In the end, Tang Ye decided to stick to his true intentions, boasting clearly in front of bridled eyebrows, and it was a shame to break his word and become fat! Besides, Tang Qing usually keeps his mouth shut, but he actually cares about some of the monks’ ideas. I must consider Dan now, and I must face the demons. If I go against my will, maybe I really have any danger.


This guy just makes excuses for himself. If he can’t do it, he can’t do it. There is no reason at all! Some people are like this, desperately trying to make themselves into villains, and occasionally doing something good will give them a lot of reasons.
The nangongshan cold was startled by Tang Ye’s words, and he spoke well. Why did he drag himself to kill himself? He didn’t think he could compete with the fierce god, and he didn’t realize that he had just wandered around the gate of the gate of hell.
Xiao Ye breathed a sigh of relief. Being used to people’s hearts since childhood, she understood that now, unlike Bao Yu’s situation just now, Tang Qing had no need to deceive herself. For Tang Qing, an outsider who doesn’t know where to come from, they have little value and little resistance. Answering questions in front of Nangong Han is actually gambling that this person is the kind of "real villain" he suspects.
"Don’t blame the elder, Xiao Ye is too oversensitive. I don’t know what the elder is going to do. If you have any use for Brother Han and Xiao Ye, please make it clear."
Let go of the knot, the girl’s first thought is to make friends, and consolidate Tang Qing’s mind by passing the lesbian friendship. This is the ability, and she is not at ease with the bookworm, eldest brother Han.
The effect is good, and Tang Ye is very satisfied with it. In fact, there is no need to bother. Since Tang Qing has made up his mind, it can’t be changed. But for a clever little girl, it’s always comforting.
"Ha ha! My little girl is very good. Your big brother has to learn more from you. By the way, don’t call me a senior, Tang Ye doesn’t like this, call me Tang Ye! "
The nangongshan cold couldn’t help shuddering, until now, he didn’t understand, originally Tang Qing really considered criminals. As a disciple of Confucianism, he can’t say that he is afraid of death, but he just doesn’t have the ability to adapt.
On the contrary, it is late, and he is bold and unusual in major events. Tang Ye told him to learn more from late, and he was really right. Thinking about this Nangong, I couldn’t help looking at the late son. It happened that the little girl was also looking at him, and they made a big blush. Just facing the crisis of life and death, it shows that we don’t feel anything, but at this time we both feel embarrassed.
"There is a place where you can be used."
Tang Qing rudely broke the ambiguous warmth between little lovers. He felt that this Nangong was useless. For people who like themselves and like themselves, what a pure boy is there? It’s so unmanly!
Wake up two people hurriedly sit, a listen to is a big surprise.
"Bookworm you just the rune avatar is how to return a responsibility? Let me feel it by putting a few towards Tang Ye! "

Chapter one hundred and twenty-six: Nine-character spirit-sealing technique
"Use for predecessors! How can this be? "
The nangongshan cold greatly surprised repeatedly shook his head, as if Tang Qing let him to actually. Xiao Ye is also surprised. This Tang Ye is really weird. Does he think this nine-character spirit sealing technique is a joke?
"What can’t? Are you still afraid of hurting me? Also, don’t call me senior, as I told you, call me Tang Ye! " Tang Qing is a little annoyed. This boy is really unappreciative. Just feel it! I haven’t asked him for kung fu yet!
The bookworm thought that Tang Ye was angry, and quickly explained, "Elder … Tang Ye doesn’t blame me, but I don’t obey him. Tang … you are always advanced and naturally fearless. It’s just that this magical power of the younger generation was handed down by saints, and its power is boundless. The sage once had a training day: this skill has been developed to the limit, which can seal heaven and earth and repel all evil spirits. However, the cultivation of our generation should have the idea of being alive and the virtue of being alive, and should not be used arbitrarily! "
"The sage’s training cannot be violated. Although the younger generation is under the cultivation, they also have the thoughts of good and evil. You old chivalrous man, you are courageous, you are anxious, you think what people think … "
Nangong Han, who seldom flatters others, is at a loss and can’t make up new words.
"Oh, my God, it’s so good!"
Knowing that this boy is insincere, Tang Qing still feels that his image is tall and plump, but his heart is dark.
"I said you saints … which saints are you?"
"… which saint! Of course, it is the founding saint of my Yihua country! If it were not for the benevolence of saints, how could such rules be handed down? I, a scholar of Confucianism, remember this motto, though I dare not forget it for thousands of years. The discussion of the predecessors, the younger generation will never dare to do it! "
The nangongshan cold toward Tang Qing rolled their eyes hard, thinking that this man can really do it, and this saint is as good as Chinese cabbage.
"Sure enough, I can’t think of it. I can’t think of it. My fellow villagers can actually mix a saint here!"
People are more irritating than people. That’s what I’m talking about. Look at others, stealing the strengths of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, coming here to be saints, saving hundreds of millions of people, and living in people’s hearts for thousands of years. Look at yourself, in a word, like a dog. Tang ye is sad in his heart, but his mouth urges.
"Not so serious! I asked you to use it, not even? I don’t blame you for hurting me, come and try, hurry! "
"This ….." The nangongshan cold very embarrassed, yes, this is somebody else’s own requirements, should not be wrong! In fact, he is also a little tempted. After all, how to strength is still a gesture to know the details.
It’s true that Tang Qing dealt with the three hooligans three times and five times in front of him, but the problem is that all of them have the unique skills, and none of the real monks’ magical powers have been put to use. I really don’t know what his real skills are. If you try to display your magical powers, you can see the level of your shield at worst!
"Don’t do this and that. What’s the big deal? If you’re really afraid of hurting me, won’t you control your psychic powers!"
Tang Ye is a little impatient. He doesn’t worry about the young couple’s defection at all. They can’t handle any cards.
"Er … in that case, Tang … please be careful, the younger generation has sinned …"
Say and the nangongshan cold pinch tactic with one hand, one hand holding a pen, extremely fast to draw three runes in the air, he now spirit force restored some, action is quite quick.
"facing, fighting, fighting"
It is the three seal characters that Tang Qing saw just now! But it is still so crooked, and only some shapes can be seen.
As soon as the three runes appeared in the air, there were bursts of golden light, which directly fell on Tang Qing. The Nangong Cold still had reservations and did not let the runes be posted directly.
Even so, he was very nervous and looked at Tang Qing straight, ready to disperse the psychic force as soon as there was anything wrong. This guy really has no dirty mind and deserves to be a good disciple of Confucianism. The girl in the evening is also very curious to see this wonderful play, and she feels that this Tang Ye is really unfathomable, so she tries her own way.
After five breaths, just as the Nangong cold felt wrong to remove the psychic force, he saw one stand of Tang Ye’s hands and asked in amazement.
"No? Isn’t it nine characters … er … nine runes? "
Late son’s eyes instantly stare to the limit, a face of ghost expression. Although Brother Han is rather dull, the power of the avatar is real. How come this Tang Ye seems to have no feelings at all!
I can’t say that I don’t feel at all. Tang Qing’s heart is already quite amazing, and of course it is also hotter.
The spiritual force of the whole body seems to be sealed in an instant, which is extremely difficult to operate. The body is more like being tied with a rope, and it takes a lot of effort to move.
However, with his strength, without being directly hit by runes, it is easy to move the body so that these two people can’t see anything wrong.
"Spicy next door, this is my hometown, to outsiders! Fuck! "
The performance of the nangongshan cold, ten times more than little late, jumped up directly.
"Elder … Tang Ye … er … you are always all right? That’ll be the day! Hey! No, how do you know it’s nine runes? "
He was so shocked that he even forgot to use your respectful name. Even Godsworn Dan can’t be completely indifferent to being photographed by runes! It is precisely because of this that this magical power is the treasure of Confucianism.
The most important thing is that Nangong Han is sure that he hasn’t said any specific information about this magical power. How can this Tang Ye say it’s nine runes? Don’t …
He dare not think any more.

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