Finally, just after the golden body caught up with Li Feiyang, when all kinds of implements were raised to attack Li Feiyang’s back, Li Feiyang’s body suddenly gave a meal and turned around with a loud roar in mid-air.


Hold the long knife high in your hand, and then scream and cut it off!

Chapter 203 Mysterious scenic spot
….. The entrance row for. As if cutting the heavens and the earth, the golden body did not respond to the second mountain. Wu Shen’s long knife has passed the golden body’s arm and then slipped from the waist to the leg, completely cutting the whole golden body into two parts!
Golden body stare big eyes, show incredible look, and then a little golden halo will pass from the wound. Then it became more and more violent, just like ten thousand golden lights dissipated. The heavens and the earth are illuminated with transparency.
The golden body gave an unwilling roar, and it was faintly visible that the figure of the divorced palace master and the three people was constantly changing in the golden body. They are hideous and roar desperately, but no matter how they struggle, they can’t get rid of the golden body all the time. The figure became more and more dim as the golden light dissipated, and finally disappeared a little.
Li Feiyang raised his knife in mid-air and watched the golden body dissipate. With a flash of light, Wu Shen’s transformation was completely eliminated, and the whole person was restored to its original state.
Took a deep breath. Li Feiyang flew towards the place where the people should be. At this time, Wu Shen’s change time has passed. Although I can’t see anything on the surface, it is already a virtual practice to the extreme. If there is no protection from the people, once it is in danger, the consequences will be unimaginable.
However, Li Feiyang hasn’t flown a few feet away, and suddenly there was a thunderbolt in the sky. In a flash, the sky became dark, as if the apocalypse were coming, and thick and chaotic but extremely powerful qi poured out of the sky. In the blink of an eye, a black tornado with hundreds of feet of thickness was actually generated out of thin air.
The darkness that covers the sky covers all fields, whether it is far or near, at this time, all can’t see clearly, as if heaven and earth were swallowed up by endless darkness. The tornado took to the streets. Hanging down the earth. It’s like a huge rotating bridge.
Thick powerful force coming from the tornado, Li Feiyang immediately the daylights out of horror, the induction of the yuan god is very clear that the tornado faintly heard the breath of dozens of people. And every breath is so powerful that it is incredible. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you transform yourself into Wu Shen, you can’t add up the golden body with the method of leaving the palace just now, which is not as good as one of the eleven or two of these breaths.
A golden light jumped out of the tornado, and then suddenly burst in the place where Li Feiyang fought with the golden body, turning into a million points of light. Then, let Li Feiyang feel horror and horror.
Just like a bee that only collects honey looking for pollen, the golden body, which had already dissipated, actually reunited with this little streamer and slowly reappeared the shape of the golden body. And in the faint golden body virtual image. The shadow of the Palace Lord and the previous four people is shaking and flashing, with an expression on his face that he can’t wait to eat Li Feiyang, and the dangers of Sen’s cold are undoubtedly revealed.
Li Feiyang was frightened out of his wits, and the imperial apparatus sped away in the distance. At this time, however, a black horse suddenly appeared in the tornado, and it was only an instant that he caught up with Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang’s scalp pricked up, and he could clearly feel the terrible power contained in the horse’s training knife, which was a terrible power that human beings could not compete with. Don’t say that your physical strength is only a little now, and it will be finished at the touch. Even in its heyday, there is no assurance to counter this terrible force.
There is a simple reason. This power is too powerful and terrible. The power contained in it, besides the pure and extreme murder, also has the knife meaning that shocked the Jedi, just like a Jack nife chasing himself. Crush yourself.
Li Feiyang tried his best to escape, but the meaning of this knife was so fast that he couldn’t resist it. Just in the blink of an eye, the black knife mans will completely drown Li Feiyang.
I only feel that my body is almost broken in an instant, and Yuan Shen is like being pierced by hundreds of millions of steel needles, and the whole person’s consciousness begins to blur instantly. Li Feiyang only had time to give a wry smile in his heart, and everything was over, so?
Just as Li Feiyang’s body was completely broken and disappeared, the sky suddenly flashed a white light, which looked so humble. But this white mans auxiliary appeared and flew towards Li Feiyang’s position. Seems to have sensed the appearance of this white light, and a black knife awn appeared again in the tornado, splitting towards the white light. However, the degree of this white light is far beyond that of the black knife. Like through the space, just a flash, it has reached Li Feiyang’s side.
Li Feiyang’s body was completely broken. When a very fragile yuan god flashed.
White light poured into the black knife like running water. Ignoring the crazy crowd out of the black knife mans, he wrapped Li Feiyang’s Yuan God in a gentle way.
Then the white light rushed out of the black mountain and poured into the sky. The huge tornado seems to be angry, spinning more and more tyrannically, and more than a dozen black knives are rushing out one after another. Cut to the white light.
All the monks watching in the distance froze. They looked at this almost miraculous scene with horror on their faces. Muzhuoqing’s royal sword in the crowd rose and flew towards Li Feiyang, but Zhao Yuanba caught it from mid-air.
"Don’t be impulsive! There is no danger in flying. That white light is extraordinary, and it will definitely keep him safe! We can’t compete with each other, and it won’t help if you go! " Zhao Yuanba said to Mu Zhuoqing in a calm voice, his cultivation is the highest, and he can feel the power contained in the tornado and the white light most. It is absolutely far above the existence of this world. Everyone here is rushing over now, just dying in vain.
But how could Mu Zhuoqing ignore Li Feiyang’s danger? He just struggled and said, "I don’t care, I can’t ignore Feiyang! Even if the daylights out of us, we will be together, and bang. "
Zhao Yuan’s defect force suddenly cut into Muzhuoqing’s neck, and it was sealed in an instant. The cave was unprepared and Muzhuoqing immediately fainted.
"ZhuoQing, don’t blame me, what! ! Stop! !”
"The teacher elder sister! !” Moon Wan! ! "Five elements of the ring bother to scream, in the eyes of all people shocked, a water-blue garment unlined upper garment of jean wan royal sword, with the fastest degree toward the package Li Feiyang yuan god Bai Guangchong past.
Several elders immediately followed by the royal sword. In pursuit of Chin Yue Wan, what they didn’t expect was that Chin Yue Wan flew in mid-air and turned around and released a spell.
This spell is the strongest one of the methods that Qin Yuewan can learn at present. "At this time, she has also been practicing in the distracted period, and she is trying her best to cast spells. Plus, the elders are unprepared. If she is hit, she will definitely be hit hard!
In desperation, the elders had to stop suddenly and release spells to protect themselves. It was this delay that Jean Yue Wan had already flown far away. At this time, she could not catch up again.
SIRS elders can only helplessly watch Jean Yue rush toward Bai Guangchong, and then watch her split into pieces by the amazing black knife mans before approaching the white light, and drown and dissipate.
However, the five elements of all suddenly let out a loud exclamation, revealing a more surprised look.
The white light wrapped in Li Feiyang suddenly split in two, and Yuan Shen, who was about to be broken, was wrapped up and flew towards the sky.
The fluctuation is even worse in tornadoes. A shocking cold hum came out of it, and the shaking world trembled for it. Tens of thousands of monks under it gave a fierce shock, and the disciples who cultivated for low were even more eager to spit out one mouthful blood!
Just a cold hum. There is such power! What kind of existence is there in that tornado? !
Dozens of more fierce knives roared after him, and it seemed that the posture was vowed to split the white light. At this time, however, on the other side of the sky, several white lights suddenly appeared again, facing the black mountain.
When the two sides touch each other, it’s like the ice meets a fire, and suddenly there is a sound of melting.
Black Mountain is obviously no match for white light. After several jumps, it was washed away by white light. Then, several white lights suddenly darted down. In an instant, they rushed to the front of the golden body, which is slowly recovering from the parting palace, and then slammed into the golden body, only to hear a loud bang. The golden body, which was already recovering, bounced and disappeared in an instant.
There was a violent fluctuation in the tornado, and a black mountain with a thickness of dozens of feet rushed out of it, suddenly got into the white light, and wrapped up the Yuan God who had not yet dissipated his feelings. As the white light did before, it retreated towards the sky.
There is no conflict between the two sides, so the Yuan gods who protect both sides directly fill the sky and then disappear.
The gloomy sky slowly returned to calm, and there was peace and silence between heaven and earth, as if the vision had never appeared before.
All the people present looked at each other, especially the five elements, but also a full face of doubt, who also don’t know what happened.
"Cough"! A severe cough made Li Feiyang wake up and took a few deep breaths. Mobilize the true qi to calm down the tyrannical power in the body and slowly expel it from the body. After straightening out the true qi, Li Feiyang opened his eyes.
He suddenly showed a look of surprise. Some can’t believe looking at everything in sight.
The ground is full of colorful luster, and transparent crystals the size of grains of sand cover the ground, just like a desert ocean composed of gems.
Rich to almost substantial aura pours out from this gem sand sea, and even if it is not absorbed, it will naturally flood into the body and nourish his meridians. Strengthen the true force in him.
What is even more exaggerated is that the aura between heaven and earth is rich to the point of terror. Raise your hand, breathe in and breathe out. It seems that the whole people are bathed in a sea of real yuan, and Li Feiyang can be absolutely sure. Since he was born, he has never seen such a rich aura.
Looking into the distance, sparkling and shining, it turned out to be a vast and magnificent sea.
And the water in this sea "
Li Feiyang stood up in disbelief, ran a few steps to the seaside, bent down and took a bend of water, licked it with his tongue, and the whole person was immediately struck by lightning, stupefied.
The whole vast ocean is actually composed of aura!
In other words, this ocean is completely formed by the aura of emblem seven. If you practice here, you can almost say that you have the most unique practice resort in the world!
But then, Li Feiyang froze. The expression on her face flickered, as if she had seen the most incredible thing in the world.
He was startled to see that the true qi in his abdomen had changed its appearance, just like the colorful sand grains everywhere, showing colorful colors.
Since reaching the Mahayana period, Li Feiyang’s abdomen is no longer full of qi, but presents an identical yuan god with him, but at this moment. The yuan god can disappear cleanly, leaving only a sparse colorful qi.
It’s like just reaching the rotation or opening period, the only difference is the color of the true qi.
What’s going on here? How can your own strength decline? !
Li Feiyang stood up and cast a spell at a distance. A flame rushed out of the palm of his hand and roared into the sand. With a bang, a hole of about one and a half meters was blown out.
Li Feiyang shook his body, sat down on the sand sea, and his face suddenly lost.