Mancini was particularly happy to understand this result.


God never shuts one door but he opens another!
Seeing that the hope is getting more and more slim, Lazio is even!
Next, Inter Milan can shorten the gap between the two sides to three points as long as they win Reggina away from home. It’s just a game!
After Lazio’s game, the media supporting Inter Milan said that it was an excellent opportunity for Mancini!
Everyone only has eyes on Lazio, and they don’t care about Reggina at all.
As a result, when the game started, they discovered that Reggina was not a soft persimmon that could be squeezed casually, as they thought.
Mazari’s team fought to the death in the game and gave Inter no chance.
Lucarelli, the central defender who scored an own goal against Lazio before, was also very active in this game.
He appeared in key places many times, which destroyed Inter Milan’s attack.
When the game lasted 75 minutes and the score was still 0-0, many Inter fans were anxious.
Mancini got up from his seat many times and came to the sidelines to pay attention to the game.
But no matter what adjustments he made, even if he used up three substitution places in advance.
His team still can’t break Reggina’s goal.
Mancini’s face turned ugly.
He saw that Reggina would rather not win this game than let Inter win.
He thought of the match between Reggina and Lazio.
At first, Reggina went for victory in that game, but later, when it failed, it changed to a draw.
It’s not like this game. You want to draw as soon as you start …
This is treated differently!
Mancini felt very unhappy.
If Reggina wanted to win as soon as she came up, then Inter Milan would have taken the lead in this game.
It is precisely because of Reggina’s enterprising attitude that it is difficult for Inter Milan to attack.
As the game time approached, Mancini’s face became more and more ugly.
Because the score is stubbornly maintained at 0: 0.
There is no intention of loosening.
In the end, Mancini can only hope for the good fortune.
Just like Lazio.
He stepped up his long-range shot outside the penalty area, hoping to cause an own goal for Reggina players.
Unfortunately, his wish did not come true.
Lady Luck didn’t hear his inner prayer.
When the game is over, the score is 0: 0!
"ah! The game is over! Stubborn Regina! Mazari’s team drew with Inter Milan at home! This time they were not defeated by an own goal! Lucarelli played well in this game. It seems that he has completely walked out of the shadow of the own goal! I often told him not to be knocked down by bad luck, and he did it! "
Mancini and Mazzari shook hands in a hurry and left.
He now looks at Mazar-e-Mazar, and he doesn’t want to say anything to him.
At the post-match press conference, Mancini shelled Mazari and Reggina.
"There is such a team that when they face Lazio, they play very openly, but when they face us, they stop a bus in front of their own goal … Everyone knows which team I am talking about."
Then he began to attack the winning team: "Any team will go all out when playing against us, but playing against Lazio is another look …"
He shrugged his shoulders, curled his lips and stopped talking.
But he said everything he had to say.
Mancini’s words spread all over Italy after the game.
Mazzari was the first to jump out and refute Mancini.
"What opponents, choose what tactics, is my freedom, not others to tell me what to do. We used counter-attack tactics against Lazio and we lost. So I decided to choose defensive tactics against Inter Milan. Facts have proved that I succeeded. We didn’t lose and didn’t let Inter score. I don’t understand what this is to blame. "
Mazzari’s speech is still polite.
Lucarelli was less polite in an interview later.