worse than an animal? You are no different from an animal.
Lan Chen’s body is very warm, and there is Xiao Qi’s attachment temperature in his arms. Holding Lan Chen’s waist and rubbing it comfortably on his neck, he doesn’t like others to leave a kiss on his body when he is in love, but this person doesn’t listen to what he says, but he still stubbornly leaves all kinds of bite marks and green kisses on his body. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-three You bastard, I love you!
After many times, Xiaoqi is too lazy to say anything more. The habit is really a terrible thing, but my heart seems to be filled with something. It is Lan Chen’s strong love for him.
It can make him deeply realize that Lan Chen really loves him. When he is afraid of losing Lan Chen, maybe Lan Chen is even more afraid that Xiaoqi will leave him than he is.
This kind of feeling has never been felt in Wei Zhi’s body, even when he was most in love with Wei Zhi.
After a lifetime of hard work, Xiaoqi realized that this is love, but from another person, he felt at ease and warm, and in all kinds of inexplicable ways, his heart stalled and throbbed. This is love!
"What are you thinking?" Lan Chen kissed Xiao Qi on the forehead.
Xiaoqi smiled. "I’m thinking about you."
Lan Chenxian was delighted by Xiao Qi’s words, and she possessed herself and blocked Xiao Qi’s swollen lips.
"You …" Xiaoqi can respond.
It took a long time for the blue morning to kiss enough before releasing Xiaoqi, who was already panting … Didn’t he kiss people? This skill will soon catch up with the cards in the former club.
Suddenly it occurred to me that Xiaoqi bit the root of Lanchen’s neck in one bite.
"Ah blare ….." Blue morning is a light hum an eyeful spoil is not going to stop.
Xiaoqi had bitten enough to let go. At this time, Lanchen’s neck had a row of clear tooth marks. Although there was no broken skin and bleeding, it seemed that the depth would not go away for a week.
"Bite cool?" Lan Chen smiled with profound meaning and handsome appearance.
Xiaoqi, a trance-like blue morning face value can definitely kill people, including him!
Sneak at your teeth, "There’s one thing you have to explain to me clearly" or I won’t end with you.
Lan Chen’s heart failed just now, but then he was fierce. It seems that no one will watch this emotional leopard except him.
At the beginning, he was asked to nod his head and recruit many handsome men and women. He could take one more look, but it didn’t work in Ye Xiaoqi’s body. Money, luxury houses and sports cars couldn’t get into his eyes.
Lan Chen was mad with anger, but he couldn’t help it, but he couldn’t let go of that man. He had never done anything to embarrass others with his hot face and cold ass. Come on, Ye Xiaoqi, he did what he could or couldn’t do, even when he was kneeling by a gun, and he was willing to kneel for three days
"What are you thinking? I don’t respond when I talk to you. Don’t think about smirking and you can get away with it." Xiaoqi complained.
Lan Chen returned to his mind to spoil and smile, but he held this man in his arms and said it was worth doing.
"What do you mean by smirking? When you came to the village, you said that your wife was forced to marry, but now it seems that this is not the case. Please tell me the truth, young master!"
Blue morning laughed again and listened to what tone this is. How can anyone coerce the Lord to tell the truth?
Seeing blue someone smiling without a word, Xiaoqi was so angry that he wanted to take another bite. Luckily, he had endured the torment of his heart and let him stay and God knows what his heart was at that time.
Know that Lan Chen has married a girl, even if she is not the right person like Arisha, but at least she is also a woman. She can be replaced by Lan Chenzong. After all, Lan is the only heir.