A monk was relatively silent, but the Nangong cold and others who stood respectfully next to him almost bumped into the ground. From time to time, Nangong Han turned his back and wiped his eyes. When he turned around, he was all smiles and seemed to share happiness.


However, Tian Xun seems to have three eyes, and some depressing lessons come up: "Ah, this child is really, why can’t I learn when I let you follow Tang Qing?" Look at you, how can you be a man? "
After thinking about it, the old man couldn’t help repeating: "If you can be half as clever as Tang Qing, I will feel much more at ease. The old man is leaving, and so is this smelly boy. After that, there will be no one to support you, and everything depends on you, understand? " .
Nangong Han hurriedly bowed down and agreed. Tang Qing smiled and said, "Don’t worry about it, old man. In my opinion, Han Han is actually good. There are thousands of roads, and thousands of people are raised by rice. How can there be any formula? "
Tianqin’s injury can’t be concealed, nor can it be concealed at this time. Qian feather wench after hearing the bad news, direct mind pain in a coma. Tang Qing was not melodramatic. She entered a spiritual force to protect Qian Yu’s heart and then put her away.
Although the power of the extreme yang is extremely subtle in the spiritual force, the effect is absolutely symptomatic. Now, at this juncture, it can only be done first.
Tian Xun is very satisfied with Tang Qing’s actions. People who cultivate monasteries don’t need to talk too much nonsense, just be bright and clear.
It’s a lively and festive place here. Just as we were chatting warmly, a monk in yellow robe flew in. First I met three old people, and then I sent a message to Tang Qing: Ren Huang, please welcome.
"Looking for him to do? Maybe I’m still trying to play this boy’s idea. I warn you, don’t even think about it. "
Tian Xun was angry. No matter how things turned out, it would be a lie to say that he had no complaints about the Ming family. These people are already like this, that’s all. But Tang Qing now, but like the old man’s pride, no matter how to also can not make mistakes.
"Don’t worry, old man, don’t worry about anything, just wait and see."
While gently comforting the old man, Tang Qing stood up and said tentatively, "Why don’t the three seniors go together? Let’s meet this … Ren Huang with the hope of a saint? "
"Yes, I will go with you." Without hesitation, Tianqin stood up and said.
"Go together" Sanjiu said.
"Go together!" Three have nothing to say.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-eight: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (53) —— Heart Asking
Chapter two hundred and thirty-eight: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (53)-Ask from the heart, go to the website.

Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (54)-Ren Huang’s Complaint
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (54)-Ren Huang’s Complaint
Ren Huang invited Tang Qing in the imperial study.
Yihua country is in early autumn at this time. Usually, at this time, the air is a little humid and sultry. At this time, the whole Kyoto became a battlefield, and the bloody and manic atmosphere was almost everywhere, and the atmosphere became more and more oppressive.
A thick curtain covered the sky outside the window. Above the curtain, there was a panoramic map of hundreds of Wan Li in Yihua country, Fiona Fang. The top and bottom are embroidered with golden dragons roaming in the clouds. Although it is simple, it looks atmospheric and condensed end to end.
Then at this moment, there is a desolation and unwillingness for no reason.
Ren Huang didn’t sit out of a big case and look down on a whole life as usual. With a calm and indifferent attitude, the state affairs are handled properly one by one.
At this time, he is more like an ordinary old man, standing in front of the window, staring at the mountains and plains with yellow as the main color, with nostalgia and sadness.
Behind him, thinking of the palace costume, holding a boy of only three or four years old, hanging his head and standing.
Ren Huang is indeed a thrifty emperor. In this world of repairing truth, even in the ordinary The Rich House, there are plenty of ways to adjust the atmosphere and make it more comfortable and comfortable.
With his position, this study could have been spring-like and warm in Ning Ran.
However, since he ascended the throne, the magic circle in the study has been withdrawn, because: "How can a ruler, with the hope of hundreds of millions of people, covet comfort?" Know the sufferings of the people only when you know the sufferings of the people. If this is still the case above the hall, then the people have nothing to look forward to. "
Therefore, in this room that has handled countless national affairs, there is nothing extravagant except copywriting furniture. This study is the last place that the courtiers of Yihua country want to come when they meet the emperor and present their state affairs.
The air was stuffy and hot, and the little boy was very uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare to move at all, let alone protest aloud. It seems that at a young age, he has already felt the heaviness of the boulder.
After hearing the news that Tang Qing and others had arrived, the old man waved gently and ordered the court eunuch to invite everyone in. After he turned back to the case, he sat upright on the dragon chair, and suddenly, the whole person became the emperor who was awed by the princes with unwarranted power.
Tang Qing entered the study with three old guys. Today’s emperors are powerful and supported by hidden doors. Even those who cultivate immortals are different from other countries when they meet Ren Huang. Although you can’t bow down, you should have at least some respect. At the very least, if you hand over your fuels, you will have to go through the motions.
But that’s for ordinary monks, these three old guys, how noble their status is. If it is daily, maybe Ren Huang asks for them. This time I came with Tang Qing, but it’s not easy to be affected. After entering the room, I said nothing, sitting on my own, and I didn’t even bother to say hello.
Tang Qing is no longer respectful to people, but has returned to her true colors. Above the previous emperor, he didn’t care much about the emperor. At this time, Tang Ye has three big backers, so who cares about him?
"Hello, old man."
I said hello to neither fish nor fowl. Tang Qing found a chair pier at random, sat on it, and leaned against the wall, unable to say how lazy and comfortable he was. At the same time, he deliberately added: "forgive me, old man, I am disabled now, so you won’t blame me."
Although people don’t take the emperor seriously, they also feel that this boy is really the best, and they can’t help but scold him. Did you hurt your ass? A look of hemorrhoids.
The emperor was able to shrug off the expression. At this time, the emperor returned to the imposing manner of reigning, and looked at Tang Qing with some curiosity and some pondering.
The real superior never needs to show his majesty deliberately. Although the emperor is a mortal, his grasp of Emperor Wang Zhidao is beyond the reach of immortals.
He could see that the young man in front of him was really not afraid of power, not deliberately trying to show any difference between the fairy and the mortal. Or to put it another way, even if the emperor himself is a monk, or even a high-ranking monk, Tang Qing may still be this virtue.
This is the nature that comes from the soul, which is completely different from ordinary monks.
Tang Qing’s age is no secret. The emperor here has a plenty of senior monks who can see through the bone age. He is only twenty years old. How did he do it? Isn’t a saint born different?
After half a ring, Ren Huang still doesn’t talk, and people are naturally awkward. Even the child who was pulled aside by the palace girl didn’t talk, just looked at these immortals curiously with big eyes, full of curiosity.
Tang Ye couldn’t stand this, and he cursed in his heart. "I have something to say, it’s okay for Tang Ye to leave. What do you mean by ink?"
Just then, the emperor said, "Tang Qing, I call you that." Do you know what I plan to do after I know you? "
"You probably want to kidnap a ransom."