Wei Lanjiu continued to smile. "You walked in confidently before I made it clear. I also want to add some impression points to yourself through competition. After all, teachers like good students!"


"Ah …" Su pomelo wailed. "How can I get extra points for doing such a bad paper? This is definitely going to leave a bad impression. "
"No! It is not more important for Sakura Blue University to examine the ability of fractional learning! "
"Master blue, I’m relieved to have you." Sue orange face finally emerged with a smile and swept away just now.
"It’s almost noon. Let’s find a place to eat!"
Su You looked at the Huamei College restaurant next to her, and her eyes were full of yearning. "Will the food here be particularly delicious?"
"So-so! But it’s good to familiarize you with a new environment. "
Su pomelo’s eyes sparkled. "Good! I have a senior! "
This girl’s eyes have been dazzled by this luxurious and beautiful college since she entered the school early.
What’s more, the beautiful women and handsome men here are like clouds, and the learning environment is also relatively relaxed. Every student is poised and elegant, unlike ordinary middle school students, who are suffering from dark circles, dull eyes and pale faces, and are breathless by the heavy study pressure, turning their heads white early.
As soon as she entered the restaurant, Su You once again exclaimed, "What a beautiful restaurant! God, it turned out to be a buffet! "
"Yes, everyone has different tastes. Buffet will be more convenient. There are black pepper, mustard and mint salads here. You can mix them according to your own preferences."
"Can I eat all these at the buffet for the first time?"
"Of course"
"But why haven’t you seen other students?" Su You looked around a neat and spacious restaurant.
"It’s not lunch yet. We’re here early, and there will be more people later."
"This cake looks so delicate! There is even vanilla ice cream … Will it be delicious to put ice cream on the egg tart … "Su pomelo has rushed to choose a meal with a plate.
Blue nine saw that Su Orange chose macaroni noodles, covered with a few roast steaks, a fried egg with a few lettuce leaves and sprinkled some black pepper, and asked strangely, "Is that all you eat?" It’s very common here. Do you want more meat? "
"No" prefers salty and spicy taste to sweet orange.
Blue nine also randomly selected a few samples and put them on the plate.
Chapter 25 Oh … So that’s it
Su Orange, Su Pomelo and Wei Lanjiu found a place near the glass wall, where they can see the beautiful campus outside and the stepped fountain.
"It’s really delicious!" Su pomelo can hardly stop praising while eating. "You just said I was really ordinary, but I didn’t expect it to be so delicious!"
Wei Lanjiu said with a smile, "Eat more if you like!"
"Yo ho, I’m not mistaken! Master Blue will appear in the school cafeteria. Did your chef ask for leave today? "
With a charming voice, a blonde appeared in the crowd.
Blue nine shrugged. "I’m a student of Sakura Blue College. What’s strange about eating here?"
Arisha set his sights on Su Pomelo, who looks proud and will eat a full face of embarrassment. Su Pomelo looked at it. "What important things did you skip class today? It turned out to be a discovery of new prey, but this time your eyes are not so good. Although her face looks good and her figure is passable, her temperament and personal accomplishment are not too bad. It’s so bad that the buffet can be eaten with a full face of slurping. Did you pick it up at the side of the road? Sakura Blue College is not a pet shelter! "
"I …" Su pomelo silently put a knife and fork for help and looked at Su Orange and Blue Nine.
In the face of Arisha’s powerful gas field, Su pomelo turned into a little sheep, and it was no longer strong.
Sue orange thought that this product is expensive to carry a gun, and it is stronger in front of her and her mother. Once she meets a more powerful woman, she will fade.
Blue nine mouth way "Arisha they are my friends, I hope you speak with some respect or I won’t be polite".
"Hum, when have you ever been polite to me? A few days ago, I didn’t have time to spend my birthday with me, but today I sometimes have dinner with this girl. "Arisha said something and turned his attention to Nuosu Orange." He … "
A feeling of deja vu made Arisha feel at a loss. At present, this handsome boy seems to have seen it somewhere but can’t remember it.
After all, she and Su Orange met once, and at that time, she looked at it from a distance and was angry. Of course, she didn’t look so carefully. Now Su Orange is wearing a boys’ school hair and has been trimmed, which is more refreshing and concise. It’s like a different person. How can she tell at a glance?
"This …" Arisha’s stiff expression softened slightly, and she still paid great attention to her personal image when treating handsome boys.
Blue Nine saw that Arisha didn’t recognize him and he didn’t tell the truth. Moreover, he promised Su Orange not to let others know her true identity. "He is my friend Su Chen Su pomelo-my brother … just entered school today."
Weilan Jiu made a new introduction.
"Oh … Su Chen …" Arisha thoughtfully looked at Su Orange a few times. Although his figure is not as strong and handsome as Blue Nine, it still looks very relaxed and comfortable, especially that calm is very rare.
She knows other boys, and when she sees her, it’s like a bee seeing flowers, all of which are sweet words. This guy is a little strange.
Blue nine winked at Su Orange and introduced Arisha to him. "This is Miss Arisha, the art student of the Mei Yue Tuan."
Sue orange lightly nodded "hello miss Arisha".
Arisha sighed in the face of the slender white "friendship hand" who reached out. What a beautiful hand! It is even more beautiful than a girl.
If it is another boy, she will definitely ignore it, but somehow this indifferent boy makes her inexplicably feel a kind of unspeakable affection.
"Hello Su Chen!" Arisha stretched out his hand and felt that it was not light or heavy to hold it. It felt simply beneficial and warm.
But once you hold each other for a short time, you let go.
If it is other boys, I can’t wait to hold it for a while! This boy is really strange.
"It’s okay, you continue to eat! I have other things to do. Bye! " Arisha smiled gracefully and turned away.
Although Su Orange doesn’t have a good impression on Arisha, she has to admit that she is a sexy and beautiful woman with the same appearance and figure as Su pomelo, but Arisha’s temperament is much better than Su pomelo.
See Arisha walked away Sue pomelo this just complained, "what! What’s the big deal, even if it’s Miss Meiyue! "
Blue nine embarrassed smile.
See Sue orange watching Arisha leave back thoughtfully Sue pomelo arm gently hit her a few "hey, what’s this look in your eyes? Why do you become a little abnormal at the sight of beautiful women? I really doubt whether you like women. "
Su orange picked up a puff and stuffed it into Su pomelo’s future mouth to "enjoy your meal"
Blue nine ha ha a smile "Su Chen if I don’t know exactly that you are a girl, you will be interested in Arisha".
"Is there?" In fact, she was just thinking about how Miss Arisha, who is so proud and born in a rich family, can use such dirty means to send someone to follow and beat her.
If it weren’t for my good skills, I’m afraid I’d still be lying in the hospital! Women’s jealousy is really terrible! If she didn’t show up as a boy today, this big lady wouldn’t stop so easily.
Su pomelo can easily say that Miss Meiyue Group is not a big deal. You can tell that she is a frog at the bottom of the well. She has no knowledge. You know Meiyue Group is in the clothing and makeup industry, but most of the big brands and makeup are from Meiyue Flag. However, because there are many companies and brands, some people don’t know that they belong to Meiyue Group!